31 dec plus 1 Jan equal NEW YEAR !!!

hohoho~~ start my 101 post to close the curtain for 2008 n open a path to 2009. My 2008 is alomst 6 months is alone at cyberjaya's small small rented room n far far away from my family. But thx to GOD....who let me meet up some friends tat i can ply together, laugh together, cry together(got meh?) n "fight" together !!!

tis whole year...was a fun year....haha...although i m not as crazy as form 5 but i havin as many fun as form 4+5~~xD....OK !!! save the "thx" or "speech" for the closing of sem 2 XD let's tell the story of 31 dec n 1 Jan XD

31 DECEMBER......almost all ppl will celebrate tis day de.....but as for me~~~i thought u will celebrate it alone in my lonely small room in cyberjaya cuz chris n my friends they hav their own program (i wont blame them...haha...human got their own friend de ma XD) but but but....BUT thx to j-zai who call me *n wake me up from my dream* at around 5pm like tis...said we wana go out n gai gai but due to new year we cant get a car to go town...so plan B go ply badminton.
Due to the court is used by other ppl n we ply at the side of the court....yi huan or ah han said we go gym n ply lor....den we all go to gym...hav some exercise there den like around 7 or 8pm...we go bak to hb n bath den wait for ah ting to come...we go alamanda to hav our new year countdown.....we eat pizza as dinner den we go ply the arcade YES !!! INITIAL D !!!! we ply....den honestly due to the work out at the gym n i ply akagi n akina alot of times so my hand begin to pain xD (ply until new year wooohoo hapi new year !!!) den we DAYTONA....me, J-zai, Steven, Ah Ting, Ah Han, n Yi Huan....WE CONQUER THE 6 DAYTONA MECHANIC....waakkakakaa XD
after tat, we go watch an "amazing" movie tat nite, THE SPIRIT.....it is a "MUZ-WATCH" movie XD if u study FCM n study the Media Apprecition b4...u will seriously like tis movie....CUZ u....can......sleep inside the whole TIME !!!
after the movie, we manage to get a taxi...but it is a premier taxi(wei...u dam rich ke?? premier taxi !!) to go oldtown cyberjaya XD....we go there hav a drink...eat something lor...durin the waiting of our food...we go ply basketball XD (1 nite soo many exercise..your body sure tired like hell lor) den we finish eating, J-zai who love to ply snooker...well PLAY SNOOKER la.....ply until 5am den walk bak to our own room.....of cuz i din bath n terus slp (soli la....tooooo tired d.....unable to move a single muscle after all the event i under-go...terus fall on the bed n sleep d)
it is a nice new year countdown...n is my 1st time new year countdown at cyberjaya ^^V
J-zai, Steven n me said tis is the best work in FCM if it is a subject XD
Octopus !!! wakakkaka

27 dec~~ V-Rally??

well well well~~i hav been hiding tis for a long long time d....nw i gona step out my 1st step d !!! no more coward khai wen d !!!

YES !! V-Rally !!! a event organized by The-V !! den the team i join in Quest-Net, Gen-X TEAM....we all go to JOHOR !!! my journey starts at 11.45pm when j-zai call me to go mamak there stand-by. So, i change my shirt n den go find them lor.....we drink, chat, talk crap until like 1am den Alvin,Enson n Ah Chai reach the cyberia roundabout n call us n it TIME to go JB !!

1st, we nid to reach Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. We reach there a little~ bit late. After some briefing, me, j-zai n ah ting ar put in 1 bus n Alvin, Enson, Ah Chai in another bus !! actually, is a TOTAL of 8 BUSES GO !!! dam syok wei !!!

we reach JB like around 6 or 7 or 8am i 4get d~~~den Erica, our bus captain call us to intro ourself....hahaa...den we reach The Zon which juz beside a sea tat cuts JB n Singapura...dam jun wei !!! After having breakfast, we go in The Zon n hav a "hard" time go in the hall cuz toooooooo many people n the door is like....too small !!!

