My new partner in crime ?

I don't know why I am writing this after so long I didn't update here. Oh well, this feeling keeps bothering me for quite a while already but this past few events, I confirm that already. My partner in crime in cosplay field might change from Chiko to Shin.....

Why ?? Recently, I have been thinking of a lot of skits which some of it need partner and Shin always fits in the tag team nicely with me....and at the same time, I helped Shin with his music with my own idea (somehow in a way) and then the same recently, me n Shin has been going for same series cosplay plan *cirno/daiyousei, ZUN/beatMARIO, shanghai/hourai (?)*

I feel bad for Chiko who first ask me to be her partner for WCS.....but until now, me n Chiko only do one skit together in the competition. Oh well, I seriously don't know lahh XDDD

I am very ok with teaming up with Chiko or Shin.....since all of us are housemate after all. But still, let's see who I am better teaming up with lahh xDDDD

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