GAZA !!?!?!?!

since the day i study FCM, a subject related to design~~i was force to take a sub-subject called MDF, codename for Design "Fun"amental~~~1st sem: inflation~~i get a serious headache for finish it...2nd sem:notan~~abit relax...but cost me dam lot of time n $$ !!!!

n now...ladies n gentleman~~~3rd sem's title is GAZA !!!! WTF !?!?!? how GAZA related to DESIGN !?!?!?! i go do research n found out a hell lot of war war war war.....den my lecturer said tis : " i dun wan to c gun,blood,dead body or watever related to war !!" ~~~~i was like WTF !?!? u wan me to die a?? GAZA=war~~den u call us design a war scene wifout a war scene(sh*t!!! wat m i talk bout here???)

den lucky i come out wif an idea after i go for huddle ^^~~~GAZA=WAR, in eyeshield 21, shin said "american football is like a war" which meanz "eyeshield 21=american football, american football=war" so...GAZA=AMERICAN FOOTBALL/EYESHIELD 21 !!!!

woooooooo~~~den at 1st i wan to do a holy knight fight against a hooligan which cuz me to use shin(oujou white knight) n gaou(dinosaur)~~~but once again, all i get is a heahache !!! my lecturer said "tis guy too fit *pointing at shin's picture*, if u wana show the war scene...i suggest u use a small boy go against him *point to gaou's picture*"

den i twist abit...i show him sena's picture...he was like "wow...u ar well-prepare !!" he look at sena picture....n said "yes, u may continue wif tis 2 charater...but modify the small boy's equipment *point at sena's picture*"...i was like "har....haaarrrr....HAAAARRRR !?!?" my lecturer said change the equipment to an old tool...example: sena's eyeshield helmat change to a cooking pot full of holes. <---got tat idea??

so nw i dam dam dam dam headache !!! if can use war scene..i early early use setsuna's childhood war scene d !!! arrghhhh !!! the "shin picture" i show
gaou's picture
the sena picture i show
tis is my final idea i get....cancel the komosubi ^^

15 Feb~~HUDDLE&meeting !!!

SET !!! HUT~~HUT~~HUT !!!! ike~~eyeshield 21 !!! Japan Team 1st Down !!!
Hiruma: cheh....HUDDLE !!!

yes !! it's huddle today~~y huddle but not meeting ?!?! cuz i go sunway pyramid to meet up my "teammates" for eyeshield 21 cosplay ^^ so is called huddle XD *wat i weird explaination*
well...duno y...i today wake up at almost 9am wifout using alarm clock...*o well....mayb is the power of excitement*~~~i juz go bath den terus go to bus stop wifout eating breakfast.......OMG !!!

y i din eat breakfast n terus go ler~~~easy la~~
1st: cyberjaya is wayyy tooo far from sunway pyramid~~
2nd: the bus i sit is dam slow...n nid to wait for a loooooooong time
3rd: this is short n simple....cuz i lazy n later go sunway can eat sushi d

wakakakaka~~~tatz ar my reason la~~okie...thx to the bus...i manage to reach the "kelapa singa" of sunway or "banba's high school,Taiyo" ON TIME !!!! i think i m the 4th or 5th to arrive...THX GOD !!

well~~we hav fun talking, joking, comparing(height),eating n drinking~~~XD~~~mostly i juz listening....dun y my energytic side disappear~~mayb is too tired or something...i duno...or GOD said today is not the day to b crazy....after the sushi is finish....we kinda walk the whole sunway pyramid to find a place tat hav wireless....XD

in the end~~we get it....n is my 1st time go into "FRIENDSTER" cafe....XD~~~we continue the talking n tis time got computer to look at we look...n "waaa...", "u nid to do tis", " awesome !!!" etc etc etc~~~

den "hiruma" aka anna~~call every1 to pose...n i get the strip pose which is the trademark of the charater i cosplying, mizumachi i juz take off my jacket...
*soliya energytic side is kinda down today but i try to "pull him out" on CF or ACGC*

after i get bak from sunway pyramid...i nid to go FIT to attend a meeting !! *called by my head to go*~~go there...get some information bbout the up coming event the club gona do...den chow !! XD~~bath n sleep~~tml got class a !!! 9am sumore !!!
the "early birds" of the team (beat is taking the photo)
let steal the sushi !!!
the tall guys in the team !!!
all said beat is short XD~~
kakei,sena n a serious discussion !! i think.....
all the members who attend the huddle !!!

