A veri FARK UP day !!! damit !!!

25 oktober....is my "BEST" trip bak to cyberjaya !!! i repeat !! "BEST" !!! actually tat day morning i wake up at 7am i alrdy feel veri annoyed d !!! cuz there is a vocaloid photoshoot HAPPENING IN MMU CYBERJAYA !!! MY DAM FUCKING SCHOOL !!!!
den ok...nvm...ray tell me i can arrive late...but not too late.....so ok la......den when i go to airport...wana start my journey to rush there.....mana tau the airasia girl say tis to me "soli boy, your airplane has juz depart at 7.30am !! u din receive the inform ke ??" i was like "ya...i online 24hourz din receive any email from u airasia"....den she say "ok ok...nvm nvm...i change your flight to afternoon flight la...morning flight no more d.....afternoon flight is 3pm"....i was like " WTF ?!!?!?"
so ya....i m stuck at the airport doin ntg but drawing....damit !!! i miss everything !!! i miss the photoshoot !!! i miss levan polka !!! i miss caramaldansen !!! i miss hetalia march !!! I FUCKING MISS THE FUN !!!!!
eham.....no mood to read d...so i end here la....
"tis is your piss off customer, WeN here....i would like to represent the crewmember to say thank you and hope u have a 'FUCKING NICE" trip wif airasia...thank you"
P/S: Female WeN win against Male WeN n KaI....so sometimes i act like a girl dun scold me ya......cuz my mum yell at me when i acting like a girl durin my sem break XPPP my present for air asia !!! a middle finger !!!!
tis is wat i draw la at the airport TwT.....
the nite b4 tis fark up day.....i try on another wig....which let me mum yell at me ><
bwahahahaha~~~~later my wedding is i m the bride....my future wife is the bridegroom....omg ?!?!? 1 epic wedding xDDD
*sumting pop up durin i was thinking how to draw the "female wen"*

Boring day....lalala~~~

well.... after my stopping on working for money, i stay at home la<---dam of cuz d la !!! so i hav ntg to do...cuz u noe...my younger bro who studying standard 2 wana study ma.....so i canot ply my PS 2....juz can open my lappie in my room.....haizzz....i come up wif the idea of drawing >.<
wiiii.....after search for picture for outline la of cuz !!!! i start to draw....dam i wan a tablet la....using mouse to draw is dam hard !!! argh !!! at 1st i wana draw kamina,viral,simon(adult) n nia.....but i end up drawing the teenager simon n nia.....cuz the adult 1....kinda hard <--- noobie me >.<

n yea !!! after using 2 dayz n a half day.....i finish up the outline onli.....n kinda lazy to shade or colour d....xPPP...wat can i do....i m a lazy guy....xDDDD

here is the picture la xDDDD....quite noob....cuz alot of tracing.....>.< Den i ntg to do....i do it like a comic like tis lor xDDDD
Ok.....the story is like tis....

a normal school boy,simon start to go to school of cuz to study.....n his "aniki",Kamina is reborn wif an unknown reason...but still creating chaos xDDD...nia who oso reborn study in the same school as simon plus viral end up becoming a teacher n teaching in the same school as simon n nia........*randomly pop out 1 la XDDDD*

The picture's talking:
Kamina (Staring Taka): Hmph....noe how to act cool alrdy....u bastard beastman....
Viral (Staring Xajin): Huh ?!?! wat u looking at ?? u naked monkey !!
Simon (Staring WeN) : *notice something* Huh ?!?! when did Viral start smoking ??
Nia (Staring Vivi-dear) : Simon.....Huh ?!!? Kamina nii chan n Viral sensei ?? y boy all nid to act soo differ 1 ???

At the end of the day.....i get my new wig !!! wiiii~~~~~
Yosuke Hanamura !!!! wii...but still nid taka's or xajin's help to style it....XDDD

TAF- the chaos of the school

*coughcough* wooo~~~i din update my blog for like....4 or 5 weekz i think.....well here comes the bigbigbig update now !!! TAF n 3 report on anicom bwahahahaha~~~

ok !!! TAF story coming up !!!!
well well.....i duno wat to cosplay to TAF actually....durin my packing...i feel to bring the black/original Cloud Strife costume go to TAF 1....but too bad...is in the dobi....><
ok .... here goes the story of Cloud Strife's Student Dayzzz.....
Virgil---> the teacher
Cloud---> the bad boy in class
Tamaki---> the good boy in class
Kyon---> the "watever" boy in class
Eien---> the headmaster xDDD

Virgel: ok...sit down Virgel: CLASS STARTS NOW !!!! *sword play-ing*

Virgel: i hav ntg to say...nw go out the class.....CLASS DISMISSED !!!! oi !!! both of u !! jom keluar !!!!

Cloud: Let's c wat the teacher giv me as my assignment....Cloud: *stoned* go to TAF wif tamaki n vergil sensei !?!??

so wat can cloud do...juz folo vergil sensei and tamaki go to TAF le....once we arrive at the hall....the 1 thing we do is...... tamaki: Cloud !!! look a pretty girl !!!
Cloud: Where got ??? cheh...is not even pretty as tifa....
Vergil: Good...i agree is not even sexy as trish oso....
Cloud: Sensei !! wat's wrong wif tis guy ??
Ichigo: ARRRGGGHHH !!!!
Vergil: i will stand by when it goes wrong *acting cuz headmaster is beside*
Tamaki: c Cloud..my charm can kill a man's heart too !!!
Cloud: OMGWTFBBQ ?!??!
Random mafia: ......
When there is a class trip....there muz b a group photo xDDDD Mr.Mario is in da house....so we kinda get interest on wat he perform there xDDD
the potato empreror...welcome us to the country but...sensei looks weird here xDDD
3 of us plan to plant potato but fail xDDD
here is the main event.....n we spot our classmate kyon boy here !!!!
henshin pose....even random photographer of the sch, ike oso join in !!! baka kyon pose xDD if vergil sensei saw us.....he will b veri happy xDDD
we go crazy until.....erm....neko guy(!?) come n tell us....to dun distrub...wakakakaka~~~*jkjk*
vergil: alrite...boys....we ar the judge of the day....so...
the voice turns out to b 3 kawaii girls......
Cloud: OMGWTFBBQ !?!?!?!? so....cloud n tamaki end up on the backstage to join the competition
Voice: your id plz...
Cloud: here !!!
Voice: nw answer the question !!! wat is sephiroth's real name ???
Cloud: WAT !??!!? erm....is not in the book of FF7 history
Voice: Wat a loser !!!
Cloud: WAT !?!?? u picking a fight ????
Cloud: my punishment act cute to promote food = = amazingly...me n tamaki(my brother) found out our papa n mama oso at TAF....
the brothers of blonde hair *looking at the hair*
Naruto: i wan tat sakura plushie !!!
Cloud: oi !!! wait until u find your iruka sensei....den u call him buy la !!!

haha~~~the story of cloud ends wif vergil pulling cloud's ears to the bus...n bring him bak to the school xDDDDD
PSP !!! around the world !!!!
Kamen Rider PSP gather !!!
prepare to henshin !!!
beat....win all of us !!!! omg ?!?!?
tis pic kinda....lol lor XDDD
every1 wake up wana beat the hell out of beat !!!
argh !!?!?!?! rider punch !!!
hhy 1st dance section xDDD
final pose !!!!


TO BE HONEST !!!! I WAN TIS T-SHIRT !!!! ARGH ?!?!?!?!?