Cf day 2 - 20 dec !!!

fuuu ~~~ fuuu ~~~ to b all n hadi wake up den we go the sunway wif onli the 2 of us....cuz chiko n exo is sleep death....while we ya....
den i was put into the security division cuz day 1 i din do my job veri well >.<||| soli ><>
well~~~jz like day 1....walkiing around wif TEAM CRUSHER !!! the AG team space n beat create !! wander until like 1pm like tis.....chiko n me ask hadi to drive us bak to cyberjaya....for wat u ask ??? FOR THE MATAFARKER BAKA EXAM LA !!!! well....i use 45 minutes to finish answer the exam paper....but to tell the truth....i juz use 15 minutes....cuz i tertido for like 30 minute ?? xDDDD
after tat !! chiko plan to dress hadi ya....we dress hadi up as a trap....xDDDD den hadi drive us to sunway as a trap....on the way to sunway....ppl keep on look at hadi n me one kinda....hadi is trap while i m wearing the domo-kun hat wif googles on xDDDD
den at the ending there.....we all jz kinda go crazy !!! we dance 10 songs STRAIGHT !!! after the caramaldansen finish, wat is love come...even BEAT IT oso dance !!! woo hoo !!! we end the event wif the dance CIRNO PERFECT MATH's CLASS !!! n ya !!! we oso celebrate deru's(i think is spell like tis) birthday, one of the CF committee ^^ after tat....we hav a free dinner...n some arcade den cabut balik tido la xDDD veri 1st cosplay plan...Minami Ikki !!!
BEATCAM !!! i mean AG cam xDDD
Victory pose xDDD
our gang....kazu disappear xia xDDD
for some reason....i look cold here XDDDD
when Air Gear meets huge milk !!!
ikki n kazu....acting cool ??
hang out hang out XDDD.....
ultrawomen join the storm too ^^
tis is after i come bak after my exam....the ultimate challenge...Storm King VS gun ?
let's get the party starting !!! the ending of CF actually ><
wall of cosplayer....xDDDD
actually we ar caramaldansen-ing xDDD
gone crazy d xDDD
wat is love !!!
ok....tis is my noob breakdance....thx god i learn abit durin secondary xDDD
happy birthday to u ^^

WHAT !!!! CF END D !!!! NOOOOoooooo~~~~
actually CF is......*shown above.....*

Cf day 1- 19 Dec !!!!!

lolxz.....i kinda lazy to update wei...but ya.....still nid to update la....xDDDD
well....IT'S FINALLY CF !!!! WOOOHOOOO !!!! well thx to hadi who drive us(me,chiko n exo) down to sunway early in the morning.....btw there is something bad happen b4 i rather not say it la.....bah ~~~
alrite... so....after we arrive...we straight find potter~~~den after everything is done...i go change to mizumachi kengo(eyeshield 21) den went out...i saw beat,satan,ikki they all alrdy in their uniform sit down chitchat.....while waiting for sena aka hani to come to "rescue" my wig aka hair >.<
den...i COD my ouran high school jacket wif Guki ^^ it fits me nicely ^^ den went i was keeping the jacket into my bag....Guki suddenly shout "hi..Vivi"...den i look bak...n saw my deardear ^^< typical reply "Yo.." XDDD
den Sena arrive...."rescue" my wig d....den we full team is set to go !!! wooohooo !!! hut hut hut hut ~~~ den go in the hall some group shoot for the visitor...den is my time to go work....cuz gems call me to help ok la....leave the team....den my dear say he headache...while in karin i teman her the whole time la....
of cuz...i saw my dear dear is kinda suffering i suggest to change.....den i oso go change...Kagene Rei...the shadow of kagamine len xDDDD wait for deardear....den hav some photos ^^ den go in the hall again.....
the funny part is i went to stage there to help out....but suddenly i heard the emcee said something bout Dai_Spammerz n called us to get ready....I was like "EH ????" when i look at deardear...she oso "Huh ?!?!?!" Den of cuz rushed to Taka's booth but he was not there. I panicly asked Kimiko to phone Taka, but his phone was at the booth den best bet d la.....went to find other members lucky some were at the side of the stage alrdy.....phew....><
1st dance love n joy....all dai_spammerz member onli....den 2nd dance....once solomon join in....the flash mod begins....every1 starts to get up stage n dance....den the laz dance thx to yuo, caramaldansen ~~~ every1 jz rush up the stage !!! woohooo !!!! den after tat, is kimiko's birthday bash...we hav dinner at pasta zanmai....nomnom....den thx to hadi who send us bak to cyber la xDDDD
b4 CF starts we go hav a steambot party xDDD
tis is where we all gather outside....while my deardear not yet arrive >.<
crazy mizumachi....i m boring actually xDDD

