Random Dating day XDD

On 16 Feb, actually I have not thing to do at Cyberjaya, then suddenly my brother, Xajin called me and offer me to go find my girlfriend, Rain at Ampang. So, yeah Xajin come up to Cyberjaya and brought me to Ampang.

Along the way, we got lost abit n thanks to my stupidity in directions, we get even more lost then have to call Rain for SOS. Lucky for us, we are lost not far from her house. Then we reach d, pick her up then we went to the nearby cafe, MOMO cafe there to have supper and then we play a new board game that Xajin bought.

I lose in that game badly XD well, is a very nice board game, all depends on luck and ALOT of thinking XDD after we finish the board game, Xajin send me n Rain back to her house. At her house, we hangout at her brother's room, which is the place where i have to sleep for the night.

We watch, talk, msn, play until have nothing to play, so we went on to play "pull the bulu". So, Rain and her brother use duct tape and tape it on my leg and pull it until one point, the tape doesn't pull off my leg hair anymore, then we stop and went to bed.

Then the next morning, I was woke up by Rain and her dogs (sowiie for being a sleepy-head, biii><), we went to KLCC on the 17 Feb. 1st, Rain wants to do survey for her assignment and 2nd is we want to go kinokuniya to use our RM 200 book voucher to buy books. So, after reaching at KLCC, we went for breakfast and Rain meet her friend there too. So, we went to kinokuniya and buy books. After buying, we went to survey around, walk walk around and having fun abit =D

Then when almost 6pm, we went depart from KLCC and i sended Rain and her brother to Cempaka Station and wait until they both get up the bus then only I went back to cyberjaya.

It's was a very very happy day ^^ although i not being myself (the hyperactive side), but i m truly happy that i am able to go for a date together with my girlfriend. ^^

Next time, I will be as myself when go dating with you ya, biii ^^
my drawing during valentine day ^^
sorry bii, during valentine day, i unable to be with you. But 16 and 17 i hope it can replace valentine day =) muacks, i love you, Rain ^^

Dei's Housewarming ^^

5 February, DeidaraGS invite us to his new house for a mini-housewarming, but sadly it meet up with Randy's Exam time and Chiko don't feel like following because Randy is not going. So, left me and Shin who went to the housewarming.

On the morning that day, Shin didn't sleep at all while me is actually half-asleep. We plan to go out on 8.30am but we kind of leave the house at 9.30am. Lucky for us, we manage to reach Ampang Station and also lucky for us, Gems is pick us up to Dei's new house because we don't how to go with public transport.

Before Gems pick us, she went to pick up my chibi biibii, Rain ^^ after that, we went to pick up Gyps too and reach Dei's house quite early. We sit and chitchat for a while, play some card awhile, then we went to play in the swimming pool.

We play quite long time in the swimming pool and went up to eat pizza but it not enough for me and Shin didnt get to eat at all since he went to sleep. Thanks to Gems again, who brought me n Shin to buy McD to eat.

Lastly, of cz I want to say thank you to my chibi biibii la~~*hug u* thanks for the day ya, I have so much fun together with you. I hope we can go out dating soon again ^^ Muacks, I love you, Rain ^^
currently, we both are having fever, I hope my chibi biiibii, Rain recover ASAP .///. muacks

I kind of did it again

aikss, looks like I did a mistake again. I made my si chibi yang comel tu angry on me. I somehow have no idea what have I did wrong but I admit is my fault. I don't know how to cheer you up and I don't know the correct and fancy words to say to you. But....

Baby I am sorry and I LOVE YOU very much.
no matter how down/unhappy or angry at me, I will always be there to catch you and greet or cheer you up with a smile.