Me and You, Together

I may look calm, but there is time when I will went berserk and emo, and that where you come into my life. 

I never felt that I will be able to get to this level with my own strength, I am able to reach here is because of you. 

You, my chibi who I love the most is the reason why I am able to improve this much. 
You, the one who always push me to go on when I want to back out. 

When I am down and emo, you be there for me, care about me and even encourage me in any way you can think of.

When I went berserk, you are the one who calm me down, make me regain my thinking. Bring me back to the right path, be there for me, support me until I totally calm down and unberserk.

Yes, You are my backbone, the one that support me and put me to my limit.
You are my dear chibi, Prince Xiao Rain. ^^

I Love You.

When I berserk, you will always be there to stop me. This is why you and me mean to be together.

AFAMY, an event to remeber as a helper

I have been doing helper job since 2009 anicom, so I always think I am able to pull a nice skit of with my acting but thanks to the huge disappointment I got at C2age when I lost to a Miku who is not even original and complete.....a huge big arrow pierce through me hard time.....but, I am glad that....Sky mama and Narukids haha-ue both of them still believe in me....choose me as their backstage helper when there are alot of people suits the category....that itself already boost up my confident abit..
And here, I saw this big stage of AFAMY.....I keep on thinking, when will be my turn to stand at the big stage ?? and this boost me even more....the Zawawi siblings who started just recently already able to stand there and do one epic awesome skit. I feel beaten and at the same time, I want to join more competition. I know this I cannot fully blame my so-called "partner" who never even work together to do props with audio know where I will go if I started ranting, so I better stop here. 
I helped my mama, Sky in his skit as backstage helper to set up all the props but sadly the main one doesn't go smoothly, the wind on the stage was strong and that props unable to stand still. But lucky, we have Kuro who is another helper of Sky to ninja the prop to stand. And this photo is my brother Xajin handshake with my mama Sky....I was thinking also when will be my turn go compete against them in the same stage and level. XDDD
This are some few photos I took together with the guest stars.

you know what, I so gona join the competition next year. Ya, that's a promise.

But what I want to say is there is chibi behind me keep on pushing me to go where I can go but I refuse to go with the reason "I'm not able to go" but she keep on push me there plus the things that happen during this event makes me change my mind. I will improve myself and one day I will compete with all I got. ^^

Thank You Bii aka Prince Xiao Rain aka XiaoRain aka my darling ^^ muacks, I Love You and thanks for stand by me and support me so much. Without you, I don't think I can reach this level also. ^^

My new partner in crime ?

I don't know why I am writing this after so long I didn't update here. Oh well, this feeling keeps bothering me for quite a while already but this past few events, I confirm that already. My partner in crime in cosplay field might change from Chiko to Shin.....

Why ?? Recently, I have been thinking of a lot of skits which some of it need partner and Shin always fits in the tag team nicely with me....and at the same time, I helped Shin with his music with my own idea (somehow in a way) and then the same recently, me n Shin has been going for same series cosplay plan *cirno/daiyousei, ZUN/beatMARIO, shanghai/hourai (?)*

I feel bad for Chiko who first ask me to be her partner for WCS.....but until now, me n Chiko only do one skit together in the competition. Oh well, I seriously don't know lahh XDDD

I am very ok with teaming up with Chiko or Shin.....since all of us are housemate after all. But still, let's see who I am better teaming up with lahh xDDDD

It really hurts

I guess I went overboard again with my playfulness. Well, I admit I am playful, but in relationship, I am dead serious. Yet, all I want is to make my girlfriend happy with my playful and hyperactive, but I think it backfired or I really did something wrong which I myself don't know.

Well, boys will always feel deeply hurt when the girl he loves the most ignores him. But, good thing about boys is they will never give up on the girl he loves the most, even if he needs to live through a lifetime of torture to get her to forgive him. Hey, there is no exception for me also.

I may not be good when comes to sweet talking or make you feel happy and smile instantly everyday. But, I am doing my best to do so. I may not understand you fully right now, but I willing to take time to understand you more. In a relationship, both sides have to understand each other one right ?

When I am able to be at your side, I will hug and kiss you to clear all the depressing emotions and bad memories that we have and of cause, I going to insert as many nice memories as I can with whatever I can like go dating with you, surprise you or just plain hugging and kissing you.

It actually rips me apart. It hurts when we don't talk or you ignore me. Especially at night, when I am alone, the pain starts to grow within my thinking, is like a million times deeper then the surface feels. All the questions that I keep wandering starts to pop out in my head and I always have no freaking idea on what actually happening or what did I do wrong.

My heart actually hurts alot, but I gonna hold on to it because I know you will come back to me. So, I don't mind going into the sea of suffering myself, keep every single sadness to myself and show the world that I am alright, no worries with my smile that covers everything. But what is worst is, during night I have to bear the pain myself and then the next morning, wake up and start to think about you, worry about you yet no reply or anything back from you or ignore by you, and go through the same phrase again until my poor heart break down.

