~~~WTF !!! A full of DF sunday~~~

the day continue~~when i woke up at my senior's friend's house~~~kinda hav headache n blur blur~~~hahaha~~~den my senior's friend drove me n my senior to puduraya~~~den my senior go melaka~~but i din folo la~~i come bak cyber la~~~hahaha

after a 1hour trip(sit rapid KL train---->KLIA transit---->T429 bus---->walk---->sit elavator---->walk in my room)~~~i finally reach my cyber room sweet room~~~hahaha~~~but not at sweet la~~cuz my room is dam messy~~~n the 1st thing i saw is DF ASSIGNMENT !!! WTF !!!!

so no choice~~~go hav my bath~~~den rest a while~~drink some water~~~ply my psp a while~~check mail~~~lalala~~~den once reach 1pm~~START WORKING !!!

work work work~~~lalalala~~~work until like 3pm liks tis~~~hav a break~~~go eat~~drink~~~have a "bad" bath~~~cuz when go bak to room~~~START DF AGAIN !!! FUCK U DF !!! draw la~~gam la~~cut la~~plan la~~skecth la~~tiba tiba saja~~~come to 7pm liao~~WTF !!! i still got 8 mo drawing not yet draw~~n 22 drawing not yet color !!! SHIT !!!

wat can i do~~muz RUSH LIKE SIAO LIAO LOR~~~although haave 1 monday holiday~~~i think is NOT ENUFF LOR !!! 22 picture wana color~~~SHIT !!! sure color like SHIT de~~~FUCK FUCK FUCK !!!!

okie~~~so i did was tis~~~keep on doin until like 9pm~~~i go fiind my dinner~~~den~~~wait until like 11pm~~~i go find my friends~~jia hao n jj~~~so we juz like go yamcha~~~lalala~~~talk crap~~~blablabla~~~guess wat~~~we start talkin bout sch~~den go somewhere out of the world liao~~~den when we realize we talk so many liao hor~~~hehe~~~u noe wat time is??? 5.30am !!!! WTF !!! i no nid to slp ar??

i guess so lor~~~juz nid 2 do work~~~but SHIT my housemate who call me to close the light la~~~tch~~so i will okie~~close the light n go to slp lor~~~haizzz~~~~

~~busy saturday~~

walao walao walao~~~i wake up due to my secondary sch friend nudge me~~~nudge like hell~~~so i wake up~~n msn wif him a while~~den guess wat~~~I CANT SLEEP !!!!

FARK !!! so no choice go hav my bath~~~lalala~~~den go do my df lor~~~den at around 10.25am~~my senior nudge me~~so i stop a while~~hav a chat wif my friends in msn~~lalala~~~den continue my df work~~~haizzz~~~tuesday submission~~~i still like din do anyting yet~~~FUCK !!!(i cant tahan liao~~nid 2 use the real word liao)~~

do do do~~do until like 2pm like tis~~go hav my bath(again)~~walao~~y time moves sooo fast 1?? haizzzz~~~~den 3pm i go do some dobi work~~refill my water~~go have my breakfast/lunch~~hahaha~~~y i alwayz skip my breakfast~~cuz i wana save money ma~~hahaha~~~

later 4pm i go my senior house~~well~~i stop all my work cuz~~i attend a eating(!?) party wif my senior~~actually is a SO(Shout Out) friend's party~~~hahaha~~~my senior go~~i folo lor~~hahaha~~~go to the sit the bus the train~~~thought gona b the laz to arrive~~~mana tau turn into the 1st 2 arrive~~~hahaha~~well~~we juz sit down n wait lor~~~watch walao~~~horror movie(28weeks later<---the movie name.....i think......)~~`but watch until half~~all ppl come liao~~~
so~~go eat la~~~hahahaha~~~~eat liao hor~~chatting lor~~~take photo lor~~hahaha~~~lalalala~~~after like around 2am~~~me n my senior sit 1 of his friend's car n go over-nite at his house~~~so tatz y i cant write the blog~~~hahahaha~~~actually i ntg to said de~~~cuz fun is unable to tell by words de~~~hahaha
i will wait 4 the seniors to upload the photo liao hor~~~i will upload here~~so wait la~~hehehe


OK OK OK !!! cut it out~~~walao~~i cant type out all the japanese words its kinda hard~~well~~wat i type above is "good morning~~today is friday~~at 7.47am i woke up"~~hahaha(thx to my friend send me the basis japanese word learning program)

okie~~let continue~~after i woke up rite?? as usual lor~~go bath~~~den i saw bubu(one of my classmates) online~~so i msn her~~n ask her "y so early wake up?"~~den she said got class~~~n got some problem wif her acedemic advisor which din reply her e-mail~~cuz her to like scare n wori liao~~~wakakaka~~~

well~~~as a kind person(if my penang friends are here~~they sure said 1: si khai wen~~pui pui pui~~actin nia de)~~~so i help her lor~~but end up i din go campus help her~~n she msn me said next time baru go settle(darn it~~my stupid hp la~~canot receive any call or sms~~~tch tch tch)~~hahaha~~~so nvm lor~~i continue my sweet little dream~~~(tch~~i wont tell u wat i dream de~~haha :P)~~~

continue sleep until around 12pm~~~hahaa~~but i still dun wan to wake up~~keep on~~rollin on my bed~~~wana go bak to sleep~~but god din let me go bak to sleep~~~so no choice~~wake up~~open PSP n ply~~ply until like around 1pm~~~my cousin call me~~~so i go breakfast/lunch wif him n his friends~~~hahaha~~den we go tesco puchong cuz my cousin's friend nid to giv ticket to some1~~giv wat ticket??of cuz is AVRIL LAVIGNE concert ticket !!! wahahahaha~~~but i dun hav la~~hahaha

after giving it~~i come bak to my room~~well~~~on msn chat wif some friends~~plus try to figure out wats the problem wif my phone~~~tch~~~i reli fark-dup lor~~~DAM FARKIN STRESS !! FARK U DF !!! draw until like wana jump down from my room(12 floor man~~1000% sure die de)~~but cool down~~take it easy~~take a deep breath~~den continue~~20 pieces of composition~~juz finish 5~~OMG !!! do lai do ki~~do until 6pm lor~~juz finish...there i said jo in front ma~~5 nia lor~~~hahaha~~~

wat else can i do~~~i alrdy like stress out dooinn DF~~if i continue i sure die lor~~hahaha~~so i go hav my bath~~lalala~~~ya~~~watch some animation~~~lalala~~~den reach 7.45pm like tis~~~i msn zhe ming~~~ask him where n when to meet 2 go firework~~well~~old place la~~~8pm hb 3~~~still got where???

after all people(well all of us total 10 ppl=me, Chris, Jason, Shek, Zhi Han, Zhe Ming, Wei Heng, Winson, Kevin n Hoyi) arrived~~~go bus stop lor~~~we actully waited to get up a bus~~but end up walking to street mall~~~go street mall do wat?? EAT la~~~later after eatin~~we start our journey to the firework place~~~sit the T429 bus~~~reach there like around 9.30pm or 9.35pm like tis~~~so we hav some fun takin photo 1st~~den found out Wei Heng is LOST !! so we set out to find him~~~but we end up sittin at a "kinda nice" spot to watch the firework(din found him oso)~~~

around 20minutes or more like tis~~~the firework ends~~so it time to........TAKE FUNNY PHOTOS !!! well we start wif pointin the sky~~~dden baring on the floor(but due to the photographer is bad~~the picture din come out~~haha)~~~we did many many funny thingz la~~~canot list all out~~hahaa~~~

later we go bus stop~~well~~we plan to ply there de~~but too many ppl liao~~so din ply lor~~~den 1 bus come~~~so we get up~~~but we end up stop at street mall~~NOT MMU !!! so choice~~~walk bak lor~~~on the way bak~~~we oso take many photo~~~but the final photo taken by zhi han~~it kinda blur(zhi han said de)~~~plus the camera no battery liao~~~haha

so we all walk bak to our own room lor~~i the onli 1 go bak to cyberia~~so i duno wat happen after we get bak to MMU~~~due to they walk to hb3 there~~~i seriously duno wat happen liao~~but after i get bak to my room~~~i sit in front of my computer~~charge my hp~~den go bath~~change cloth~~write tis blog~~SLEEP~~seriously still wat thing can i do??
hahahaha~~~~BAKA BAKA~~~愚かな~~愚かな~~
Avril Lavigne concert ticket !!! but not mine~~hehe~~
the firework finally start !!!
wahhh~~~red n blue merge together~~it looks like a sad face( :( )
boom~~~boom~~booom~~tatz wat i hear~~haha
the biggest kaboom firework of the day~~~
piiii~~uuuu~~~BOOOMM~~~wat a nice firework~~~

leg of united~~aiya~~slow jo~~haha

tis time veri nice liao~~~LEG OF UNITED 10 !!
well~~~i will update the picture 4 tis post on monday~~cuz zhe ming giv me all the photo on monday~~~so wait lor!~~hahaha

