28 April~~Eng Presentation !!!!

haizzzz~~~once again.....i pick up my formal shirt n wear it....y?? cuz today english presentation !!! haizzzzz.....boring la !!!

i went to class n saw fuuuyoh !?!?! alot of my friends all suddenly turn into soooo smart !!! i nearly become emo due to tat...T.T haha...ok cut the crap cut the crap !!!

my group (no..is tasha's group...i m juz a "nobody" in the group) we present at afternoon due to our media product not yet printed out !!! juz the cover done onli xD....so ok lor...i look at chris,kevin,steve,zhan,zm,shek,wei heng....etc etc all my friends la...they present !! n i found out tat all penang ppl present thing same 1....1 hand put at pocket...the other hand pointing at the crowd (like rapping...yoyoyo...i think i oso same XD)....

den after the 1st eng class.....we go study math XD...the teacher saw us all in formal....she syok sendiri.....keep on laugh..smile...joke....blablabla.....although we(kevin,zhan,steve n me) got camwhore in class but i din get the photo yet....all thx to my internet !!(soliya kevin...distrub u onli..gome gome)

den finally it's the eng class round 2 !!! my group (correction again....tasha's group) was the 2nd group to go present....at the start i kinda screw up the intro (ya....din said good afternoon...intro my group member's name wrongly....) but lucky i kinda pick up something to manage to continue the presentation quite well(i think.....)...fyi, i m juz presenting the opening n closing XD...but all the credits goes to the other group member...cuz i juz throw my creative idea for the giant onli xD (but should i get credit for the presentation part?? ne....no need la)

when i present rite?? i m looking around wifout looking at the paper...so i can look around wat ar my friends doing....hm....if i can re-call la....i saw some of my friend using hp duno do wat la...xD...but i rmb clearly 1 is most of my friends are smiling n laughing durin my presentation include the lecturer !!! (wat the fish....i present seriously but end up funny??? haizzz....)

n the worst part is....the other groups the lecturer din ask question !!! onli...YES ONLI my group(correction: tasha's group) kena ask question !!! i duno the answer but i answer it bak...i think quite well but wrongly XD....but the lecturer oso smile...xD

haha~~no picture cuz i din receive from kevin yet....oya....if those who hav my presentation photo 1 can send me a?? XP....or juz my imagination during the presentation there XD.....cuz i saw some of my friend using their hp duno do wat xD
presentation credits goes to TASHA, SARAH, AMIRA, n SIN YI !!! as u c the names....YES...i said tat sentence on the presentation...."AS U CAN SEE...I M THE ONLI BOY IN THIS GROUP !!" XD

19 April~~Yui Huan's Birthday round 2

how to said....actually i kinda dun wan to go 1...cuz my wallet nearly dry up d n kinda bz wif my assignments....XD...but due to it is my pal's birthday so go lor !!! Round 2....is oso nite time...around 8pm if not mistaken ^^

we all went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng cuz there's something special in the restaurant, which is a big cup of tea for celebration of birthday tat all of us wana try to drink it.....n we end up drink finish it....suddenly XD

time for picture again ^^ the big birthday cup n the normal cup..... XD
ah ting n me taking the drink while yui huan signing up for his birthday form....
den ting tell me sumting funny bout the drink....xD
every1 is bz drinking the huge cup of teh !!!
yui huan n me wan to try 1 shot finish the teh !!!
but we end up licking the real USD notes xD
the birthday cake...of cuz alrdy cut into smaller pieces d
1 day.....tis 3 thingzz will be mine !!! xD

b4 we go bak to MMU....we found the trolley is blockin our senior, enson's car...so go take some camwhore XD
me doing the L's pose while yui huan doin the luffy pose (i think)
i plan to do black star's pose 1 but due to the time...n i scare the trolley will move n bang my senior's car...so i can juz stand straight...while yui huan do the L's pose but looks like he is plying an invisible PSP xD