But then, no worries, hey I am ok here XDD Life goes on, I will take a nap and next morning everything will be ok already ^^ because I believe that after a Windy storm, there will be a beautiful Rainbow awaits us afterwards.

anyway, Rain, no matter what happen, I Still Love You ^^

my 7th Months In Relationship Anniversary together with Rain

During 21 August 2011, I recover and got into an relationship with my chibi now, Prince Xiao Rain~and from that time, I changed my nickname from "WeN Izayoi" into "Prince Siao Wen"

We most of the time "dating" via online, once in a while only, meet up and dating for real but most of the time, are mostly event time. And liek this, we have been through for 7 months already ^^ We laugh together, have fun together, troll together, tease each other and sometimes I being an annoying bastard to you, you tsun towards me and many more things happens within this 7 months, all i am happily loving it =D

I hope that I can hangout and visit your house every week at least once, at least get to go dating with you more time ^^

Dear Prince Xiao Rain,
Thank you being my girlfriend, eventhough I am an useless, annoying baka, but you still choose me as your boyfriend. Thank you for making my life being so nice again ^^ I Love You, Rain ^^
our 1st time cosplay webcaming .////.
our 1st camwhore photo~~
1st couple/duo cosplay plan >////<
our 2nd photo together~~and is on newspaper ^^

I Love You, My dear Chibi Rainrain Princess.

P/S: sorry that I lie about your meido costume because I want to surprise you today, cuz today is our 7th month anniversary....but i think i kind of fail since you just cheh on it TwT i will try harder next time, n surprise u more ^^

Random Dating day XDD

On 16 Feb, actually I have not thing to do at Cyberjaya, then suddenly my brother, Xajin called me and offer me to go find my girlfriend, Rain at Ampang. So, yeah Xajin come up to Cyberjaya and brought me to Ampang.

Along the way, we got lost abit n thanks to my stupidity in directions, we get even more lost then have to call Rain for SOS. Lucky for us, we are lost not far from her house. Then we reach d, pick her up then we went to the nearby cafe, MOMO cafe there to have supper and then we play a new board game that Xajin bought.

I lose in that game badly XD well, is a very nice board game, all depends on luck and ALOT of thinking XDD after we finish the board game, Xajin send me n Rain back to her house. At her house, we hangout at her brother's room, which is the place where i have to sleep for the night.

We watch, talk, msn, play until have nothing to play, so we went on to play "pull the bulu". So, Rain and her brother use duct tape and tape it on my leg and pull it until one point, the tape doesn't pull off my leg hair anymore, then we stop and went to bed.

Then the next morning, I was woke up by Rain and her dogs (sowiie for being a sleepy-head, biii><), we went to KLCC on the 17 Feb. 1st, Rain wants to do survey for her assignment and 2nd is we want to go kinokuniya to use our RM 200 book voucher to buy books. So, after reaching at KLCC, we went for breakfast and Rain meet her friend there too. So, we went to kinokuniya and buy books. After buying, we went to survey around, walk walk around and having fun abit =D

Then when almost 6pm, we went depart from KLCC and i sended Rain and her brother to Cempaka Station and wait until they both get up the bus then only I went back to cyberjaya.

It's was a very very happy day ^^ although i not being myself (the hyperactive side), but i m truly happy that i am able to go for a date together with my girlfriend. ^^

Next time, I will be as myself when go dating with you ya, biii ^^
my drawing during valentine day ^^
sorry bii, during valentine day, i unable to be with you. But 16 and 17 i hope it can replace valentine day =) muacks, i love you, Rain ^^

Dei's Housewarming ^^

5 February, DeidaraGS invite us to his new house for a mini-housewarming, but sadly it meet up with Randy's Exam time and Chiko don't feel like following because Randy is not going. So, left me and Shin who went to the housewarming.

On the morning that day, Shin didn't sleep at all while me is actually half-asleep. We plan to go out on 8.30am but we kind of leave the house at 9.30am. Lucky for us, we manage to reach Ampang Station and also lucky for us, Gems is pick us up to Dei's new house because we don't how to go with public transport.

Before Gems pick us, she went to pick up my chibi biibii, Rain ^^ after that, we went to pick up Gyps too and reach Dei's house quite early. We sit and chitchat for a while, play some card awhile, then we went to play in the swimming pool.

We play quite long time in the swimming pool and went up to eat pizza but it not enough for me and Shin didnt get to eat at all since he went to sleep. Thanks to Gems again, who brought me n Shin to buy McD to eat.

Lastly, of cz I want to say thank you to my chibi biibii la~~*hug u* thanks for the day ya, I have so much fun together with you. I hope we can go out dating soon again ^^ Muacks, I love you, Rain ^^
currently, we both are having fever, I hope my chibi biiibii, Rain recover ASAP .///. muacks