Penang really is a memories island

oh well, here I am back to Penang. Actually I have 2 things to worry or check it out when I come back to Penang. 1st, my grandma and 2nd, my dad.

Both are the most important family member to me yet both get admit into hospital when I was at Cyberjaya and what make it worst is I am the LAST of all the family member to get know about this (I mean my grandma's case). My dad's case is after my dad admit himself in the hospital and my mom found out eventually then immediately call me and tell me about this both stuff.

For a while, I was worried but still need to focus on study that time, so I give both of them a call and ask for their health. Both give me the same answer "I'm ok, don't worry so much."

Well, so here I am back to Penang and the next day is my grandma's birthday party ^^ Seeing my grandma's smile makes me happy =D and of cause some "long-time-tak-jumpa-punya" cousin also there. So we have some eating,joking,chitchating then party abit then all get home.
Full Family Photos ^^
Well is been a while we take this kind of photo xDDD