~~~lalala~~~a fun thursday~~~

thursday~~~FINALLY !!! a fun thursday i have since i come to MMU !!!(i think.....)

well i kick start my day wif a CG.....EXAM !!! half an hour time to do~~but we(me n my friends) end up like 15 or 20 minutes like tis~~so we go to have breakfast~~at 1st we plan to eat at FCM cafe~~but toooooo many ppl liao~~~so we change to sira(stad cafe)~~we all eat economy rice or mee~~~hahaha~~~den go class~~MATHZZ(i attend 2 class~~so is 2 hourzz)~~~hahaha

later~~~i go to my senior's booth~~the place where i can ply SKATE !! Bubble Heaven Booth !!! hohoho~~~today not onli me come to help~~~Li Xuan n Nas oso come to help~~~hahaha~~~so we all do some delivery n most of the time skate around~~~plying around~~~hahaha
once reach 3.45pm~~~i go to e-theatre~~~ya~~MLA~~borin but nice to sleep punya class~~~wakakaka~~~but today canot slp~~cuz presentation~~~lalalala~~~unluck 4 me~~~i was misunderstood by the teacher~~~i can "NO"~~but she said i m the "volunteer"~~~sounds stupid rite??? so no choice go out in a funny way~~present in a funny way~~which is my strongest talent~~act funny~~talk crap~~~lalalalala

after class~~we go cyberia~~guess wat~~we eat ECONOMY RICE AGAIN~~~lolxz~~~but can said is cheap la~~1 meat 3 vegetables RM4.50 plus 1 drink equal RM5.50~~~hahahaha~~~after eatin~~we juz sit down talk some crap~~`lalalalala~~~after tat~~we all go bak to our room~~well i juz enter my room~~~ya as usual~~bath~~roll on my bed a while~~open PSP n ply 4 a while~~~den go roll on my bed AGAIN~~~lalalala~~den tiba tiba~~~sleep ki~~when wake up~~~walao~~around 10pm liao~~~i oso duno wat to do~~cuz i juz eat my food at around 6pm like tis~~~haizzz~~~DF lz to start la~~~tml la~~~hahaha~~~den once again i open my PSP n ply~~~hahaha~~~kill here kill there~~lalala~~~fight here fight there~~run here run there~~lalala~~

well~~~i ply until around 11pm like tis~~suddenly i feel hungry~~so go to eat lor~~eat wat?? eat tomato rice wif chicken n teh o ais~~walao~~dam not nice at all~~i should call rojak de~~tch~~nvm la~~hahaha~~~cuz i oso full liao~~jajaja~~~when i go bak to my room~~~fuuuyohhh !! i open RO(private server)~~~my friend all online n pvp-ing inside~~~so i oso join in~~~bahahahaha~~~

we rules the whole pvp area~~hahaha~~~dam siao lor~~~all job inside the pvp room~~~me is assasin cross~~which have the FASTEST atk spd~~so no ppl can harm me~~but i harm them DAM HARDLY !!! once ply nia~~~ply until 2am liao~~~haizzz~~~den come here write blog lor~~hahaha(u noe liao la~~end of the day liao lor)

my FIT senior's assignment lai de~~but we help them~~hehe
(from the left(<--)~~~Nasrul, Su, Li Xuan, behind those 3 i duno their names(soli :P), V n ME !!!
In front de all(Nasrul, Su, Li Xuan, V n ME) are all skate club SKATERS !!!

~~~hardworking wednesday~~~

bilibala~~lalala~~dam la~~wednesday liao ar !!! FARK FARK FARK !!!i m charging my psp den saw the clock walao~~8.45am liao~~~i nid 2 go class~~so rush out~~n 4get to BRIN MY PSP !!! SHIT !!!!
y i said like tis?? rmb at laz week's "thursday" post~~i write my teacher,Salina din teach us liao~~change 1 teacher named "parames"(which i call her "paramisuara")~~~lalalala~~~she was kinda well "lazy"~~ya~~i cant think of other word to describe her liao~~originally our class finish at 11am~~but she let us finish class at around 9am~~WTF !!!
so no choice~~me,winson,ah pek(tze wei) n sin yi~~go fcm cafe to eat breakfast~~lalalala~~~den we hav ntg to do~~~so me n winson teman sin yi go donate blood(which me n winson did yesterday~~n ah pek go consult teacher~~)~~but unlucky sin yi canot donate~~y?? cuz she is juz 17 YEARZ OLD !!! donate blood nid 2 be 18 YEARZ OLD !!!
so i go help me senior~~hehe~~~wearing skate n sell bubble tea~~~wuuuu~~~syok nia~~~jahaha~~~work like 1 hour like tis~~~i nid 2 go class liao~~so i juz go my mathz~~which WTF~~learn "differentiation n integration" FARK !!! the 2 topic tat i hate the MOST n FAIL the MOST !!! i m like go learn add mathz AGIAN which i alrdy noe from the start~~haizzz~~~
so bare it~~n study~~SHIT~~learn the second time~~~still feel blur~~FARK !!! den i go to my senior there again~~n sell bubble tea AGAIN~~hehe~~can skate !!!(rmb walking is so slow)~~~den i help sell like around 5 cups like tis~~i nid 2 go MLA liao~~~
today de MLA~~haizz~~~same as usual~~BORING~~~plus show us NOT a MOVIE !! its a FARKING BORING DOCUMENTATION OF MEDIA MASS !!!(which cuz almost the whole class to sleep)~~me,jason, hong kai n zhe ming are talking about the ppl inside the video sound like which DOTA character~~n it kinda funny(1 person in the video sounds like TICKER !!!)
after MLA~~go bak room~~bath~~sleep~~lalalala~~~den go street mall to buy my art staff(SHIT~~alrdy waste RM400+++ liao lor)~~~den go a shop named "PENANG" eat my hometown food~~~but it taste........delicious but NOT AS DELICIOUS AS IN PENANG !!! nw i DAM MISS PENANG DE FOOD LOR !!!
later we come bak from street mall~~~i have to go 1 of my friend's room cuz its raining~~i cant go bak to my house~~~haizzz~~~so go my friend,Chris's room lor~~~sit a while~~my housemates call me~~so no choice~~~go bak in the rain lor~~~when i go out from Chris's room~~~FARK !! my RM10 slipper kena curi !!! FARK FARK FARK !!! so wear Chris's shoe n balik to my room lor~~~FARK !!!
ya~~nw in my room rite??? i gona end the day lor~~~as usual~~sit n write blog n go sleep~~~but today is different~~~all thx to CG !!! mid-term QUIZZ(it nice to hear but it means EXAM)!!! so nid to go study CG nw~~~jaja~~bye bye~~
soliya~~~no picture cuz some of the day 4get to take~~y i choose today onli write out ler?? cuz i re-look my blog n it is DAM empty~~so i onli write here n said soli~~~hahaha~~~SOLI YA !!!!
THX 4 WATCHIN~~hahaha

haR??? tuesday~~~

WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!! DF ler~~~SHIT !!! i din touch anyting~~~but still go class la~~where i juz like walk around~~talk crap~~share some idea~~den i show some of my "work" to the lecturer~~~blablabla~~~trying to survive the class~~
den finally~~~finish~~~which me n some friends go stad cafe called "sira"~~eat there~~lalala~~~den i go ponteng class~~but 4 a gd reason~~~donate blood~~~wakakkaka~~~well~~its kinda fun~~once the needle is in your skin~~~u can sleep liao~~~which me n winson DID n the nurse "TER-SHOCK"~~~thought we pengsan liao~~~lolxz
after tat~~~they giv us 1 sijil n 1 red book~~lalala~~den i go buy bubble tea from V(my skate club president)~~~veri nice n delicous ler~~~jajaja~~~den i go my CG class~~lucky i go~~~presentation 4 our team !!!
so no choice~~i bein FORCE to go in front n present~~lalala~~~i present kevin's blog~~which makes the lecturer feel veri relax n funny(due to my presentation is kinda funny)~~~all of the classmates of the class~~giv us full markz, 4.9, 4.8, 4.5~~~blablabla~~~so the teacher juz giv us 5 MARKZZ !!! woooooo~~~~syok nia~~the teacher is congratz us 4 doin a gd job~~C2 roxx !!!(C2 actually meanz CC[sissy])~~~we did a gd presentation n assignment tat stun all ppl even the lecturer(i think...)~~~haha~~den guess wat i did~~~i juz watch BLEACH THE MOVIE~~~which i watch it for the 3rd time !!! thx god i finish dl "wwe summerslam 2008"~~~so i watch~~~THE DEAD MAN, UNDERTAKER IS BACK !!!
den after class~~i go home straight~~take a bath~~half naked~~den sleep~~~when i wake up~~~is alrdy nearly 8pm liao~~~chris sms me to go hb2 eat~~~lalalala~~~den i go lor~~~when i come to cyberia~~i meet my cousin half way~~den i folo him to SK~~woooo~~
eat 1 bowl of curry mee in SK~~~syok nia~~~den come bak to my room~~as usual~~~end the day by sittting in front of the computer~~~writing tis blog~~~lalalala~~~~ahhahahaha
HERE is some picture durin the blood donatation:
the blood begin to flow out of my hand~~
look at my hand~~the veins oso come out liao~~~
steaming de me~~duno wat to do~~haizz
sleeping jo~~lalala

my blood~~~wakakakkaa

nice??? the scar~~of the bloody vein~~~haha

after the blood donatation~~free food n the 2 sijil plus red book are mine n winson's~~hehe
My 1st blood donatation sijil~~~wakakaka