den it learning n partying time XD

c i told u i go the zon lor simon tai kor...aiya..kena block
run run run.....ar we plying "amazing race quest-net style"?? Enson tai kor, Ah Chai tai kor, me n ah ting ^^V
c c c~~~sooooo many ppl wooohooo
chuen keong tai kor n simon tai kor...erm wat ar they doin a??
ting n j-zai ^^
ah ting n me ^^V
me n j-zai....woooohooooo
Alvin tai kor, Ah Chai tai kor, J-zai(callin Ah Ting), Me(Crazy Mode) n Ah Ting(takin video)
Gen-X Team Managing Director, Mr. Eric Tai Kor !!! Steady wei !!!
1st time saw Gen-X Team Chairman, Mr. Sathi Senathirajah !!!
when both Mr. Eric n Mr. Sathi goes up the stage~~we all is like tis~~shout like crazy !!
Enson: ........
Alvin: so wat u guys plan to do??
Ah Ting: erm....show plan lor
Me: .....(thinking wat to do next when get bak to cyber)
*dialog created myself*
c...we reli go JOHOR BAHRU !!! kill me kill me
n the partying continues until.........
MR. PATHMAN SENATHIRAJAH, the best speaker of the day which let u stun for 2 minutes
After the event, we Gen-X Team siting down listen to Mr.Sathi and Mr. Eric talk ^^
The event end by Mr. Eric saiding "Wish u all Happy New Year, THANK YOU !!"



24 dec~~1st x'mas at cyberjaya ^^V

hohoho....merry x'mas.....BAM !! *smash the stupid radio wif guitar* eham~~~okok~~it is nice nice wednesday morning when the my friend send me a stupid sound recorder which contain tat stupid "hoho" thing XD
well...morning go class cyber-tracking....den afternoon slp n do my df.....den is the NITE !!! me, j-zai, ah han, ah ting n steven we all boys go the curve there celebrate x'mas eve...den we go eat at there too(if not mistaken)
okie...ntg to said much so let the picture said the words XD
we ar starting !!! wakakaka
ah han wat u wan a?? dun eat me ok??
itadakimasu !!!
the 2 photographer of the day, steven n j-zai~~^^

c....how much we 5 boys eat ^^V group photo at toilet !?!?!? here is the situation when reach 12am XD nice,huge x'mas tree ^^V me(steam mode), ah ting, ah han n steven i m goin to the future !!! we ar plying wif the camera effect XD

tatz all foes ~~~^^

20 dec~~SNS strikes hard on putrajaya !!

well....i noe tat it pass a looooooooong time ago...but soli la...i bz in my assignment, my sleeping, n still nid to settle some cosplay stuff(prepare for PROJECT COSPLAY 2009) n the most importantly is *pointing at the sky* ENJOY THE LAST OF 2008 !!!!

eham...ok~~let come bak here.....YES *transform into another person like the anime* IT'S SNS !!! n tis is not an ordinary SNS is a SPECIAL SNS !! *change to SANTA* hohoho.....it's a x'mas SNS !!! hohohohoooo~~kakaka *cough*

*change bak to K.W* eham...eham....EHAM !!! aaa...tatz better *get bak the voice * ok...tis SNS is at putrajaya n it rains heavily n stupidly(great timing GOD !!)....but oso we go there wif a hope(rain...rain...go away....lalalala) n lucky to us....ALL THX TO SKATELINE who is great in finding place to skate we can SKATE !!! woooohooooo......

when we arrived at the "place" we can skate.....the thing comes in to my mind....ar we skating ILLEGALLY?? cuz it is a underground TUNNEL !!! which looks same as the 1 in NFS n 2Fast2Furious..... XP
actually we MMU-ers promise to wear red shirt but soome din wear but we all wear a santa hat...it looks like a gang wei !!! MMU SANTA GANG....XP !!!

N here comes the main event which makes tis SNS special !!!

Slalomer from Germany, France, UK, Singapore, etc was there with us, performing slalom tricks, and is the first LIVE slalom demo we ever see in Malaysia with our own eyes.

They are Chloe, Greg, Terence, Swan, Rudy, Igor, Georgior, and Sebastian!!!!! All from SEBA team.(information get from Vzai http://walkingissoslow.blogspot.com/ )

everyone is getting ready for the skate event SNS !!

c..c..c.. human traffic jam wei !!!
yipiyaya yipi yipiya~~~i jump !!! but weird face T.T
hehehe~~~group photo wif SEBEstian, the pro slalomer !!!





