Happy birthday,WeN

Ohai....bloggie...how are you,man ? Do u miss me ?? hahaha....let's cut the joke here ^^
Woohoo....time sure is passing us fast...i m now stepping foot into the world of 20....is the end of my secondary life as a secondary student....i m going into the life of an adult teenager d....haiizz....*drink tea but the bottle there writing "tiger"*
anyway, my day is tomorrow but i write this today cuz tomorrow i wont be online >A<>so.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WeN !!! now u are officially a 20 year old adult !!! ehhh....wait....20 year old but still 15 year old STUDENT !!!!
Deardear can u smile like this?? i will nosebleed until very syok XDDDD
Deardear, i wish you can just stay at my shoulder like this =3
If this happens, this will be my best present of all, dear ^^

Lastly, this....i want deardear to feed me xPPPP