~~~WTF !!! DAM SIEN DE MONDAY !!! ~~~

AS the title said~~~DAM SIEN LOR !!! although i sleep until 12pm~~den i go do some art staff shopping 4 the laz time~~~b4 drawing class~~~den go drawing class lor~~~hahaha
in the class~~~WTF !!! the lecturer i alwayz consult(Mr.D) was not in the class n i heard from Mr.Ramlan said he is in hospital~~~haizzz~~~so no choice but to consult puan matsura~~she said~~~i m gd in drawing comic~~so she call me go draw all my 10 drawing in A4 paper which can create a nice COMIC strip !!!(WTF !!! i bazir RM86 to buy canvas n material to go 4 my final art work~~mana tau juz nid A4 paper~~~FARK !!!!)
no choice lor~~who call Mr.D not in class~~~i juz draw lor~~~haizzz~~~den after class~~~i rush bak to my room n change my pants onli~~haha~~den go bus stop~~go where ler?? MASTER ART LA !!!~~~tch tch tch~~i waste another RM12 to buy staff~~SHIT~~den the onli fun part of the day~~we force zm to teman Michelle go bak to cyberia~~~lalala~~~which i did it twice liao~~hahaha~~~~lalala~~~we go to chris's room 1st~~rest 4 a while~~i get my guard 4 skate~~n thingz~~den go 4 dinner~~den when i go bak to my room~~
n stand-by to go skate !!! DAM~~no electricity !!!~~~nvm~~outside STARTS to rain~~FARK !!! den wat i go FIT~~no ppl at tat time~~SHIT !!! so i juz went bak to my room~~~sms-ing li xuan to ask got skate~~~den she said duno~~~lalala~~so i go ply some games~~den.....LI XUAN PHONE ME !!! "SKATE IS ON !!!"~~~so i juz RUSH to FIT~~n join the FUN !!! woooooooo !!!!
but b4 i start skate~~sin yi come wif eric(ramen)~~so i juz go bak 1 floor which they are~~~den sin yi tell me help her do sum staff~~which is an "easy" job~~~hahaha~~so i agree~~~lalalala~~~den IT TIME TO SKATE !!!!
today i do some crazy jumping~~dashing~~but but but my "T-brake"....sob sob sob~~~din even inprove abit oso~~~haizzz~~~den i sit NASRUL's bike 4 the 1st time~~yea~~the current n future stunt skater~~hahaha~~~ya~~we go oldtown n do the same tingz as usual~~lalalala~~~eat~~drink~~joke~~lalala~~
den when get bak home~~my brain like go stupiak a while~~which makes me think tat my bag is in Su's car~~all ppl "gan jiong" a while(soli guys)~~~den ya~~i get bak home n write tis blog~~wahahahhaa~~