18 April~~Yui Huan's birthday round 1

actually all start from we go for a talk bout how to manage our relationship.....den it ends at 10pm...n Yui Huan's birthday is 19 April....so we all agree to help him celebrate !!! N our place to celebrate is NEWAY kara-ok center !!! we arrive at Neway n start to sing at 11pm until the next morning 3am XD~~~

ok~~i cut the talking...it's picture time XD....picture talks a thousand words rite??? tis shot is taken by me....looks like i m a reporter taking photo(so scandalous) xD
my senior's HP n starbuck's coffee xD
my senior...juz cant stop posing for camwhore XD
b4 presentation.......yui huan(as speaker) n me....wat m i doing a???
after the talk.....WE GONE CRAZY !!! Ken(white shirt) me (center) n yui huan (right 1)
me, my senior(JJ) n yui huan....we looks like male school ver. S.H.E XD
n here is the formal ver. "4 song kingz aka 四大天王"
b4 the time ends....n leaving....we test shot...wow i look like the king XD(center)
after the test shot.....group photo....i look cool in tis pic.....i think......
o...there is sumthing down there......^^

Mizumachi Kengo's soul is within my body!!!!

5 April~~Sepang F1....

well...i noe it pass a long time ago but i still wana write out since it is a fun event....XD

i now onli write due to my lazy-ness to go take the photo....n bz on my assignments...now i get a hold on the photos so here we go ^^ !!!

F1 + GP2 Sepang Circuit~~One of the most expensive sport around the globe~~the ticket also expensive 1 lor....got rm500... got rm800...far more expensive than go see concert or any other event........but we(me n my friends) get it for rm50 only~~xD yes i m serious !!!! juz RM50 for the rm500 ticket.~~~all thanks to QuestNet, that sponsor the QI-Meritus team, and we all grab the sponsor ticket, with free hats....n some fun tour around sepang circuit XD b4 we go in the circuit..we hav fun camwhoring XD
c how long is the ticket we get !!!
group photo~~~peace ^^V
boring moment...anyway wat m i promoting??
3,2,1 the V....peace !!!
mr. pathman senathirajah n me ^^V
zoom in !! anyway mr pathman is kinda my idol !! xD
satu hari !!! i will own tis place !!!
c how many humans gather around !!!

my car XD or my dad's future car?? duno xD close call !!!
QI-Meritus !!! the 1 appear in ESPN alot xD
the onli accident in the course xD hehe....last but not least....showgirl n me XD

TAG by my online imoto, Vivian....xD

actually is first tag by miyuki 1...but later vivian juz tag me again....so i do lor XD
Choose 12 characters, then answer the questions.
1. Minami Ikki- Air Gear
2. Mizumachi Kengo- Eyeshield 21
3. Inuzuka Kiba- Naruto
4. Cloud Strife- FF 7
5. Grimmjow- Bleach
6. Soul- Soul Eater
7. Orihime- Bleach
8. Akito/Agito- Air Gear
9. Haruno Sakura- Naruto
10. Yuffie- FF 7
11. Hiruma Yoichi- Eyeshield 21
12. Death The Kid- Soul Eater

1. Who could be better professor on the college, 6 or 11? Which subject could they teach?

hm...between Soul n Hiruma...i mostly will go for Hiruma !!! wakakaka....EVIL xia...xD

2. Do you think that 4 is sexy? How much?

Cloud?? Sexy?? i duno lor...but to my friends they said he is DAM sexy XD

3. 12 sends 8 on a mission. What kind of mission is this and will it be succesfull?

Death The Kid sending Akito/Agito to a mission...hm...Kid will call Akito/Agito do something symmetrical...XD

4. What is (or could be) favourite book of 9?

Sakura read wat book a?? Sasuke's diary ka??

5. What could make more sense: That 2 is telling dirty things to 6 or 6 to 2?

Mizu telling dirty thingz to Soul...HEY !! tis situation will b fun !! since Mizu is kinda hyperactive...n Soul will keep on nose bleeding....xD

6. For some reason, 5 looks for a lodger. Should s/he live with 9, or 10?

Grimmjow gona choose to live wif yuffie or sakura....canot imagine.....PASS XD

7. 2, 7 and 12 are eating dinner/supper together. Where will they go and about what they will talk?

Mizu,Orihime n Kid.....hm....mostly will b at a bbq cafe....Mizu will take off his shirt cuz it's hot(as a reason) n Orihime will go take alot of food while Kid is trying to cook the meat symmetrically....XD

8. 3 challenges 10 for a duel. What happens?

