Happy Visit to Teluk Intan =)

hm...long time didn't update d...so now i update la xD
This week i went to Teluk Intan to visit my deardear =) well...can say there is alot of things happen during the weekend...but 1 thing i know i wont be doing that at cyberjaya is....3 meal all i got eat XPP
Here are some pictures =)
hehe~~~notice something same there XPPP
oink oink faces =)
today's breakfast actually XPP...so todaay i didnt puasa ^^

A noisy trip to melaCOOWW !! LOOK !! COWWWW !!!!

woohoo !! it's been a long time i din update my blog ^^ anyway jz like the title say, me,Hadee,Chiii n Ran went to Melaka ^^ well...actually we all go to melaka is jz to attend a talk that is handle by nerv and tokiya but we all went there 1 hour late due to erm.....traffic ? well...who cares...at least we go from cyberjaya to melaka XDDD
the moment we arrive at the school....there is like L4D scene jz dun hav the blood la....there is no human !!! NO HUMAN !!! at all !!!! i din see the talk human oso....so we 4 walk around and try to get clues to the talk....problem ? veri few humans there but they all duno about the talk =w= || so do a funniest thing, Hadee n Chiii says that the school we go is edo's secondary school....so i was like wow !? we went all the way from cyberjaya to edo's secondary school cool....and guess wat we did ? we jz go to the school toilet n pee XDDDD n we start shout WE PEE IN EDO'S OLD SCHOOL XDDDD
pffft....since no human n the talk was like nothing...so we all decided to go Mahkota Parade/Dataran Pahlawan....and go but on the way...Ran and me is givin direction to Hadee with the GPS but end up turning round round XDDD *go straight !! dun turn aa....NOOooooo dun !! NOT HERE !!! TURN NOW !!! LEFT LEFT NO MY LEFT !!! OIIIII !!!!!* but we still end up at Mahkota Parade =)
the mome
nt we step in the mall, there is a wedding dress thingy thingy happening, we look around...obviously only Chii and Ran can go to hav a look at the dress price xDDD as for Me n Hadee, we both jz look,stare at the dresss den haizzzz...i cant find the Nia's-look-a-like-wedding dress xDDD anyway is lunch time XDD
Chii is like jom shibaraku's sushi buffet..ran n me is ok...caan...but Hadee...he no money so chii,ran n me gabung money to belanja hadee lu.....ya RM 27 per person with a 2 hour time-limit i thinkk....or there is no time-limit but due to we all 4 eat like yuyuko...so the waiter is scare ><
Shibaraku's food is amazing...the pure grill butter mutton n grill beef with a bit of black pepper is a pure heaven to someone who eat meat alot =) and the lala-fried-egg is epic XDD but 1 thing i do wrongly, i go take the vegetable that i should not take (cz it makes me full ><) but still i manage to finish and try everything =) i try mutton,beef,paul the octopus,lala and alot more =) is a heaven to hungry guy like me....we eat 2 hourz non-stop XDD
now for the main purpose we come melaka-MILLE CREPE !!!! god !! althou is vanila/original taste...taste is epicly awsm >A< Chii, Ran and me buy gabung money to buy 1 whole set of original Mille Crepe for RM 65 is very worth it...=) then we depart to Klebang...yes is KLEBANG !!! NOT K-E-L-E-B-A-N-G !! thx exo XDDD....we went to Klebang for the coconut milkshake ^^ another awsm food/drink melaka hav....in penang there is no coconut milkshake at all...to be honest, i ishh sad ><....anyway the taste is refreshing and nice to drink =)
next, we all wanted to go Eye of Malaysia *to me, AGAIN ?* but we all end up too tired due to the eating,playing,crazying so we decided to go bak cyberjaya...on the way home, is much much diam den the way to melaka =w=||| cz everyone KO-ed kecuali Hadee n Ran i suppose....half way Hadee sleep awhile too...cz too tired d ><
My point of view for this trip, NEVER EVER GO TO A 1 DAY TRIP LIKE THIS XDDD if u wan go together with all your best buddy like my trip here.....alot of weird n funny stuff happen XDD Anyway picture time =)
kesian that guy actually busy cooking for us non-stop XDD
the beef n mutton finished....chiii's white rice n hadee's ice kacang XD
The dessert we eat =)
liick a lala ?
eat a lala ??
ya...after eating, we went to sit the gintell rest n go massage chair XD
the topping with a vanila ice cream is awsm ^^
duno how many kg of coconut is here =w= ||
wee seettt baaacckkkk hooommmeee toooo cyyberjaya
lolxxz....i cant find those pic tat we all sleep...so i replace it with len n rin's sleeping scene XPP

The trip is a GREAT SUCCESS !!! ^
PHOTO Credit: Chikoness and Ranmaru ^^