lalala~~~an unlucky n sleepy sunday~~~

wuuuuuu~~~my sunday~~~walao~~~i slp until 12pm~~~when i wake up~~~OMG !!!! afternoon liao~~~wake up do sum msn~~~mana tau slp again~~den when i wake up~~i saw li xuan msn me to go lunch~~~den i miss it~~~cuz when i wana go~~they finish liao~~haha
so i go hav my lunch alone~~~haizz~~but the gd thing is i watch the basketball FINAL !!! USA VS ESP !!! USA slam dunk,technique n skill are dam gd~~plus the players are all star player in NBA(like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James)~~in the other hand is ESP~~~which juz have averange player~~not famous player~~~but but but~~~their shooting dam "jun" lor~~~i love their 3 point shooting !!! can shoot from the center between the 3 point line n center of the court~~dam nice !!! but the nice-est is still USA's alley-hoop n slam dunk~~~dam siao lor !!!
after tat~~i go bak my room~~guess again~~i SLEEP !!! waaaa~~today duno y i so sleepy~~turn into pig liao~~~den when i wake up AGAIN~~6pm liao!!! den i sms chris to ask wat time go watch firework~~~he said 7.45pm~~WALAO~~~so i hurry go have a bath~~~den mana tau he sms me again said 8.30pm~~so i like "okie"~~~go ply some games~~n chatting wif my friends in msn~~chat until half~~i saw the clock n nearly shout out "SHIT" !!! 8.25pm liao !!!
so i change my cloth~~n RUSH to hb3~~to meet them~~~mana tau~~no ppl~~got 1 ppl lor~~~hahaha~~~when all reach liao hor~~~WALK TO BUS STOP LA !!! we go oldtown eat 1st~~~den mana tau the firework start liao~~~plus no bus n raining~~~den some of us giv up liao~~~dun wan go watch~~~so we go bak to bus stop~~2 wait bus~~go bak MMU~~~
in the bus stop~~~well~~take photo lor~~soliya my skill in photographic not so gd~~~hahaha~~~soli soli~~~den some go bak~~~some continue the trip~~well we go oldtown AGAIN~~~juz to go the toilet~~lolxz~~~den go bak to the bus stop~~~we wait 4 the bus~~while waiting~~we ply some siao siao de thingz~~like singing dancing acting~~~lalalala~~~den no bus come~~we walk bak lor~~~den when wana reach street mall~~a bus stop !! yea~~den we go up the bus~~~in the bus~~~WTH !!! we all turn high n keep sing song until we reach MMU~~~~me n 1 of the friends go down at cyberia bus stop~~~n the friend who folo me~~terjatuh her hp~~which the others get 4 her liao~~so no choice nid to walk to MMU bus stop~~~get the hp~~~den walk bak to cyberia again~~~den i go buy some staff~~she oso folo~~~after tat i leave her go home lor(she A block~~i C block~~different road ma)~~~den i go bak to my room n end the day by sitting here writing tis blog~~~hahaha
in conclusion~~~tis week is the most fun week lor of my life in MMU~~~monday,tuesday,wednesday,friday,saturday n sunday~~~all go out n ply~~~juz thursday kinda sien lor~~~den otherz~~dam siao lor~~hahaha

~~~wat a saturday~~~

my saturday ar~~~i thought i will wake up late de lor~~~cuz friday ply until so siao~~~but hor~~thx 2 chris who sms me at 9.55am which i m still dreaming in my dream world~~hahaha
so i juz go there wif my "sleeping suit"~~den all of my friends juz scold me~~~so i rush bak to change my cloth~~~den go wait bus at around 11am~~but hor~~we arrived at putrajaya at around 11.30am like tis~~~den we wait for 1 of our friend(guess wat 10 FCM students goin out~~~syok nia~~~dam crazy trip in the bus~~dam noisy lor we all~~ahhahaaa)~~later we go up the bus(E1)~~durin the road~~POLICE ROAD BLOCK !!!(but ntg happen to us la~~ahaha)~~~n guess wat~~i GO SUNGAI WANG PLAZA AGAIN !!!! but tis time is go ply ply de~~~hahaha~~~
we all plan to go time square de~~~but we all hungry so go sungai wang eat 1st~~~we eat at "gasoline"~~chris said is "gas-online"~~~hahahaha~~~den we all in the restaurant there~~~dam funny de lor~~~some take photo~~some tell joke~~most importantly~~~we all PLAY inside there~~hahahaa~~~
after eatin rite~~~we plan to go green-box~~RM 24 per person~~DAM MAHAL la~~~so we go plan B~~shopping~~~hahahaha~~~but din buy anyting(GOT !!! me n chris buy a full-set armour 4 skate liao~~~hahaha)~~~den when we wana go times square~~it RAIN~~~RAIN DAM HEAVY~~so no choice~~go bak sungai wang~~walk here walk there~~den we go sit monorail to go maharajalela~~~go petaling street~~wana buy some art staff de~~mana tau close jo~~~den we all PHONE mr.D 4 help~~~hahaha~~~den no choice but go sit rapid KL LRT~~to go KELANA JAYA !!!b4 tat~~~we go hav our lunch in McD~~~hahaha~~~WALAO !!!
after 11 station pass by(i count from KL sentral la~~if from pasar seni is 12 lor~~~hahaha)~~~we finally reach KELANA JAYA~~the laz station~~~hahahaa~~~den we walk a while~~n FOUND the shop call "WinZ art shop"(sumting like tis la)~~~den we buy all the staff we wan lor~~but we choose dam long lor~~~(seriously DAM CHEAP lor~~i buy 1 oil pastel, 1 pelaka, 1 canvas, 1 charcoal, 2 arylic, 1 paint plate n 1 set of brush~~total juz RM86~~wow !!! n the boss of the shop NOE all our lecturer de~~he can said out all our lecturer's name !!!)~~~COOL !!!
after buying~~~OF CUZ go bak cyber liao la~~~but hor~~we veri funny lor~~go KL sentral sit KLIA transit den can go bak MMU early liao de~~~but we DIN go down at KL sentral~~~we go down at PASAR SENI~~u noe y~~juz wana save money~~hahaha~~~we bought RM 5 de pasar seni bus ticket~~hahaha~~~so we wait at the bus stop~~to sit the bus~~den all go up bus~~sit~~sleep~~den reach jo putrajaya sentral~~sit the T429(actually is the same bus we sit from pasar seni to putrajaya sentral)~~go MMU hb 3~~eat our dinner(can oso call supper lor)~~~some of our FCM friends oso coome join us~~~den we chat until the hb3 de light close(almost 12 am liao)~~~so we hav no choice n said bye bye~~~lalalala~~~
wuuuuu~~~today is the 1 n onli saturday i no at room at all de lor~~~hahaha~~~alwayz like saturday i will be in my room at the whole morning~~n den afternoon baru go out de lor~~~but today~~~walao~~go out from my room 10am~~den come bak at almost 1am liao~~ahhahahaa
WAAAA~~~~tis week DAM siao lor~~hahahaha
(die lor~~drawing, DF, CG all din touch yet)



tis is where we wait~~n phone Mr.D 4 help~~hahaha

after tat~~we go McD eat~~~hahaha

our lunch~~hehehe~~~

nite part de photo~~i lz to take liao~~so juz got until afternoon de onli~~the funny 1 nid 2 wait hong ka upload in his computer~~cuz he use de is digital camera~~not hp~~hehee

tatz all foes~~hahaha

~~~dam siao de friday~~~

lalalalalala~~~friday lu~~~mid term mathz exam lu~~~at 9am~~lalalala~~~let me tell u~~tis exam rite?? let me re-call my spm exam in secondary sch lor~~hahaha~~~can make fun inside the exam de~~~hahahaha
(no picture is shown cuz is EXAM~~canot take~~hahaha)

after mathz rite~~~we all go outside n den discuss lor~~~den hav breakfast(yuckzz~~1 burger n 3 pieces of nugget)~~~den i set-off to hsbc~~~mana tau~~the hsbc is the data transfer onli de~~~den i phone bubu~~tell her nid plan B~~~she said nid 2 like 12pm like tis baru can go~~so i go sit the shutter bus of cyberjaya~~~go round cyberjaya~~den reach MMU~~~she sms me tell me where to meet them~~so meet at BUS STOP la~~~

later~~~we go putrajaya sentral(of cuz la)~~den sit E1(pasar seni de bus)~~~sit the bus duno how much hourz~~i scare we will go missing~~so phone my cousin n ask 4 direction~~later guess wat~~ZzZzZz in the bus~~hahaha~~~den reach KL sentral liao~~we walk abit~~sit monoral~~~den go hsbc TOWER !!! mana tau~~canot lor~~~nid acc plus on-working status liao de~~~swt swt~~so no choice~~we go sg.wang plaza~~find pos office~~mana tau(again)~~we kena "reject"~~cuz too large amount liao the money~~~hahaha~~~we out of idea~~~so go eat lunch sin~~~hehe~~~japanese food !!!! cool~~~i order "beef teppanyaki"~~can said is nice cuz many vegetable n the beef is quite nice~~hahaha

den later my "ramen" tai kor come liao~~~so we go settle the payment in a veri funny way~~~hahahaa~~~but end-up successfully SETTLE !!!! den we all go "gai gai" lu~~~we take a photo in a veri veri weird way~~~hahahaha~~~den we go withdraw money n found out ptptn money have ARRIVE !!! yeah !!!

after tat~~~dinner time~~KFC~~~den continue gai gai~~~walk finish sg wang~~we go time square gai gai~~~hahahaha~~~walk until 10++pm~~the shop is all closing~~so we have no choice but go bak to MMU~~~haizzz~~~we sit monoral--->KLIA transit--->T429 rapid KL bus~~~lolxz

in the bus~~all like fell a slp(i not sure lor~~but seriously i fall a slp~~hahaha)~~den the bus pass through MMU front gate n arrive at cyberia front entrance~~hahaha~~~so it bye bye time~~

n also time to go slp plus END tis post~~~

o~~o~~o~~~nearly 4get~~~here is the onli photo of the post~~the weird photo we take~~~hahaha