TADA !!!
hehe....KOK FULL n SOZAI MENG(the byakuya i mean is SOZAI MENG lor)


20&21 dec~~~comic fiesta~~~

wakakaka~~~the 1st KL comic event i attend~~i miss the GACC at August(i think....)~~but for tis year i canot afford to miss the comic event which held in KL again~~n i successfully attend the comic event call COMIC FIESTA !!!

ya~~dun b freak out~~i attend there as a volunteer~~ok?? i din go there for fun~~but actually i go there as a volunteer wif 1 plan~~which is SAVE UP RM 25~~~wakakka~~~cuz money crisis n ecomic kinda bad(wat a lame reason wei !!)~~~

okok~~i go there wif my friend, yi huan and bcome a security~~xD~~which kinda fun~~cuz at the 1st day(20 dec) i n yi huan is the walking security~~which juz walk around n prevent ppl from steal and taking photos of girl's underwear~~O.o

but as for me, i feel kinda...ya...havin fun more den do my duty~~i was taking photos of the cosplayers while i m on-duty~~xD~~which i will gona put a bit onli~~xD~~~but at the 1st day i go bak early due to SNS~~(ya next post is SNS !!!)
ya~~the 2nd day~~which is 21 dec~~i go to comic fiesta wif yi huan again~~n i meet up wif some of the emina club's member durin the trip to sunway pyramid~~xD~~den the 2nd day~~i was order to take care of the ticket booth~~which i was unable to take photos of the cosplayers~~but thx to Marcus(my security head)~~~i was able to go in to the hall n take my photo~~due to i work full day~~xD~~

ya~~the event goes on n i hav alot of fun~~i meet my MMU friends there oso~~xD~~den i make friends wif the CF comitees~~n in the end~~every1 is like go high~~dance the funny dance~~i 4get the name d~~xD~~
after tat~~all the ppl or customer all leave~~it's time to "crash the hall"~~ya~~we clean up everything in the hall~~~n thx to the CF comitee~~all the volunteers ar treated to a free meal which is PIZZAHUT~~but the onli volunteers who stay bak n help out is me n my 4 more MMU seniors~~which i find out kinda funny~~~xD~~after eatin~~ya~~balik rumah dan tidur macam babi la~~k.w~~haizzz~~hahahaa~~~

~~~The Begining~~~

the comitees ar bz workin do the set up~~ after the set-up is done~~^-^V
yi huan~~walao so serious for wat??
me~~erm....act cool?? aaaa~~~i wana buy tis photos de~~but no money~~so juz take photo lor~~but actually is canot take de~~~but i take b4 the event start which is legal~~xD
ya~~my MMU friends~~
the CF comitess oso cosplay~~xD
when i saw tis guy~~i thought he was chris~~wakakka~~
kawaii haruhi !!!
the same girl from above~~xD xiao cha shao bao~~xD
Bleach(i wan ichigo~~but din hav~~i wish i can cosplay as him but no money~~xD)
Kingdom Heart
tonberry kill rikku n lulu~~yuna is surviving~~
JOKER is in the FIESTA !!!!

~~The Winner of the Fiesta~~ Yuna~~4get wat award d~~
Arhemis(4get how to spell)~~he wins the posing award but he wana kill the MC~~xD
D.grayman~~the best cosplay group~~(buli-ing Alfred n command by Chunk)
erm....i 4get the name d~~but is from "perfect world online"~~winz the best costume~~
she winz the best cosplayer

~~Personal Favourites~~

the CF ticket booth comitee~~xD

Kira Yamato(is a girl ok??)

me wif DMC character~~xD~~plz dun kill me~~~T.T

Kingdom hearts n me~~xD~~i wan the chakaram n keyblade 1!!

cosplay group "watever la"~~~n me~~xD

poor little nurse being buli by villians??

i wan join in d~~but i m not complete-ly cosplay~~so din go~~T.T

Cosplay!!! All for one n One for all !!

~~The Ending~~ dance dance dance~~dance the funny dance~~since every1 is high~~
CF comitees n volunteers group photo but~~alfred~~walao~~xD
the end of Comic Fiesta~~but every1 is hapi !!!

~~Special Thx To~~ Comic Fiesta's MC, Chunk n Alfred~~they make me laugh the whole time wif their cold jokes~~
n......Kok Full's camera !!! Thx pal !! bcuz of your camera i manage to take the photo until the end !!!

~~The Best Scene in Comic Fiesta~~

u think of a word to describe plz~~~i out of comment~~xD

nice drawing~~:P~~u guess who draw it??