~~~About My Nicknames~~~

Okie~~~since i din update my blog~~nw is the time cuz is my 1 n onli rest time~~wakakka
well~~i have many nicknames~~n all got the meaning 1~~so~~lala~~i will state here la~~wakaka
My Nicknames
1)KiD-Hehe tis is my name when i first time use in Internet n tat time i veri childish
2)MoNkEy BoY(GoKu)-I use when i play basketball~~~cuz jump veri high tat time
3)AgIt0-I admire him when i watch "Air Gear" n tat time i dam evil de lor~~
4)XioN-Cuz i m evil~~n "bloody roar 3" got 1 charater is ultimately evil named "Xion"~~so i use lor~~~hahaha
5)Ueki-I use tis nick cuz i tat time watch "Law of Ueki" n plying SDO~~cant think of a name~~lolxz
6)K-Death Note freak tat time~~~cuz i like 2 act as L~~~hehe~~~watashiwa K des!!!
7)DeAtH XioN-it meanz the reborn of XioN(No.4)...i juz add 1 "death" in front cuz my cousin use it...(itz soundz like a guild..haha)
8)WeN-i come to MMU den use tis name de~~~hehe~~actually is my REAL nickname(Khai Wen is my name)
9)DoubleA A3 paper-erm~~how 2 said ler~~i called tis name cuz i boro too many A3 paper from my friend~~wakakka~~tatz y kena call lor~~~
10)阿蚊- Nw my friends call me tis name~~tis is cause by my name~~~凯文is my chinese name den let me show u the magic~~~i use "阿文" as my nick~~add 1 "虫" to my "文"
tatz where my nickname comes~~~
~~~thx 4 view~~~

About ME~~~b4 enter MMU n after enter MMU


How to start tis post???i very bad at describing myself plus tis is the1st time i write a blog....

okie~~~My name is Cheng Khai Wen....my nicknames are "double A A3 paper", "Mosquito" etc. but i prefer people call me "Wen"...FCM Alpha year....in what school??OF COURSE in MMU...

i m nw 18 lor~~still no gf~~blablabla~~~okeyyy~~b4 i enter MMU~~~i study in CLHS which means Chung Ling High School( Clock Sprit High School ) a school full of GHOST(!?) story plus the name oso sound like ghost~~~

After i enter MMU~~the 1st SENIOR i noe is.....MR INJURED(Nath Wong)~~~lalalala~~~i noe him bcuz i n my friend make jokes out of HIM~~~he wana take photo on us the whole group sleeping but at the moment he wana take~~we all wake up and laugh~~~wakakakka~~~nw he is kinda my BEST friend~~wakakkaa~~~~

I'm a Buddhist and my birthday is 4 June. So tis make me a Gemini, and many of the characteristic of Gemini is same as me...but not the "double face" characteristic....Well...I'm hyperactive, childish, insane, happy-go-lucky, optimistic (to a stupid level MOST of the time) and friends described me as "Siao Kia"(in english is Crazy Kid) c tis is wat my friends write bout me in the graduted students comment: Class 5SC3 Student Number 7: CHENG KHAI WEN (SIAO KIA) – Tis guy here can only use two words to describe him, Ultra Hyperactive. When doing wadeva things like study, do homework n even sports, he is also kinda siao one. Just like the one mentioned above, his basketball n football also very siao one n his energy is almost unlimited, never c him go tired be4 one. Anime Freak~~ultra crazy 1 anime freak !!!
His favorite sentence:“Lai lai lai~~lelong lelong~~comic~~comic~~1 book RM1 ....2 books RM2...dun wan watch go die la~~~muahahaha”

Okeyy~~i luv to play games(ALMOST every games i play before but all oso lose de)~~~i just love to play games~~~like DotA, GunZ, RO, SDO-X(M'sia ver n China ver) etc. Arcade i also got play~~i even have a "Initial D" ver. 3 and 4 card~~so who got play "Initial D" when free we can go race~~i am a super-otaku freak~~most of the time you will saw me sitting down watch anime or comic or sometimes learning how to speak japanese and i also collect figure that cost me ALOT !!! If not mistaken, around RM2000+++ i spend on my figure collection~~~(i still didn't count my spending on anime staff like comic or anime DVD yet)Well...i think i will stop here...hope you guys like this blog....and i hope we can all be friend...don't be scare to be friend with me...i am not "Sephiroth"(those who played or watch "Final Fantasy 7" will know what kind of person is "Sephiroth")~~i am "Cloud Strife"(just kidding)

~~~i hope i can cosplay as him~~~

~~~Welcome to my blog~~~

Gok Wai Hiong Chan Fu Lou...Xiu Dai Gam Yak Dai Yak Qi Xay Blog...Hei Mong Gok Wai Do Do Ji Ci Ha...Do Jie!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen...Welcome to the 1st post of my blog...This is still a new blog...so nothing can be seen yet...so...wait patience...just like me....Thank You!!!

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, selamat datang ke blog adik yang pertama adik buat ini...blog ini masih dalam perkembangan...jadi masih tiada apa-apa yang boleh anda tengok dalam blog ini...jadi...tunggu la dengan sabar...Terima kasih!!!

私のLifeの第1 blog への女性及び紳士....Welcome はこれ新しいblogまだである従って何もけれども... 従って... 待ち時間の忍耐見ることができない。有賀とございます!!!
(sorry...the japanese part i still not so sure is correct or not...if wrong 4give me...)

eham~~~okie~~~i post tis post cuz~~i dun wan my blog looks so empty~~but i will updated it~~ASAP~~~sooo wait patience la~~~i will updated de~~~i swear !!!

Do Jie!!!


Thank You!!!

Terima Kasih!!!

有賀とございます(arigato gozaimasu)!!!