we all act as the fake model~~hahaha~~(from the left :eric,li xuan, sin yi, khai wen[me])


~~~boring thursday~~~

wakakaka~~~~a fun monday~~a full of eatin tuesday~~n a weird but fun wednesday~~~tis 3 dayz make alot of fun~~but thursday~~every1 wan hav a break~~so no fun~~not NO FUN at all la~~~hahaha~~~
well~~~i kick start wif a CG lecture~~tat is as usual~~BORING !!!!~~~most of my friend(include me) are alrdy start to "fishing"~~~but thx 2 Dr.KEN NEO~~~who scare 1 of my classmate(not my friend)~~~soo we all whole row like wake up together~~(cant explain in words~~hahaha)
after tat~~it RAIN DAM HEAVY~~~so i cant go bak to cyberia~~so i juz attend the mathz class wif my friend~~~which is the same teacher who teach me mathz yesterday~~~wakakaka~~~it was a total choas in the class~~~i m dam noisy in the class(but compare to the class i attend in wednesday~~~i consider quiet lor~~~hahaha)~~~lalalala
after tat i have 3 hourz of rest time but i din rest~~~i go to the bus stop alone~~sit bus go to hsbc alone~~check the hsbc alone~~come bak to mmu alone~~(yo~~start the music~~"lonely......i'm mr lonely.......hav no body....on my own...wuuuuuu....")~~~when i reach my room~~~i juz hav another half an hour to rest~~so i do ntg~~juz go hav a bath~~den wear my shirt go mmu AGAIN~~~MLA~~which we all make DAM DAM lot of noise in the e-theatre~~~hahaha~~~when signing the attendance~~bing ling tell me tis "khai wen~~u noe u ar veri noisy~~" after some chitchat~~she onli noe tat i m not the student in tat math class~~den she said tis "ooo....no wonder the class so noisy la...bcuz of u making so many noise"~~~hahaha~~tis makes me laugh~~which i alrdy control myself in tat class not to be noisy lor~~hahaha
later is the english which is the laz class Teacher Salina will teach us~~~well~~is juz a normal english~~~but me n winson are dam dam dam high in the class~~~make alot of noise~~hahaha~~~n pouria(my iran friend)~~he is oso high~~~every1 is high today~~hahahaha~~~
after english finish~~~i go hb 3 buy 1 burger to eat~~den go bak to my room~~guess wat i do~~~well bath lor~~den STUDY~~~(unbelievable rite??~~a plyful guy like me willl study~~~hahaha)
so is the thursday i under-go borin?? boring rite??

~~~a weird wednesday~~~

y i said weird??
it is bcuz~~~durin english which is our 1st subject of the day~~~den my team(Group 3) as alwayz finish the fastest~~~den we go tze wei n sin yi's team to "kacau"(which nwadayz turn into 1 team alrdy~~hahaha)~~~den duno how we brought up the topic of "WALL-E"~~~den all agree to go alamanda to watch the movie~~~in a veri funny method~~~
den after english(which alwayz ends early)~~~we all go FCM cafe to eat~~lalala~~~normal eatin~~wif alot of laughter~~jokes~~most important(sure bo???)~~i hav a "FREE RM1.50" roti telur~~~wakakkaa~~~bcuz of tis roti telur i ponteng my mathz class about 30minutes~~~hehehe~~~~but i still go class la~~~
after mathz~~well~~~me n winson have ntg to do~~~soo once aagain we go to FCM cafe yamcha~~~sit there do ntg~~~until 1.45pm like tis~~~we go e-theatre(our 1 n onli cinema type class room)to attend MLA class~~sit there~~well do the thingz we do the best~~SLEEP !!!!
fast fast onli~~MLA finish liao~~~haizzz haizzz~~~den we go to hb3 zebra crossing there~~wait some of our friends~~~8 ppl~~~7 FCM1 FIT~~wana in detail~~3 boyz 5 girlz~~hahahaha~~~~~den go bus stop to sit bus go alamanda la~~~in bus~~~we kinda "enjoying the view"(so lucky me n winson can watch clearly the road we use to skate at SUNS~~putrajaya mosque !!!)~~ya~~after tat~~i slp in the bus~~~lalalala~~~
later WE ARRIVED IN ALAMANDA !!! den i din a "stupid" thingz~~~walk the "shortcut"(which is a children's slide~~~hahahaha)~~~we go buy ticket 1st~~den we have our dinner(small kai wen disappear at tis moment)~~hie hie hie~~have 1 hour mo to do~~~wat we do???
the 3 girls go shopping~~~my "ramen tai kor" n sin yi~~~na~~dun wan said here~~me n winson do wat ler??~~well~~~me n winson OF CUZ go arcade la~~~wakakaka~~~daytona~~I WIN !!!! woooooo~~~den my newly "jie bai de ramen tai kor" call me go ply house of dead 4 !!!! well we all end up game over~~y cuz all hand pain liao(shake toooooo much)~~~hahaha(kesian sin yi onli[the onli gal go arcade]~~din ply any game at all~~i think....)~~~go arcade shop how can i miss plyin initial d ver.3 de~~~hahahaha~~~of cuz i ply~~but using NON-CUSTOMIZE car~~meanz NOT CARD !!!! but i still can win K.T.(FD), Kyle(EVO3) n Caine(MR2)~~~wakakaka
later 7pm sumting~~~we go cinema watch "wall-e"~~lalala~~~the movie~~well kinda funny~~me n winson laugh the whole time~~well the most noisy 1 is us(me n winson onli~~others kinda "ok-mode"~~) liao la~~~after tat 9pm sumting~~we finish the movie n den go sit bus~~lalala~~~we nearly miss the bus~~(thx 2 me~~i stopped the bus~~*waaa~~~sombongnya*)~~~well~~in the bus~~we all talk crap in the bus(kecuali sin yi n ramen tai kor)~~plus we can reli ENJOY the fireworks durin our trip bak to MMU~~~
After a while we reach MMU~~~den its bye bye time~~~lalalalala
veri funny rite?? FCM "subpost" to be bz plus is exam week~~but y we can go out ply?? time management veri gd la~~~hahahahaha~~~relax 1st den "CHIONG" to the finish liao~~wakakaka


DF~~DF~~DF~~haizz~~~once reach tuesday or after skate i will think of tis word liao~~~i hate to said but duno y today hor~~~veri ez lor~~~ntg to do~~~haizzz
DF ntg to said lor~~juz "cik mat" giv some borin lecture tat nearly cause me to slp~~~
den CG~~~lalalala~~~~go chris's room do laz minute work~~~hahaha~~but oso pass up la~~lalala
finish CG rite~~~i go bak my room~~~hav a bath~~~well~~~wat can i do~~~juz slp la~~~sleep until 7.45pm like tis~~~i wake up den change my shirt den go hb 3 liao~~~wat a lucky~~~i juz wana go buy drink to DRINK~~~saw li xuan(birthday girl),sin yi n hooi xing(spell correct ma??)~~~so din buy drink liao~~~folo them to bank~~~"rob" the bank~~~lalalalala
den we waited 4 car to go secret recipe~~~lalala~~~den later a car come den we get up~~~den go~~~lalala~~~secret recipe~~wat caan we do there~~EAT LA~~~den we close li xuan's eyes~~den make fun of her~~~put all the sugar la~~menu la~~empty drink la~~~all in front instead of a cake~~~hahahha
den after a joke 4 a while~~the cake come out~~n once again we sing song~~~"happy birthday to you....." and cantonese ver. de oso got~~~bwahahahhaa~~~~~~den after all tis~~~sure is EAT la~~~hahahha
den we go bak to hb3 cuz secret recipe close at 10pm~~~at hb3 we write all our wish to li xuan in a card~~~den guess wat can we do~~~BALIK ROOM la~~~so i can sit in front of my computer and write tis blog~~~fuuuuu
well~~~tatz all foes 4 tuesday~~lalalala(kinda bad write blog lor`~~hahahaha)


another normal monday~~~wake up early~~do wat ler??? well~~~i wake early~~~DISCUSS SOMETHING WIF CHRIS LA~~~~den later go have my bath~~~den start do li xuan's birthday card~~~lalalala~~~
do do do~~~do finish liao hor~~~watch the time~~~WAAAAA~~~1.30pm liao~~~wuuuuu~~~run go bath again~~~den go drawing lor(of cuz wear shirt n pants den onli go la)~~~in drawing class~~~well~~~we juz walk here walk there~~~watch Mr.D teach ppl color the mixed media we gona do~~~
durin the 30minutes break~~~we all go down FCM cafe~~~eat~~~MEE ROJAK~~lalala~~~we chitchat 4 a while den go bak drawing room folo MR.D to where-eva he teach coloring~~~hahahhaa
After the class~~i go my cyberia mamak stall~~~have a chat wif JJ n Jia Hao~~~lalala~~~den meet some 'tai kor"~~~wuuu~~~syok nia~~~~later went bak to my room~~~juz like take off my shirt~~~sit down view my FS-Home page nia~~~~Hong Ka msn me go hb 1 eat~~~so we juz go lor(time is 7.50pm)~~~
once we meet at hb1~~~wat to do ler?? of cuz eat the western food la~~~lalala~~~after finish i go to chris's room juz to folo chris to take his skate den wait winson~~~later is go skate lor~~~
At skate rite~~~we ply skate style football~~learn put our leg 90 degreee~~~lalalala~~~do many staff la~~~i jump up like i do the training in badminton wif skate~~~wuuuuuu~~~although i can do tat~~~but my "T-brake"~~~haizzzzz
after tat~~~we yamcha~~~we all "lock" li xuan inside the corner~~~cuz is her birthday~~~so we wana like "buli" her(giv her surpise la~~hahaha)~~~den at 12am~~we all like wana throw all the staff(sugar,peppar,cola,blablablabla) to her~~~so she is afraid~~~den we juz put down the thing n sing the birthday song loudly~~~hahahaha~~~she was terkejut~~~hahaha~~i give her the card i made at morning~~~chris giv her some badge(I love Skate !!!)~~~lalalala~~~~
den tatz all 4 the monday~~~hahaha~~~photo ar~~~i dun hav lor~~~muz like wait V put on the skate's blog liao~~~baru i got the photo~~hehehee~~~~soliya :P

well well well~~~here are some picture of saturday nite~~~

here are the picture 4 the SNS at nite~~oo~~2 those who duno wat is SNS~~let me tell u~~~SNS is Saturday Night Skate~~~where organize by Skateline~~in almost whole malaysia(i think......)

