Day 2/Last day for the week at Dei's Workshop [Saturday] - Working Time

The next day, we wake up at 8pm....everyone go get ready until 9pm...we went to chill at dei's room watching some touhou video at youtube then hadi,aaron n dei went out to buy material n breakfast/lunch for us....
So, chiko,me n randy is called to move on make the props out 1st....then we make the 1st layer out...and since we duno the next step...we went back to the room to rest awhile...then later hadi they all come we have our breakfast/lunch n some relaxing chat....after that, everyone starts working on the props...
Around 3 or 4 like this, Bill came n join us in the workshop....and everyone just....working and of cuz we got do some weird jokes and laugh while doing props....^^ n of cuz at late midnight, we went back to cyberjaya ^^ tells it all anyway xDDD
me working
hadi working
chiko working
dei, our "lecturer" working
aaron workingrandy working
end product of the gungnir spear head
end product of the day xD
semua sedang busy working XD
my best prop i even make until now ^^
for more photos, visit here:

Day 1 at Dei's Workshop [Friday] - A LOST day

oh well...time to update my bloggie with very interesting happening on friday (yester yesterday) n saturday(yesterday)
we(me,aaron,hadi,randy n chiko) decided to go to dei's house to make 1st, we want to went out at 2pm but hadi friday kena delay until 2.30pm so we depart...and on the way to dei's house, we got lost when finding dei's house.
Still, we manage to find dei's house after gone sesat for 3 hourz...we reach dei's house around 5pm....then we rest awhile and have a chat with dei,jun n sean...after tat, dei cook pasta for all of us to eat....after tat, we work on our props abit and we went to find xajin for his event (and yes we are lost again for 3hourz)....everything went ok at the start but ending something happen.....==||| lazy to let's go on.....
then we went back to dei's house and on the way we are lost again....==||| once we reach dei's house, we all ar we sit down and listen to dei,sean,jun n dai tell their story...very nice to listen n hav a good time laughing too xDD
Around 2am like this, we all went to sleep....n of cuz...we joke within ourselves in the room until at one point, everyone just ter-tido...xDDD
the gate of the workshop [meiling not there]
the door to the bedroom
bedroom xDDD

1st class...1st WTF moment XD or i rather say just now was my 1st class of my's call Design Process for Digital Media. The teacher is okok...i able to make myself stay awake but is truly a WTF moment just now. Why i say is a WTF moment ? Now i tell you. usual...student come class....teacher come and start class = normal....but the lecturer suddenly say "i want to know my students more, so let have a ice-breaking time. Everyone tell me all about you and show me a video that you feel like is about yourself" So, everyone is like so gan chiong want to intro themself, i was like "want meh ? lazy la...faster finish then go makan, i wan balik rumah" so when is my turn, i went out and intro lo xD
WeN: Hi, my name is Cheng Khai Wen, 1081101572....
Lecturer: 108110 ?!
WeN: yes i m 108110...i delay my study
Lecturer: ok..continue...
WeN: i like japanese anime, or i rather say naruto or bleach or one piece, so that everyone will understand what is it. I like to cosplay too. Fyi, Cosplay is Costume you dress up as your favorite character and bring out their characteristic feeling out into real life.
Whole Class: ........ *Muka semacam*
WeN: Here is my video about myself.

Lecturer and Whole Class: OAO
Lecturer: OMG ?! What is that video ALL ABOUT ?!?!
WeN: the character inside the video is all Touhou Project Character...The Video is all about a person who always fighting and the person is strong but there is only one person that the person cant win....HERSELF as for me...MYSELF.
Lecturer: *stunned* You ARE insane !!!! I never met a student like this b4 !!!
WeN: i end already...may i go back to my seat ?
Lecturer: yes u may....*stunned face looking at me*
After that, end class....the whole class is still
And I was like

new journey of life

A "relaxing" sem break arrived, i went home to work...too bad i cant take photo while i boss will get angry TT__TT anyway, there are some photos about me at penang =) but mostly is gundams xDDD
a lonely bird outside my house every morning i wake up OAO.
Actually i would like to say It's been a while since i come back to penang. 3 months i didnt go back due to university stuff happening. During at penang, is fun to be home but somehow some part of me is telling that i am in the prison of parents again....but who cares at least they are happy to see their son back home healthy.
At penang, most of my time i am working to gain money and i also do other stuff like online and accompany my beloved 1 =) I even become a temporary teacher for my little brother who is standard 3 and preparing for his exam when i was at home. My rusty PSX n PS2 i also went to re-new them by playing some old game =3 *Chrono Cross's CD burn half way...i ish sad TT___TT*
But the most funniest thing my mom ever did when i go back to penang is calling/forcing me to build the gundam she bought for my little brother. Well is not your ordinary gundam, is SD Gundam Zhao Yun and yes my akatsuki is still shiny gold...i was shocked since i borrow my little brother play with my akatsuki when i was in cyberjaya. Ok, cut the time...anyway that's all folks ^^
Gundam Zhao Yun
Un-armored Zhao Yun
Full armor with horse mode
Being the battle !!
Shiny PikaPika Blink Blink Gold Akatsuki xDD
Although is an old gundam i have, but it looks like a new 1 to me xD
Last but not least, the ugly little me with izaya's hair style xDDD