the 2 pic u got c below is gona make u plz dun drink or eat anything to view !!!

ya~~the strip pose i did~~soli~~it's kind not so nice~~i will keep improving it~~XD~~Gaou(right) n Yamato(left) are shock !!!
ya~~~after get bak to my room~~~i try out the wig....den it came out like tis...behind n side hav some of my black hair appearing !!! nid hair stylist to help me T.T

*there will b more photos wait patience-ly...okie??*

14 Feb....once again lonely Valentine day....

tsk tsk tsk......*shaking head* i juz reach my 19th lonely Valentine day !!! Valentine Day use to be a lovely day for couples onli~~~the singles.....well...mayb is the day tat your chance to GET a partner of your life time increases !!!
but unlucky for me~~~i still the same as alwayz....noe how to treat a girl well...but duno hav to expressed the feeling~~~juz like most of the movie~~~u treat the girl as a lover...but the girl treat u as a brother~~haizz....*thinking: "i born to b a noobie in love or mayb everything" *
when i go bak to penang~~~meet up wif my "old" friends~~they all alrdy hav a partner beside them d~~~T.T~~n they alwayz make jokes out of me "Hey~~Khai Wen !! where is your "orihime" or "ringo" ??"~~~everytime they ask~~i was like "WTF!?!?!?"
den u all should noe la~~~once got time...the couple will like "hug here hug there"~~den the single(which is me, the onli one T.T)~~will feel "yuckzz"~~~XD~~~aaa~~cut the crap here XD~~let continue wif my lonely valentine day story...*feeling bad to tell the story lor*
okie~~~i wake up at like around the usual stuff .....den i duno wat to do d....spam movie assignment la...watever la~~~all do liao la~~~
wat a boring day~~i like waste the whole day look at the ceiling~~spam the forum which i spam until kinda boring d....beat the game over n over n over again~~~waaaaa~~~
i wish next year's today will b a good 1
serious !!! lonely valentine...but i cant laugh like the picture
if i hav my partner of life...will i b like tis ??

8 Feb~~Skate plus material hunting

okie~~how i start the post a?? hm...okie...let's start now (when can i stop crapping n spamming a?? tsk tsk tsk)

today is the Air Gear Team outing~~which is a so-calleed "skate lesson" but end up outing XD~~~the stromriders who attend tis event are Beatbox84(Beat),Takayukiryuu(Taka),Space-chan(Space),Reno-san(Reno),Sakurai_innocent(Sakurai),-xHainex-(Hainex) ,WeN(me !!),Chikoness(Chiko), Randy ,Daigotiga, ZhangZhang83 ,Awan n Ay_Ike_Jay(Jay)

well~~actually i was over-slept den all thx to sakurai who "wake me up" via msn~~for asking me m i ready for the skate day~~~*thxya sakurai !!!!* den i hurry myself to bath change cloth~~take my stuff den run to MMU bus stop !!!

den i meet up wif chiko n randy~~~go to sg wang together~~~we reach there like 10am sumting la~~~since 3 of us all stomach is making noisy~~~so we go McD to makan 1st la~~~den when we go KFC there....i notice a guy standing there as well...but i not sure is who...until....tis event...

the guy: *pointing at me* WeN ?? WeN rite??

me: ya *staring at him*

the guy: oic...i taka~~~

me: o taka

den we start chatting...den i was like OMG !!! cuz taka go there at 9am n wait there since 9am O.o~~~den sakurai come....n finally BEAT come !!! den all of us decide to go the skate ring...b4 tat i wan to find sakurai bring me n chiko (of cuz n randy la)~~we found the goggle...but is sell in set (wif a stupid un-sirim-ed helmat T.T)~~den we "explore" found i-sock~~a funny event happen in i-sock~~i was finding the glove in i-sock~~den the salesgirl walk towards me n we start the conversation(in chinese ya)

the salesgirl: o..soli...the shop not yet fully may i help u??