well~~~i juz can show the picture of SNS cuz i onli get the picture of SNS from Skateline Official Website~~~hehehe

Here we go~~~:

The 1st pit stop~~~me,winson,chris n eng soon asking the pros how to break~~

1st downhill~~hehe~~winson goin fast~~me learning to bend knee~~eng soon~~erm duno wat he is doin~~~:P

OMG !!! we goin the wrong way~~c the arrow~~haha~~jk onli~~i personally like tis picture~~cuz i feel like i m flyin in tis picture~~hahaha

yea~~beginner team of the day~~

the onli 3 FCM student of MMU~~who skate OUTDOOR !!!~~~

waaa~~~downhill still ply "train"~~~nola~~we juz skate in a row~~which looks like "train"~~

yupzzz~~~u can talk durin skates~~

huhu~~the slopest slope of the day~~winson n eng soon fall~~me nearly fall thx to the car(in the picture)~~chris is askin the condition of winson who fall~~eng soon juz stand up~~

lalala~~~look tat the little kid !!! they ar dam fast~~chris see liao oso "sien dao"~~me,winson n eng soon talkin behind~~hahahaha~~~

yea yea yea~~~i won the lucky draw in the 1st time i come to SNS~~dam siao lucky me la~~at saturday~~~wakakaka~~~

a sien start but end up happy saturday

hahaha~~~at 1st~~i wake up early on saturday~~cuz got class~~plus my friend nudge me in msn~~so i wake up~~den i think later got class~~haizz~~~1 word come to vmy head again "SIEN!!!"~~~

well~~~no choice but hav to get up from bed go bath~~~den go MMU~~later i reach my drawing studio~~~lalala~~~guess wat~~i n my friends are talking about lecturer "balik kampung"....."class cancel"~~blablabla~~~den puan matsura comes~~~n we said "oo~~no liao nid to study liao"~~but shocking-ly~~~she said "soli due to "cik mat" din tell the blabla ppl to open the door~~CLASS CANCEL !!!"~~~

OMG !!! my "teka" is sooo "jun" tis time~~~all my friends laugh~~n said my luck is the best 2day~~~well seriously~~i m lucky today~~~hahaha~~~after tat~~we have our english listening test~~(so-call "EXAM")~~~sit inside waste half an hour~~den we all 8 ppl(me, chris, winson, zhe ming, hong ka, ke si, jason n wei heng)~~go old town eat eat~~~after tat we said behind can play pool~~~wakaka~~~we change RM6(meanz 12 RM0.50) den start play pool~~~2 table~~1 table 4 ppl ply~~~the big table is zhe ming n hong ka(Random team) VS winson n wei heng(China team)~~due to Olympic is on fire nowadayz~~~hahaha~~~

Den another table is me VS chris VS jason VS ke si~~ke si DAM pro lor~~~win all match~~when 4 ppl ply la~~~den we start ply 1 on 1~~which i lose to jason~~jason lose to chris~~den the final chris VS ke si~~6 ball~~draw(due to we ply RM 3 onli~~meanz we put hand to save the ball to go into the hole n replay cukup cukup but cuz some unbelivable shot let the ball go into the hole so lost ball)

den we go another where hong ka they all ply~~den unbelievable-ly~~~wei heng n winson WINzz~~~n zhe ming save 1 ball~~~den chris n ke si~~challenge each other to score 1 ball~~~in the end~~CHRIS WINzzz(congratzz~~~to chris~~cuz ke si have been call "Champion" by us due to he can start the ball n shoot in all the ball~~~haha)

finally~~we juz come bak to MMU~~having a "drinking water" party~~~den all go bak to room~~n guess wat~~~START DOTA AGAIN LA!!!!!
later nite(but afternoon yet la~~~6pm onli)~~~i go TTDI skate~~~hehe~~~which is a dam dam dam nice exp la~~~go uphill~~~downhill~~~got skate pros teach how to do brake efficiently~~noe new friends~~~most importantly~~i can train my "T-brake"~~~wakakaka~~~
we start skate at 8pm~~skate here skate there~~uphill~~~down dangerous hill slope(1 onli)~~~end up eatin in 1 of the restaurant nearly~~~n lucky draw~~~woooooo~~~congratz to me(who win a skate bottel) n Su(who win a "Skateline" T-shirt)
later around 10pm~~~we all go "The Curve"~~~watch movie~~at 1st we plan to watch "Don't Mess with Zohan"~~~but end up watchin "Meet Dave"~~~lolxz~~~we hav our chit chat at McD~~watch lenglui(ya~~5 lonely boys sittin at McD watchin lenglui walk by)~~~~discuss bout skate club logo,T-shirt n flyer(waaa~~~think veri far liao)
At 12.55am~~we go in the cinema n WATCH~~~until 2 sumthing am~~~n i arrive home n write tis blog at around 3am(nearly 4am liao)~~~
u wan picture??? well~~~nid 2 wait winson send me the picture~~~hehe~~~so wait la~~
i wana go slp sin lor~~~ja ja

a playful afternoon n funny nite in friday~~~

Friday~~well~~as usual~~i dun hav class~~~so i slp longer~~~which cause me din eat breakfast~~~after i wake up~~~i go bath(sure la)~~den i open sdo-x(a music/dancing game)~~den saw li xuan plying too~~soo join her ply lor~~~ply until 3pm go hav my lunch~~den continue ply~~~wakakaka~~~den when reach 8pm~~chris sms me call me go hb3 eat dinner~~so i go~~~

well is a normal dinner which all of our gang members having dinner together n have joke~~den the funny thing is once we finish~~~a gal classmate named "Michelle" come n chat wif hong ka, zheming they all la~~den zhe ming shoout me~~so i noe wat to do~~i stand up let her hav a place to sit~~den the act we all do make her feel weird~~~(u got c the gangster movie~~the boss sit down~~others all stand~~tatz wat we all do~~the person sitting down is hong ka, zhe ming n kevin[kevin is sitting other side])~~den when "Michelle" sit down(which is beside kevin)~~kevin straight away stand up(90 degree stand)~~n run to stand wif us~~~i nearly laugh out when i m drinking MILK n saw tis situation~~~kevin's acting cause "Michelle" to feel weird~~den she oso walk away~~n den we all laugh n go to room~~sure DOTA la~~~hahaa

speaking of tis~~tch~~i juz ply den kena poof~~whole computer bye bye~~~restart~~~tch tch~~so no choice go ply sdo-x~~walao~~~lag like hell~~cuz updating~~n din have announsment~~~WTF !!!!

