A Day of A Teacher

woohoo, finally i come back to Penang after erm...4 months staying in cyberjaya? (if not mistaken). Anyway, i come back to Penang at Thursday night, so i have nothing to say about Thursday.

But as for Friday is quite a fun day actually. The very last day for all the school student because of Chinese New Year become the very first time i officially become a substitute teacher in one of the primary school. Somehow, i am very out of place. XDDD

I am an art class substitute teacher, and i teach 3 classes. 3 classes, 3 different students. But still is a fun day to went through. I learned a lot when being a teacher there, teacher aren't bad actually. They are force to be bad just to make sure we(future generation) are on the correct path. Some teacher complaining about how guilty they are in the office.

I somehow feel bad for the teacher i disrespect last time during my school day, I feel like want to rewind time and just to say sorry to them. But past is the past, so i have no choice but to continue it. XD

Primary School student...they are freaking pure !!! when they request for something, they looks so freaking cute and even u want to say "no" also very hard. Their "PIKAPIKA EYES" is soooo freaking arghhhh....==|||

Anyway, i feel like i am a brother to my student instead of teacher, because most of them call me brother instead of teacher. I still want to try being a substitute teacher if i got the chance. ^^
This photo shows kind of the situation i meet when i am at school =)

Trying lives goes on without you...

I am basically a single right now. But hey, I am the infamous WeN, so I am positively ok right now, i hope her will be ok also. Actually want to thanks those who i annoyed or shocked them with the FB relationship status changed recently, you guys actually make me very busy talking random stuff that is totally unrelated to that relationship status.
Thanks to those who i talk to for making me feel better, cheering me up, prevent me from doing stupid stuff like become orang gila. Most thanks still goes to Chiko, Randy and Hadi. You three are the most random talker i even talk to. From a study talking can went to toilet talking. XDD
I also not sure this time break-up is which side who ask for the break. I think i am the one who ask for it. On 13 May 2009 18:19, i fall in love with her because she looks cute in her photos and after that, i fall more deeper because she is really cute and kind in real life. The way she lives suits the requirement for my ideal girl. So, i being to love her more and more, at the same time, i is confuse too because she keep on acting cold but still love me.
To be honest, my heart still hurts.
We break and get back together twice already. so, at this third time, on our 1 year and 8 months anniversary of our relationship, 13 January 2011 15:26, we both break once again. This time, i think i already shut my love up already. I still love her, I love her very much, I want to be at her side, still but I willing to let her go, and go on to have her own life. For now, I can just hope that she can be more happy then before. I vowed to myself, I will still help her if she is in trouble. No matter how deep-shit is the trouble, I will still go help her out.
No matter how bad is your crime is, will still help you with all my pride.
Thank you for all the things you done for me, being there for me, letting me know the feeling of being love and loving me, giving me the experiences and memories that i never have before and Thank you for everything in this relationship.
From now on, I going to go on with my life without you (even though i wish i can able to hold your hands until we kawen and become old together.) but I will go on with a smile, the smile that always able to make you happy. I will not forget the smile you teach.
I will begin my journey once again with the smile you teach. =)
Thanks for everything.
I will continue loving you until I found a new love which can replace you but I don't think it will happen soon or maybe I will just be alone until I die. But, I just want you to know that my love towards you will never changed, just I need time to accept this heart-broken break and let my heart to recover to it's fully, only I can accept your newly born love or future new love.
I ish on my way to a crazy journey, will you follow me ? It's all up to you. ^^

The very 1st 2011 post for my deardear ^^

from a fellow spammer into a very lovey dovey couple, people will always like "what !!! that's impossible !!" well, i am always the person who make impossible to possible.
YES, like what i say, i currently having a girlfriend via i found online, at a forum and yes i fall in love with her deeply. I am happy that i have the courage to tell you that i want to be with you. And ya, the 1st few months and the event within those months, i really feel that i very awkward when facing you.
Which lead you to have a tough time to decide your life path, on this very same date, we both hurt our hearts together. I will make sure it wont happen again anymore. More like i wont like it happen again.
Slowly, day by day, we both gain more and more courage, i visited your house, you visited my house. Both of our parents likes each of us. When i invite you to my house during CNY, I am very happy cause i can celebrate this legendary event together with you which makes it special for me.
I know sometimes you hate my soft-hearten, weak-looking habit which always make people call me as an uke. But, I am born like this, I willing to change myself into a seme and yes i successfully change myself to have a seme side just it wont appear that much.
We went pass alot of events, like laugh together, do crazy stuff together, photo-shoot together and also gaduh towards each other. But hey, they are all my memories together with you, i treasure it in the deep of my heart. This makes me sometimes will go to your Facebook and view your photos or open up my phone or laptop just to view your photos. I know i sounds like a despo right now but ya this show how much i miss you.
Actually the 1st song in my playlist of 2011 is Priere...i actually cry when i listen to it because i miss you very much, just like how Remilia miss Sakuya. And the 2nd song is Gemini which basically kinda show our love life. ^^