Kiba VS Yuffie.....Kiba will not lay a finger on Yuffie cuz Yuffie is hugging his Akamaru xD

9. If 1 could steal 9's most precious thing, how 9 could get it back?

Ikki steal Sakura's things....i think she will punch ikki straight lor XD

10. Suggest a title for the tale, where 7 and 12 get the thing they always wanted?

Symmetrical BAKA(s)

11. What would you think up (in storyline) if you want, that 4 and 1 would be together?

Ikki n Cloud...OMG...tis is hard...okok...let's start !!

One day, Cloud was walking around the park n he saw Ikki who was flying in the sky wif his AT...n Cloud left the park wif his motor...suddenly Ikki was beside him wif the same speed as Cloud's motor...

den Ikki: "Hey, Yellow hair punk let's hav a race ??"
Cloud: "......."
Ikki: "we will race until the end of the road !!"
den Ikki dash away while CLoud increases his motor's speed automatically

In the End, this 2 ppl was speeding soooooo fast until unable to stop in time at the end of the road n fall into the river...Ikki laugh out loudly while Cloud is looking at Ikki emo-ly...n ask Ikki: "y ar u laughing ??"Ikki juz said: "It's was fun !!"Cloud juz smile abit and said "I See" while Ikki continue looking at the sky together wif Cloud beside the river.

12. If 7 could visit you in the weekend, how could you spend your time?

Orihime visit me ?? OMG OMG OMG !?!?!?! I will call her to go for a date 1st !!! xD

13. If you could order 3 to do one thing for you, what kind of thing would it be?

Buy alot of food for me...XD

14. Is someone from your friends draws or writes about 11?

Anna Sagaranna.....xD

15. If 2 would have to choose between 4 and 5, who would s/he choose?

Mizu choosing Cloud or Grimmjow ??? I think Mizu n Grimmjow will become the noisiest group xD...

16. What could be 10's battle scream?

U will die in the hands of my Shuri......urgh waaaa *fell down*

17. If you could choose the song that represents 8, what song could that be?

Akito n Agito....hm...."Strength" from Abingdon Boys School i think....or mayb "Chain" lor xD

18. 1, 6 and 12 are sitting in dark, chinese restaurant. There's only one pancake left and everyone reach for it in last while... Finish it.

Ikki n Soul ar staring at each other....n start to quarrel while Kid keep on saying it's not symmetry at more....den Ikki n Soul shout to Kid together "Shut UP !!!" den Kid feel useless n emo at a corner....n Ikki still quarrel wif Soul...In the End, Ikki manage to get the last piece cuz Soul was blown away by Ikki's Wind Technique....xD

19. What could tell 2 to 10, if he would want to go on date with him/her?

LEt's GO Swimming !!!!

20. For what most likely the 5 could be arrested?

Killing the strong ppl ??

21. What is 6's secret?

He is in LOVE wif M**a....XD

22. If 11 and 9 would race, who would be first?

duhh....Hiruma la...he will outsmart Sakura....xD

23. 1 and 9 reluctantly save the world together, from the secret organisation ruled by 4. 11 offers them their help, but later it is shown that he's 4's spy in reality. In the meantime, 4 kidnaps 12, to force them to surrender. Guided by 5's wise advice, they are looking for 3, which gives them what they need to finish their quest. What title could you give to this fanfic? Choose 3 people from friends list who could read it. Choose one, who could write it..(im gonna ignore the read/write part !! XD)

The Uprises of BAKA(s)
Reason: u c...ikki is a baka...sakura ok ok...n cloud hav the best master mind behind him, Hiruma....but den they look Grimmjow, the fighter who juz like to fight strong ppl to find Kiba, the most stupid in his team XD....so i call it the uprise of BAKA lor...XD
1. MY another online imoto, Mashimaro aka Cutiepie
2. Cheryl (finally tag u back d !!!)
3. Axrine
4. Sachiko
5. Yi Huan
actually u nid to tag 3 ppl onli...but for me is tag any human i wan !!! wakakkaka

