2011 memories yo

Ohai !! everyone who still following my lil kiri blog~~after a long hiatus, i am finally back for some update~~

Well, basically there is not much to update, hey i gona post up what happen within 2011 and also in my hiatus XDDDD HERE WE GO~~~
my 2011 cosplay plans xDD
touhouvania Sakuya Izayoi (crossplay)
Kirisame Marisa (crossplay)
Sakuya Izayoi (crossplay)
Ruka Urushibara (Cosplay)
Lily white (Crossplay) this is our Touhou Malaysia Group Family Photo ^^
Kaguya Houraisan (Crossplay which won me 2nd place ^^) I am so proud of this crossplan ^^
Leo (Cosplay) The Fairy Tail Group I join.
Kobayashi aka Kobasen (Cosplay, my 1st old man cosplay plan)
My baby ^w^
Kamijyo Touma Injured Ver. (Cosplay)
Me and My Biiibiii *w* (Touma Ballroom ver. Cosplay)
nyannn~~~ *w* (Kirisame Marisa, Crossplay)
My touhou main character groupie ^^
Biiibiii~~~~~I love you ^^ Jom 2012, let us be more closer then 2011 =3