well~~~juz a kind warning here ^^
this post is raated PG-13 or 18-SX~~so watch at your own risk ya ^^


matsuo kumiko n yuancrossactually they ar yuri(i think...) but due to their cosplaying consider yaoi XD

DAY 2 me n taka~~XD~~ wat can u imagine.....XD

so...juz a stupiak question....which is u guys XD

acgc day 2 !!!

since day 1 is posted~~~of cuz day 2 coming out !!!!
cut the craap n show the pictures !!!!

crazyness of cosplayercutiepie n me~~
me X taka XD
dun kill me plz~~~
taka is express-mail to russia !!!
poor acgc-chan...let use buli until.....
taka, my best pal...or so-called...eham..XD
kogarasumaru victory pose prototype !!!
our playtime of emotion~~
superpoke train...poke poke poke~~~

ACGC day 1 photo

wakakaka~~~use up like 1 week or more time to steal the photo now !!!
it's finally the time to post it out !!!
tis is juz day 1 onli ok??? cutiepie hand-made flag~~~^^
here is the cosplayer's hideout
tatz y is sooo crowded~~
there is the name ^^
my back....kogarasumaru~~
KHR team
naruto team
DMC team
boring(!?) team

21&22 march~~~ACGC !!!

ya~~~to ah j n my other friends...soli tat i din go the talk cuz i go 2 thingz~~1st is meet up 1 of my penang friend in tropicana mall (but kena put aeroplane...laz minute sms..haizz) den 2nd is of cuz attend acgc la !!! XD

okie~~~the 1st day of acgc....i plan to go as minami ikki but due to taka din go....i ended up a random person wif kogarasumaru jacket in early morning ,7am !!! i rush to mmu bustop n wait for the bus wif chiko n ran~~~we end up arrive at kelana jaya early so we go makan 1st....den my "penyakit ikki" suddenly appear....afteer arrive at kelana jaya....i straight go find toilet...(sh*t !!!)~~den we hav our so-called breakfast, and start waiting for the bus and thx to ran who keep on making the mario voice~~~i canot sleep at all~~~den we meet up wif andrew, yuancross, azreal etc etc Cf forumer....after a looooong wait, the bus arrived....but me n daigo nid to wait more...cuz we sitting beatbox's car not the bus...XD (anyway thx dude for fetching me to acgc !!! ^^) n some funny thingz happen durin we go to acgc....zhangzhang(one of the cosplayer who sit beatbox's car) is "helping" beatbox to go tropicanal mall...but we like "turn left or right??", "macam mana sekarang??", "oiiit" and zhangzhang juz "go straight la"~~~hahahaha

after arriving at tropicanal mall~~~due to i screw up my cosplay plan~~~i juz can sitting down at the cosplayer hangout there....look here look there....n due to my carelessness, i 4get to bring my camera, so i end up chatting wif daigo n some other CF forumer aka cosplayer XD~~there got alot of games to play...but i oso lz to ply la....xD cuz tooooo many humans there d~~XD in conclusion for day 1, i was blur, un-energytic, sleepy, hungry until my brain got black out and alot of chatting.


after the end of day 1, i was online-ing...den saw taka online !!! den i spam in his call him go acgc on day 2....n YES !!! he attend !!!

well~~the trip to acgc is the same as day 1~~juz abit early ^^ cuz beatbox manage to come b4 the 1st bus depart (wow) and daigo/zhangzhang, they both din arrive at kelana jaya juz me n beatbox~~~hahaha~~~after arrive at the mall....once again...we go to the hangout area~~~den meet up wif taka~~n we go toilet to do some changing n of cuz taka styling my hair !!! (YES !!! minami ikki prototype !!!)

today i hav more energy compared to day 1 cuz i sleep early XD~~~so i gone crazy wif taka...ply here ply there~~n due to we ar tooooooooooooo booooorrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggggg~~~~we do some yaoi pose...alot of photographer juz rush to take photo during we do the yaoi scene but after more XD~~~and i meet wif mamoru n butler~~~XD~~of cuz we all ply stuff together~~n no more yaoi cuz me n taka kena scold by space-onee-chan XD~~~

after tat, we go subway n taka was we juz call a large drink to drink XD~~thx to mamoru who willing to giv us half of his burger (n we spill half again on the half side of burger)~~~after tat, is cosplay solo competiton starting !! me n taka n rest of the cosplayer (mamoru n ben n *omg!! i forget her name d*), we all start to ply wif the emotion during the cosplayer ar on the stage~~~XD~~den alot of photographer juz change their eyes on us instead of the cosplayer on stage n taka juz said " tis...bad la...we nothing u take photo...on stage 1 most important"<--hav tis meaning 1 sentence la~~~

well~~~after like 5pm, slowly got cosplayer leaving d...1st is cutiepie left...den taka left....although the ppl become less...but the fun is still ON !!! we all use the box to box almost every1~~XD~~~den after the result ar announs (omg !!! beatbox was the champion !!!), we all start go crazy n dance like crazy XD~~~den after the event finish~~~YEAH !! i can actually join all the cosplay senpai to makan japanese food together...^^

after all the eating~~~balik rumah~~spam the cf forum abit...bath den terus sleep like pig d~~~XD (poor little me~~i end up sitting LRT n KLIA transit balik ke putrajaya sentral due to the laz bus juz leave after i come out from toilet T.T)

photo i will be upload after i "steal" the photo at cf forum~~no camera cuz day 1 i 4get to 2 duno y suddenly rosak~~haizz...wat a bad luck~~~XD~~now i kinda feel weird lor...all cf forumer call me "the spammer" instead of my cf forum name "WeN"~~XD