Eyeshield 21 team japan ^^
after changing to kagene rei~~~wooohooo~~~
beat's camwhore....aka beatwhore xDDD

tis is dai_spammerz performance which make every1 go crazy ^^

Emina Halloween Trip Day 2 end phrase

1st kena wake up by deardear's alarm clock~~~but still sleep bak...sleep until 8.30am...hadi n tasha sms me to call me get rdy....juz we all(me,dear,mamoru n kyon) done rdy....hadi run to my house door n say "the bus is here" so we go hav a nice...yes !!! NICE !!! breakfast....
durin makan there.....we saw gems "KO-ed" sleeping while every1 is eating....XDDDD fast fast onli....after havin breakfast.....on the way bak to villa....we saw our mmu cyber bus !!! omg ?!?!? den we go get our stuff la.....den say good bye to the melaka ppl terutamanya faz, the VP of emina melaka !!! u roxx man !!! i hav fun hanging out wif u !!
den we head to zend's villa....get a group photo....den zend n beat chow....exo folo us bak to the bus ya...every1 is KO-ed.....sleep until we reach streetmall.....den at stad building there....fazri n kamil giv the farewell speech....den every1 say bye bye lu~~~n of cuz i hug my dear n say to her...we will meet veri soon....dun b sad ><.....of cuz i run like prevent my heart to break down la....den i go to chiko's house....cuz hadi sending our stuff ya....helping hadi on his "archer costume" den get the emina stuff secured at his room....den he send me bak to my house la....den i oso duno wat to whole body juz laying on the bed...
lay until chiko call me for dinner.....den onli i get up go dinner wif chiko n ran la.....finish makan....cabut balik.....spam msn awhile...den fall a sleep infront of the computer.....end day~~~ the onli photo i get while i n dear cosplay.....[me as injured cloud stife n dear as red haired evil/emo meido]
as i say b4...when there is a trip....there will b a group photo
in the bus on the way bak to cyber ^^
photo credit to ian....n 1 of the emina melaka ppl...n exo who take the photo xDDD