me: ya...i m finding a pair of leather glove

the salesgirl: o...the glove ar all here~~u ar finding boy or girl's glove??

me: *stun n stare at the salesgirl*

randy who was standing behind me: of cuz boy 1 la~~

omg !!! m i look like a girl ?? argh~~nvm la...juz go to the next station which is the main thing of the day~~~skate ring !!! in there...zhangzhang n reno-san alrdy start to skate d T.T~~den the late-comers: space n daigo XD~~~n the onli stormrider who can skate well is reno-san !!! dam nice he skate...can dance somemore XD

after skate~~we go McD makan~~durin makan....i almost havin a hard time eatin~~all thx to taka's "reno X space situation" n daigo's "avoid spamming quote"~~~XD~~after makan~~~taka suddenly telling story which is our fun time in McD~~i laugh until my face goes red...out of air dude !!!

after tat~~we walk around like zombie walking around but is called "material hunting" XD~~~den b4 taka n daigo go bak~~taka strip in the middle of sg wang !!! we all like WAT !!! OMG !!! STRIP STRIP !!! but actually he juz take off his jacket...XD~~after some walk around....every1 decide to go home d~~so we all make the farewell~~den cabut balik xD~~

me,chiko n randy go to time square to find glove...but we found it in i-sock....n once again i stun for 2 minutes~~cuz it's RM 50 for 1 pair !!! screw it !!! so no choice....muz wait for other outing wif AG team to find the glove ^^

kinda fun day~~~but i pay the leg is killin me after the skate T.T

here are the picture~~~^^ credit goes to beatbox84

(behind)me,reno space n taka,beat(in front)

another 1~~reno putting up goggle !!!waaaa~~~sooo many ppl in 1 photo~~(zhangzhang become shadow here XD)
awan,sakurai,jay(behind) front is the stroy teller, taka aka kazu !!!
space n reno~~we havin a fun time "matchin" u both ^^
ya~~c all of us listening to taka tellin story(oopss..taka was cover by jay XD)
yea yea yea~~~hope can get another outing like tis ^^

c'mon is a psp camera la....1.3 megapixel onli...wat u wan?? got photo cukup la !!! XD

promote abit...MMU(MultiMedia University) Skate Club !!!


好啦~~~我们到了第三场啦~~~兄弟之战~~凯文VS凯仁(两人都用 Setsuna F Seiei-Gundam 00)
强烈的一击~~PERFECT !!!
500 damage 啊~~~
Jian Qi 玩时候的样子
Tatt Yik 玩时候的样子~~


好啦~~~我们就进入第二场吧~~~由凯文(Tieria Erde-Gundam Virtue)VS Jian Qi(Lockon Stratos-Gundam Dynames)
一开始~~两人就charge power 了~~~
Dynames在low hp下~~~开始反击!!!
给了Gundam Virtue 500 damage~~~
但Gundam Virtue也开始攻击了~~~
Perfect VS Bad~~Dynames GAME OVER啦~~~
Dynames中500 damage
凯文两连胜 !!!


好好好~~~大家好~~~欢迎来到第一届Gundam大对战啊~~~司仪由我,庄凯文来做吧~~好开始啦 好~~~我弟弟开了电视~~~

好~~第一场由凯文(Johann Trinity-Gundam Throne Enis)VS Tatt Yik(Tieria Erde-Gundam Nadleeh)
一开始~~~Tatt Yik就大开杀戒啦~~~让凯文跌破眼镜!!!
凯文来不及反应~~就让Tatt Yik攻击啦~~~
Gundam Nadleeh 的 double beam cannon !!!
500damage在Gundam Throne Eins
Gundam Throne Eins发光啦~~~
发射了~~GN cannon !!!
给了~~Gundam Nadleeh一个500damage~~

由于Gundam Nadleeh 的hp太低了~~~所以第一场~~凯文胜出 !!!