so~~juz spam forum 4 a while den go oink oink liao~~hahaha

here is how i sleep~~~n 4get to off the webcam~~so my friend juz take a picture through webcam n send to me~~~~



there~~~ hugging my newly buy Ichigo-Kon~~~hahaha

lalalala~~~wat a THURSDAY~~~

actually~~~thursday i have ntg special~~well like go class blablabla~~~CG~~watch "Bill Gate having internet WAR wif other ppl"~~~lalalala~~~den we go hav some breakfast~~mana tau~~mathz class cancel !!!! which cuz me ntg to do 4 another 5 hourzzz~~~but lucky got ptptn stuff to do~~~n cuz us to go the admission office to settle thingzz~~~den we arrive there~~~LUNCH TIME~~so we sit in the office waiting~~
guess wat~~~hong ka n me~~found some thing to ply~~~hahaha~~~the roller chair(the chair tat use in office tat have wheels)~~~at 1st~~we juz ply slide here slide there~~~sounds stupid rite?? but dam funny movie clip we record~~~
later we ply turning~~meaning got 2 ppl stand-by behind~~~1 ppl sit on the chair~~~n plz welcome our 1st guest~~Mr. HONG KA~~~he sit on the chair~~wei heng who is the 1st person to start turning him~~~n wei heng turn him VERI VERI VEEEEERRRRIIII fast~~~den when hong ka feel like wana stoop~~~the 2nd person which is me~~turn the chair FASTER~~~den later when the chair stops~~hong ka cant even stand well n juz fall on the floor~~~wakakaka
n letzz invite the 2nd guest which is Mr. WEI HENG !!! tis time hong ka is the 1st person to turn wei heng~~~but hong ka turn wei heng kinda slow~~~n clockwise~~~den shek call me turn wei heng anti-clockwise~~~which i do so~~n cause wei heng to go unbalance~~~n he do some "breakdance" wif the chair n fall HARD-LY~~~which cuz us all run away VERI fast~~~
but lucky no staff were there~~~hahaha~~~since the lunch time is almost over~~~we go n wait at the counter~~~den after finish the ptptn~~~we go bak to room~~n tatz the end of thursday~~~

~~~A stress tuesday n wednesday~~~

after my nice sleeping on monday~~TUESDAY~~MDF !!! The result is OUT!!! wakakaka~~~i get 15 markzz~~~wakakaka~~~i oso din believe tat de~~but i get it~~hahaha
yaya~~~in class~~si cik mat~~take the assignment of our "senior"~~n show to us~~lalala~~i saw it oso kena like the ppl in death note kena Kira write the name in the DEATH NOTE~~heart pain~~walao~~their picture are DAM DAM DAM nice~~~after tat blabla so-call "lecture time"~~we had our break but every1 is like rushin to look at the result~~lalala
later~~IT TIME TO "DO WORK"~~~which i go to Mr.D n ask whole lots of question to re-design my assignment~~which cause me n him to talk whole lot of BLEACH crap~~hahaha~~~after tat~~i n Tze Wei(i not so sure is spell like tis ano?? soli :P)~~like become a lecturer~~hahaha~~~which we juz like teachin sin yi(bubu princess<--online nickname of her's)~~~lalala~~~we teach/do ALMOST all of her assignment~~juz din draw 4 her nia~~~~hahaha~~~~tis MDF is like the happiest MDF cuz CIK MAT not in the class(YEAH !!!)~~~ya~~after MDF is CG~~
at CG~~actually i ponteng~~hahaha~~~juz to settle the payment of the cosplay costume(sounds stupid rite??)~~ya~~it become a running CG class 4 me~~cuz i n my friend like nid 2 present the assignment 2 in GROUP !!! lalala~~~which i run out the class~~n settle the bank~~den chris sms me said "IT'S ALMOST OUR TURN !!!"~~~so i rush bak to CG room~~in the end~~we nid 2 present next week~~walao~~so i juz stay in the CG room~~n wait winson come n watch "happy tree friends" n "the best KO in taekwando"~~hahaha
At nite~~i eat PORK~~ya~~i EAT PORK at nite~~DAM DAM DAM NICE~~~wooooooooo~~~after the eatin~~i go to slp~~oink oink~~
After tat~~~wednesday~~~hehe~~~i wake up at 6.30am~~but duno wan to do wat~~so i juz like draw my "lost" mixed media drawing~~~den end up i go to bath at 8.30am n rush to english class~~~wakakakaka~~~~after tat~~i run to submit my drawing assignment~~n said "byebye" to my 8 markzz~~~n go to mathz class~~lalala~~my lunch~~a FULL bottle of MILK(2500ml)~~finish in juz 10 minutes~~which cause my stomach to feel weird~~n it's MLA~~nice sleepin class~~
yupzz~~seriously i fall a slp in the class~~n end up duno doin wat~~~hahahaha~~~tis is the worst part~~after class~~~i,sin yi, hooi xing n li xuan go to cimb bank to pay money to china~~n the old old old manager said "u go find the bank~~the name of the bank too long~~plus no shift code~~we canot do 4 u~~"blablabla~~~den i went bak to my room~~~as usual~~put thing down~~bath~~roll on my bed 4 a while~~n den i juz OPEN SDO-X n PLAY(later li xuan n sin yi join in n ply~~~haha)~~at around 9pm~~i go yam cha at hb 1 wif my friends~~den return home at almost 11pm~~
WTF !?!?! i juz start wana color my drawing rite~~my housemate shout at me to turn off the light~~den no choice(12am liao)~~so lalala~~~8 markzzz bye bye~~~fly away~~so nw dam stress duno wat to do~~~haizzz~~~i think go oink oink la~~~hahahhaa
wait 4 the thursday update la~~~hahahaha

~~Wat a Trip Bak to Cyber~~

well~~as u noe~~the midterm break is finish~~but i come bak early~~since i not sure tat monday go class or not~~haizz~~

At around 9pm~~sunday nite~~i left all my lovely plushie, bed, pillow and collection plus comic~~n come bak to cyber~~as usual~~i will go my cousin/grandma's house~~n den at around 10pm my cousin's friend come n pick us up to go ply "DOTA" !!!

but at 12am i n my cousin will go on the bus~~which have nothing to do but sleep~~since i din slp at the evening~~i slp veri fast in the bus~~but cant slp well~~n my cousin~~na~~i duno wat is he doin~~mayb is sleep dead?? duno~~:P

den at around 5am or 6am~~my cousin's cyberjaya friend come to puduraya n pick us up~~n drive us to cyberjaya~~MMU la~~in the trip~~well seriously i fall a sleep~~but wake up veri quickly~~den once i arrive at my cyberjaya room~~lalala~~i CLEAN the whole room~~tat cuz me CLEAN until like afternoon(like 10am clean until 12pm)

den go makan makan with friends~~den~~we plan to go alamanda de~~but end up goin midvalley~~hahaha~~at midvalley~~walk here walk there nia lor~~~hahaha~~~ntg special lor~~

but here come the special part~~DINNER !!!~~~wakakaka~~~we eat pizza hut~~plus we oso buy 18 donuts~~lalala~~~believe it or not~~we finish 10 donuts~~left 8 balik MMU~~hahaha

after the midvalley trip bak to MMU~~~IT'S SKATE TIME !!! fuu fuu fuu~~~since my rib there is injured due to an accident~~lalala~~so i juz skate around n try to balance myself~~lalala~~n den the guard close the light early~~we oso end up "yam cha" early~~

but but but~~tis "yam cha" trip is not fun~~1 of our senior~~FALL n HIS FACE "SAYONARA"~~ouch~~haizz haizz haizz~~but we still have our "yam cha" time~~full of laugher as usual~~hahaha~~
den is the end of the day~~the whole day i DIN sleep at all~~walao~~hahaha~~juz keep on plyin, doin thingz~~so i juz feel like write finish tis post~~den go oink oink la

Here are some picture to show:~~18 donuts tat we buy n eat~~

~~the 1st 12 donuts in a large box~~

~~the 2nd box which contain 6 donuts~~

~Skate time(sittin on the floor de is me, studyin de is li xuan n our injured stuntman~~nas)~~

~~the senior tat fall down(tis picture show him is ok cuz NOT YET FALL)~~

Skate photo credit goes to ah ben~~cuz he "steal" my handphone which is my onli camera n take "HELL LOT OF PHOTO"~~~hahaha

u duno who is ben?? okie here is the picture of ben~~~

BEN(veri blur due to ben's unprofessional~~hahaha~~~jkjk)

My room~~~i juz love my room~~~~

Although i said is sien~~~but i reli love my room~~~cuz it hav my collection~~my comic~~my gin-san tat i hug "him" hug 4 almost 4 years liao~~~~hehehe~~~
i go home after i settle tat stupiak signing ptptn blablablabla~~~which cause me arrive HOME 12am SHARP !!! (of cuz not yet totally arrive at home is arrive at penang island)
~~the 1st thing i do is take a picture of my lovely room 1st~~
(but the table is already full of my assignment)

My dear room~~~i din c u 4 almost 5-6 week alrdy~~~
~~Later i open one of favourite drawer~~
WALA~~~a drawer full of comiczzz~~~
~~My collection~~ wiiii~~~i juz love watching them~~

another part of my collection~~~

blue eyes ultimate dragon~~strike freedom~~ichigo~~i miss u all alot~~

(c the "YA~HA~KHAI WEN's" thing~~inside the drawer is my secret~~hehe~~onli my gal gal n me can open[hehe....gal gal i dun hav yet so onli me can open tat drawer])

~~My Angry Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon~~ soli la~~i nid 2 study ma~~~hahaha~~dun angry ya~~~

wiiii~~~~i din bring u to MMU~~cuz nid 2 change myself liao~~~cant alwayz hug u~~~soliya~~~but once i come bak home~~i hug u~~hug until enuff~~~hahahaha

I stay at MMU de Cyberia de 12 floor de 1 small room~~no air-con~~no plushie to hug~~juz assignment putting in front of u~~~while u slp~~your hand fall down from bed~~u oso touch the assignment alrdy~~~

But in my room~~~waaaa~~~the assignment is put veri veri veri far from my bed~~~which i nid 2 climb out of my bed baru i can touch the assignment~~~ahahahhaha~~~

But 1 thing is my room din hav~~~the nite life which hav in MMU~~stay up late~~rushing assignment together wif friendzz~~~laugh together wif friendzz~~~tatz the thing missing in my room~~~

haizzz~~~tatz y the older people said all thing is not "ten all ten nice"(十全十美)~~~