Emina Halloween Trip Day 1

i kena morning wake up by the melaka ppl....n oso morning sms by kamil !! so ya...we wake up hav ourselves rdy....kya !! juz buy the jacket....terus can use d up wif charlene n group....sit the "bus" aka banana the club house makan the "kinda-look-a-like-left-over-food" xDDDD well since we ar late so ya...canot cakap byk~~~
den we go to the entrance of all fun....waterpark n safari park....but we can go to safari park for free onli...waterpark nid to pay a "wat-the-fuck" expensive fees (RM40)......we wandered around the safari park like those kinagarden children like tis (aaa...look a buaya !!! aaaa !!!) n watch animal show which start half way d....cute n funny 1 was the rat which make dear dear laugh so cheerfully....we were there until lunch hour then headed to Club House again for lunch buffet again !!!
tis time the buffet quite nice !! dam !! is free n is delicious !!! dam !!! i eat like a mad guy like tis....nomnomnomnomnom~~~den mieko show up....i keep veri silent until she din notice me....den i suddenly shout" MAK CIK~~~~"....she terus say "FUCK"....xDDDDD
den...we all leave n go bak to our villas....i changed my swimming gears up d....waiting for mamoru onli.....n kyon is watching the melaka ppl plying ps 2....while deardear is changing i think.....i stand at the door there....den suddenly hadi run pass me n jump into my pool....den of cuz i canot tahan d....terus jump la !!! stupid mamoru.....dun dare to jump into the water...until we all force him to jump !!! after deardear oso jump in....we go zend's villa !!! when we arrive they alrdy in the pool...den i jump in....actually no 1 noe is me....dam....until zend n edo say "'s WeN !!! WeN is here !!! " den every1 start Splashing WATER....i kena raped by gem TwT....
reach 3pm every1 chow la....cuz 4pm got rehearsal which din look like a rehearsal....but who cares.....after tat, dinner den cabut balik stand by d la.....1st we went to Chiko's villa to get some bandage n make up a bit den continue at Zend's villa to get fake blood....den we go cowboy town for the party la of cuz.....crazying around the whole nite....den cabut balik villa la....bath....den go visit la zend's villa (of cuz we jump int the pool awhile den onli go visit).....ply ps3...shisha...talking around....until dei say ply la siren.....den we close all the light again....den ply la....deardear is sitting beside ya....i hug her to make her feel safety while they ply the horror game....but mamoru who wanted to c the game....slepted XDDDDD
den ok la....cabut la balik door...every1 is sleep end day la xDDDD

Emina Halloween Trip Day 0

after a looong wait.....n planning on who i wana cosplay at the finally arrive !!!! THE A FAMOSA EMINA CYBER-MELAKA HALLOWEEN TRIP !!!! a boring day at the morning.....cuz i wake up at around 1pm like tis....den my class at 2pm like tis.....den me, charlene n angie (of cuz some of us la) ponteng tat class to go alamanda to get our final stuff for the halloween
n yes !!! WE AR MALAYSIAN !!! WE AR LATE !!! n soli hadi for making a mass in your car >.<....anyway....i meet up wif every1 la....zend,dei,fazri,gems(kyaa !!! thx gem for the soul jacket !!!), wgfai aka kyon n mamoru(tis 2 a...kyon n mamoru duno y la....come to mmu so early den freak themself out ><)....n of cuz my dear dear ^^ (mamoru's plan of surpise me FAIL !!! FAIL GILA !!!! but stilll i m happy to c her ^^ 1437 ne dear~~~)
i oso duno wana say wat la !! cuz once we up n say hi to every1....the bus arrive d ><....den i spent my time sleeping in the bus (but of cuz at the beginning every1 is dam hyper...sing song la...makiing jokes la).....den suddenly je arrive at melaka d....n here every1 start to do some "epic lame joke" xDDDD
once we get down the rain...RAIN !!! of cuz meet up wif the other emina melaka friends like edo,exo etc etc~~~n yes !! WE NID SUGAR !!! RAWR !!! after makan, we go bak to villa...n for some reason....we change villa !!! edo thx for being the driver !! ^^ ya...we get in the villa....saw the melaka ppl alrdy plying their PS 2 n mahjong....wooohooo~~~den we go "visit" our room la of cuz....den funny stuff happens....
me n vivi dear dear~~go in a room which is hav 2 bed....we put our stuff d....mana tau tis baka mamoru oso put his luggage in the room too.....den of cuz i said "oi , go out la.." I cant imagine vivi dear with Kyon in the same room !!! dam stupid baka mamoru !!!
den we settle down all the a while.....den we go visit charlene's villa which is juz beside us.....cuz we plan to go zend's villa together.....but due to raining...n every1 is tired due to the i say we go bak our villa for today la....mana tau at my villa, the melaka ppl stay plying ps me,kyon n mamoru join in too....deardear juz sit beside me....^^
n yes !!! hadi !!! kamil !!! b regretz !! terutamanya U !!! hadi !! change villa la !! xDDD.....thx to kyon who suggested to ply fate stay night unlimited code !!! we all ply la of cuz.....den i defeated kyon by using berserker !!! wiii wii wii~~~xDDDD.....we hav fun until late night....mamoru say he wana c the fatal frame ok la...change lor....den i rmb tat deardear afraid of ghost i told her to go sleep 1st to prevent her to get nightmare.....
so ya....ply the fatal frame wif all lights closed.....but stilll i duno y...i juz feel boring n every1 juz laugh through out the game ><.....den they change to "sengaku basara" i juz feel boring...n go to sleep lu....

