AFAMY, an event to remeber as a helper

I have been doing helper job since 2009 anicom, so I always think I am able to pull a nice skit of with my acting but thanks to the huge disappointment I got at C2age when I lost to a Miku who is not even original and complete.....a huge big arrow pierce through me hard time.....but, I am glad that....Sky mama and Narukids haha-ue both of them still believe in me....choose me as their backstage helper when there are alot of people suits the category....that itself already boost up my confident abit..
And here, I saw this big stage of AFAMY.....I keep on thinking, when will be my turn to stand at the big stage ?? and this boost me even more....the Zawawi siblings who started just recently already able to stand there and do one epic awesome skit. I feel beaten and at the same time, I want to join more competition. I know this I cannot fully blame my so-called "partner" who never even work together to do props with audio know where I will go if I started ranting, so I better stop here. 
I helped my mama, Sky in his skit as backstage helper to set up all the props but sadly the main one doesn't go smoothly, the wind on the stage was strong and that props unable to stand still. But lucky, we have Kuro who is another helper of Sky to ninja the prop to stand. And this photo is my brother Xajin handshake with my mama Sky....I was thinking also when will be my turn go compete against them in the same stage and level. XDDD
This are some few photos I took together with the guest stars.

you know what, I so gona join the competition next year. Ya, that's a promise.

But what I want to say is there is chibi behind me keep on pushing me to go where I can go but I refuse to go with the reason "I'm not able to go" but she keep on push me there plus the things that happen during this event makes me change my mind. I will improve myself and one day I will compete with all I got. ^^

Thank You Bii aka Prince Xiao Rain aka XiaoRain aka my darling ^^ muacks, I Love You and thanks for stand by me and support me so much. Without you, I don't think I can reach this level also. ^^

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