~~~~~haizzzzz~~i gona leave u again soon~~my dear room~~~~~

SIEN~~sien until u canot feel the "sien-ness"

As u noe when we hear the word "HOLIDAY"~~~the 1st word come out from the mouth is "YEAH !!! FINALLY" blablabla~~~rite??
Well~~~as 4 me~~~tis is the 1st time i said "haizzz" when hearing the word "HOLIDAY"~~~u noe y??
cuz my holiday is NOT a holiday~~~dun noe wat i mean??? It meanz holiday is suppose to be relax, happy~~~lalalala~~~but my holiday is................FULL OF DAM ASSIGNMENT !!!
1st,drawing~~~den MLA~~~den CG~~~n the worst 1 MDF~~~i have tahan myself to dun type tis word but i already cant tahan liao !!!!
FARK FARK FARK~~~WAT THE FARK~~~when i get home the 1st thing i do is BATH DEN SLEEP~~~den the next day~~~I DO MY FARKING ASSIGNMENT~~~DAM IT !!!
Beside tat, i still nid to go work~~~c'mon money crisis man~~~i cant survive in cyber without money~~~haizzz~~~the "pama" schalorship nid 2 explain liao baru can get money~~~plus the ptptn oso din giv us money yet~~~walao~~~how i survive~~~so i juz like go do work PART TIME~~~but most of the time is sitting there do my FARKING ASSIGNMENT !!!
4 the god's sake, after i go bak to cyber~~i nid 2 submit drawing which contain almost 55 pieces of drawing~~~HAND DRAW~~~not computer~~~~
MDF until nw i oso duno wat to do~~~add mo design?? re-do all?? or juz crapping through the year n make sure i pass?? DAM~~I DAM GONA KILL TAT "CIK MAT"~~SERIOUS~~but the funny thing is when i meet him outside the class~~~we both smile to each other~~which sound veri "YUCKZZZ" = =
MLA~~~i finish the assignment 2(which i gona submit after i go bak to cyber) but the assignment 1~~~i......DIN TOUCH AT ALL~~~"kao pek kao bo"~~i oso duno how 2 write the stupiak journal~~~~
CG~~CG~~CG !!!!! juz pass up the 1st assignment~~~the 2nd assignment come~~~nvm~~~but is the DEADLINE is soooo close(around 2 week onli)~~u nid 2 bang your head on the wall n get idea faster~~~walao~~~lucky me i finish it alrdy~~~but nw juz stand-by 4 the assignment 3 which gona draw a poster~~~*banging head on the wall again*
FARK !!!! to who wana take FCM in MMU~~~tis is my advise~~~
but i m veri happy~~~(the 1st time)~~when i saw the holiday is gona finish~~~u noe y???
cuz......i got a bunch of friendzz which ar stand-by-ing to cosplay as VAMPIRE KNIGHT~~wakakakaka
tatz the onli fun in FCM~~~u can cosplay to class~~~wakakakaka

~~~The Toughest n Funnest Week~~~

Seriously~~~tis week i gona submit my DF project~~~which i call it a JUDGEMENT DAY~~~but in the class full of lecturers~~i trap my friend to go in 1st~~~but end up he is the 1st to go in~~~i m the 2nd 1 to go in~~~haizz~~~
Well~~inside~~~i sure like shaking my body~~~n felt like wana get out tis room faster~~but after i start "craping" on my project~~the head of foundation which control the markz n we all fear of him, Che Mat(i call him "cik mat")~~~he start to said my project suxx la~~~blablabla~~~n the worst is HE ASK STUPIAK QUESTION!!!
So no chance, i juz answer all "logicly" n add some crap on it~~~which make the other lecturer "curi-curi" laugh~~~n "cik mat" 's fire is up(50% mad liao)~~~den when he ask me "HOW YOUR SUBJECT MATTER AFFECT THE INFLATION??"~~
OMG~~~i was totally black-out tat time~~~so i no choice tat take all the "BLEACH" anime scene out~~said wat "i use my subject as a charcter who is a warrior fight a monster which named "inflation"~~~blablablabla~~~craping all the way long~~~lalala
Tis time~~~wahahahaha~~~he rage have reach the limit~~which he juz smack the table n move away~~~tat time i oso angry liao~~but i "tahan" den i ask the other lecturers how i improve my project~~~den the other lecturers tell me~~~den the time i waiting arrived~~~1 of the lecturer said "TIME OUT !!! u may go out~~"
I happily thx all the lecturers include "cik mat"~~den he juz said "HEY BOY~~NW IS PRESENTATION TIME~~~U NOE ANO??" den i juz said "oo~~okie~~" seriously we both look at each other angryly~~den Mr D n Ramlan walk to me~~Mr D call me enuff go out~~n Ramlan juz said~~"BOY~~U AR BRAVE~~I NVR C A STUDENT WHO DARE TO DO TAT TO CHE MAT~~"
Den, i juz said thx u~~~n go out~~~seriously~~if "cik mat" stand up~~~i sure gona rush to him n punch him in his face de lor~~~all thx to Mr D who noe i gona smack "cik mat"~~so i juz pass my submission~~den is PARTY TIME !!!
After DF is wednesday~~~i went to a BBQ party wif my friend orginze by so-called "dharma" club~~~which we all juz eat n 1 thing we din crazy-ly~~~is JUMP IN THE SWIMMING POOL WITH CLOTH !!!
i wont explain much on tis cuz it is hard to explain it~~here ar some picture tat can show u all~~

yeah~~~6 crazy FCM studentzz~~~

we~~~FCM roxxx(i think....)~~~~


yea~~~we ar havin fun in the water~~~lolxz

lalala~~~~juz swim around~~~lalala~~~

okie okie okie~~~the laz event 4 the week~~~(cuz i juz overgo the fun event until today onli)~~~lalala~~~tis event is succesfully happen~~~all thx to NATH(aka mrinjured)~~

we have the steambot party at HIS house~~~which we thx him~~~beside tat he still cook sum fish 4 us to eat~~~hahaha~~~~here here~~~some picture~~onli 3 onli~~hahaha

yummy tom yam soup n "clean" soup~~

the scene after eatin~~~nath's(mrinjured) house~~~

wahahaha~~~all of us crowd into mrinjured's room~~~total of 9 boyzz~~