A veri FARK UP day !!! damit !!!

25 my "BEST" trip bak to cyberjaya !!! i repeat !! "BEST" !!! actually tat day morning i wake up at 7am i alrdy feel veri annoyed d !!! cuz there is a vocaloid photoshoot HAPPENING IN MMU CYBERJAYA !!! MY DAM FUCKING SCHOOL !!!!
den ok...nvm...ray tell me i can arrive late...but not too ok la......den when i go to airport...wana start my journey to rush there.....mana tau the airasia girl say tis to me "soli boy, your airplane has juz depart at 7.30am !! u din receive the inform ke ??" i was like "ya...i online 24hourz din receive any email from u airasia"....den she say "ok ok...nvm nvm...i change your flight to afternoon flight la...morning flight no more d.....afternoon flight is 3pm"....i was like " WTF ?!!?!?"
so ya....i m stuck at the airport doin ntg but drawing....damit !!! i miss everything !!! i miss the photoshoot !!! i miss levan polka !!! i miss caramaldansen !!! i miss hetalia march !!! I FUCKING MISS THE FUN !!!!! mood to read i end here la....
"tis is your piss off customer, WeN here....i would like to represent the crewmember to say thank you and hope u have a 'FUCKING NICE" trip wif airasia...thank you"
P/S: Female WeN win against Male WeN n sometimes i act like a girl dun scold me ya......cuz my mum yell at me when i acting like a girl durin my sem break XPPP my present for air asia !!! a middle finger !!!!
tis is wat i draw la at the airport TwT.....
the nite b4 tis fark up day.....i try on another wig....which let me mum yell at me ><
bwahahahaha~~~~later my wedding is i m the future wife is the bridegroom....omg ?!?!? 1 epic wedding xDDD
*sumting pop up durin i was thinking how to draw the "female wen"*

Boring day....lalala~~~

well.... after my stopping on working for money, i stay at home la<---dam of cuz d la !!! so i hav ntg to do...cuz u younger bro who studying standard 2 wana study i canot ply my PS 2....juz can open my lappie in my room.....haizzz....i come up wif the idea of drawing >.<
wiiii.....after search for picture for outline la of cuz !!!! i start to draw....dam i wan a tablet la....using mouse to draw is dam hard !!! argh !!! at 1st i wana draw kamina,viral,simon(adult) n nia.....but i end up drawing the teenager simon n nia.....cuz the adult 1....kinda hard <--- noobie me >.<

n yea !!! after using 2 dayz n a half day.....i finish up the outline onli.....n kinda lazy to shade or colour d....xPPP...wat can i do....i m a lazy guy....xDDDD

here is the picture la xDDDD....quite noob....cuz alot of tracing.....>.< Den i ntg to do....i do it like a comic like tis lor xDDDD
Ok.....the story is like tis....

a normal school boy,simon start to go to school of cuz to study.....n his "aniki",Kamina is reborn wif an unknown reason...but still creating chaos xDDD...nia who oso reborn study in the same school as simon plus viral end up becoming a teacher n teaching in the same school as simon n nia........*randomly pop out 1 la XDDDD*

The picture's talking:
Kamina (Staring Taka): Hmph....noe how to act cool alrdy....u bastard beastman....
Viral (Staring Xajin): Huh ?!?! wat u looking at ?? u naked monkey !!
Simon (Staring WeN) : *notice something* Huh ?!?! when did Viral start smoking ??
Nia (Staring Vivi-dear) : Simon.....Huh ?!!? Kamina nii chan n Viral sensei ?? y boy all nid to act soo differ 1 ???

