CNY eve speech~

well well~~after the basquash post i din post anything i decided to post tis after the CNY eve..i will b super busy until *maybe* canot ya~~~
to all Chinese !!! happy CNY !!!
n also happy valentine day too ^^
n lastly for my rui/rin/maka/nia akak Vivian Chong deardear~~~i miss u n love u ^^


well well~~~wat a memory...after watch BASQUASH, a kinda new anime related to basketball *the continue legend of slam dunk n dear boys* but....tis time is differ from the laz 2 basketball anime i jz stated....tis basketball anime is waaaayyyyy toooooooo technologi d !!! THEY USE A FREAKING HUGE GIANT ROBOT TO PLAY BASKETBALL...or btw the robot is call Bigfoot !!! tis robot is oso very advance too....they wear NIKE shoes !!! cool rite ?? xDDD
here is the poster for the anime ^^ o...btw i plan to cosplay iceman hotty *point the blue hair dude at the left* but duno can pull it off tat dude is toooo bishie for me ><|| but i like his "DESTROY BALL" XPPPP
oi~~~slam dunk !!!! sure is memory for how i try to ply basketball when i was in secondary xDDD