Every good thing need to ends~~DAY 3

ok !! b4 u scroll down~~plz be patient there is a total of 75 photo of GAME FEST aka CYBER FUSION !!! so be patient la while loading~~~

yes~~~once again~~~i left my camera~~n went bak to bath~~~n i was called by my friends to go out makan at mamak~~~den they wan me to talk bout game fest~~~so i juz tell them wat they miss cuz they din go attend !!! xD

n once again~~i was shock when a strong sunlight suddenly shine !! den i ask them wat time d?? they tell me 11am~~~n once again i OMG !!! i rush bak to my room n hav a change of cloth den rush to grandhall again~~~later when i reach there....get my hands on my camera baru the "red bull drinking party" starts for the lan party players !! REST TIME for the players to drink RED BULL~~~n at the mean time, there is PS 3 exhibition if not mistaken.....of cuz in our booth, the Street Fighter 4 FEVER is not over yet or not yet become cold XD~~~

den time for AMD to choose their lucky winners to win the lucky draw xD~~~after tat~~while i was walking around....i saw THE 1 N ONLI COSPLAYER !!!! wakakaka~~~is a SWAT due to the promo of Sudden Attack by Asia-Soft xD~~~den the 1 event tat make almost all the humans(me included oso) to stop n stare on the screen.....DOTA FINAL !!!

after the FINAL~~~the time of the record has reach 40 hourz !!! n we BREAK the old record !!! for the 1st time, i shout tis 2 words loud "MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!" den of cuz party time !!! the lion n dragon dance oso join in the fun~~~den it all the players ar waiting for the certificate n the AMD GRAPHIC CARD !!!! later on~~i saw AMD CEO being interview by a TV station...too bad i canot join in XD~~~

since all the event has successfully ended~~we GDC hav our "happy GDC friends" photo xD~~~den of cuz we hav fun n "gotong-royong" the space we use~~den the speaker said out "now we ar giving the certificate to honor the sponsor" n we said we dun hav 1 la.....n suddenly "Last but not least, the last sponsor is MMU !!" we all shock due to no ppl go take plus our MMU president duno go where d~~~~so our poor GDC president plus me rush to the stage n take the certificate~~~wakakakaka now the certificate belongs to GDC !!!

after taking the "ownership" of the certificate, we wan to hav a group photo but unfortunely....most of our members ar too tired so they go bak home d~~~so left about 9 members left n we take photo at the cib-mall booth due to their beautiful poster of "天龙八部"(tian long ba bu)~~~after tat...i ask the cib-mall ppl tat i can boro their certificate~~~n we end up having a group photo wif cib-mall !!! xDafter i get bak~~the lan party is still going n the lighting ar cool !!!
1 red bull for me, my dear friend XD
the time hav reach 34 hourz~~if i din sleep for 34 hourz too xD~~
the organizer helps the players to prevent from sleep by doing the mexican wave !!!
PS 3 exhibition~~weird la...all ply nfs:undercover 1~~hahaha
our Street fighter 4 fever still goin on~~~
every1 is having fun plying Street Fighter 4
AMD ar giving out their lucky draw at the 36 hourz~~~
the 1 n onli cosplayer n my club president n secretary~~~
c every1 is stun watching the DOTA final match~~~
the whole front row is packed wif humans !!!
IT'S OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD !!! 40:00:58:43 !!!
every1 is celebrating !!! xD
the dragon dance !!
n the lion dance !!!
wala~~the ending ceremony !!!
the ending of cyber fusion 09 n lan party !!!
every1 is holding their certificate~~~(i think most of them trying to stand beside the 2 girls there xD)AMD's CEO being interview !!!
GDC's full group photo !!!
the official aka high com~~~i m in there xD~~~
we make fun of the president n his gf !!! xD
representing MMU...no...GDC !!! xD
group photo wif cib-mall !!!
the stuff i "steal" bak from the event~~so many la XD~~ i hav the certificate personally XD~~me n the 2 AMD girls ^^V
n i wont 4get to take a candid shot wif my "official" tag XD~~~

OK !!! after i finish tis post i officially announs tat i din sleep for 48 hourz !!! taking photo, talking, running, playing games for 48 hourz~~it's a record too xD~~~but not world record i think......XD