At the end of the day.....i get my new wig !!! wiiii~~~~~
Yosuke Hanamura !!!! wii...but still nid taka's or xajin's help to style it....XDDD

TAF- the chaos of the school

*coughcough* wooo~~~i din update my blog for like....4 or 5 weekz i think.....well here comes the bigbigbig update now !!! TAF n 3 report on anicom bwahahahaha~~~

ok !!! TAF story coming up !!!!
well well.....i duno wat to cosplay to TAF actually....durin my packing...i feel to bring the black/original Cloud Strife costume go to TAF 1....but too in the dobi....><
ok .... here goes the story of Cloud Strife's Student Dayzzz.....
Virgil---> the teacher
Cloud---> the bad boy in class
Tamaki---> the good boy in class
Kyon---> the "watever" boy in class
Eien---> the headmaster xDDD

Virgel: ok...sit down Virgel: CLASS STARTS NOW !!!! *sword play-ing*

Virgel: i hav ntg to say...nw go out the class.....CLASS DISMISSED !!!! oi !!! both of u !! jom keluar !!!!

Cloud: Let's c wat the teacher giv me as my assignment....Cloud: *stoned* go to TAF wif tamaki n vergil sensei !?!??

so wat can cloud do...juz folo vergil sensei and tamaki go to TAF le....once we arrive at the hall....the 1 thing we do is...... tamaki: Cloud !!! look a pretty girl !!!
Cloud: Where got ??? not even pretty as tifa....
Vergil: Good...i agree is not even sexy as trish oso....
Cloud: Sensei !! wat's wrong wif tis guy ??
Ichigo: ARRRGGGHHH !!!!
Vergil: i will stand by when it goes wrong *acting cuz headmaster is beside*
Tamaki: c charm can kill a man's heart too !!!
Cloud: OMGWTFBBQ ?!??!
Random mafia: ......
When there is a class trip....there muz b a group photo xDDDD Mr.Mario is in da we kinda get interest on wat he perform there xDDD
the potato empreror...welcome us to the country but...sensei looks weird here xDDD
3 of us plan to plant potato but fail xDDD
here is the main event.....n we spot our classmate kyon boy here !!!!
henshin pose....even random photographer of the sch, ike oso join in !!! baka kyon pose xDD if vergil sensei saw us.....he will b veri happy xDDD
we go crazy until.....erm....neko guy(!?) come n tell dun distrub...wakakakaka~~~*jkjk*
vergil: alrite...boys....we ar the judge of the
the voice turns out to b 3 kawaii girls......
Cloud: OMGWTFBBQ !?!?!?!? n tamaki end up on the backstage to join the competition
Voice: your id plz...
Cloud: here !!!
Voice: nw answer the question !!! wat is sephiroth's real name ???
Cloud: WAT !??!!? not in the book of FF7 history
Voice: Wat a loser !!!
Cloud: WAT !?!?? u picking a fight ????
Cloud: my punishment act cute to promote food = = n tamaki(my brother) found out our papa n mama oso at TAF....
the brothers of blonde hair *looking at the hair*
Naruto: i wan tat sakura plushie !!!
Cloud: oi !!! wait until u find your iruka sensei....den u call him buy la !!!

haha~~~the story of cloud ends wif vergil pulling cloud's ears to the bus...n bring him bak to the school xDDDDD
PSP !!! around the world !!!!
Kamen Rider PSP gather !!!
prepare to henshin !!! all of us !!!! omg ?!?!?
tis pic lor XDDD
every1 wake up wana beat the hell out of beat !!!
argh !!?!?!?! rider punch !!!
hhy 1st dance section xDDD
final pose !!!!


TO BE HONEST !!!! I WAN TIS T-SHIRT !!!! ARGH ?!?!?!?!?