A better day in Kid's Fair Part 2

So the 2nd day, Chiko suggest me to be KAITO while she become Kagamine Len....so i say can why not ? will make things easier since KAITO i can be much more friendly compare to Cloud, The In-famous EMO boy. xDDD
Well...today is wayyy better then the 1st day ^^ cz i can bring the true WeN out...the hyperactive WeN XDD so the event go on....many people and kids take photo with me, my "brother", Len and my lovely Rinrin who stick with me all the time xDD
Although the event is not as fun as the original ACG event, but having kids come to you and wave hand then run back shyly to their parents is kinda fun to look at ^^
And today end quite easy and early...maybe is because the costume easy to take off kot...xDD went back home after eating, but i reach home earlier today, i reach home and get online at 8.30pm ^^ which is a good thing ^^
anyway, photo time xDD
Chiko,Me and My lovely Rinrin on my hand ^^
Group photo
Camwhore with my Rinrin ^^
kih3 :3
my agreement and Rinrin is beside ^^
Last camwhore with my Rinrin b4.....
i change back to my old self XD

Kid's Fair which i kena mistaken as other character Part 1

When a man have finance problem, he gets a job and earn the money. AND YES, i found a job which is 2 days job...1 day rm 60 punya job...can say no much money but still can help me survive until i go back penang ^^
Ok...day 1 i plan to cosplay heiwajima shizuo one but Chiko say that shizuo is quite normal for people (butler ma) so i cos Cloud Strife lu xDD day 1 is not a nice day for me la...cause i don't know don't feel like working only...people keep on mistaken me as Uzumaki Naruto or Kurosaki Ichigo....i was like WTF ?!? then ya...work until like 5pm or 6pm like this, we can go get money already ^^ so we went to sign one paper saying we come for work and get the RM 60 ^^ then we change and cabut d lo....then Randy wants to go Kinokuniya for awhile so we went there.
Amazingly, we found a bunch of nice artwork books at the japanese corner....but is too expensive. OTL 1 gurren lagann artwork book= RM 145 and there is like 6 different books and all is RM 100++ OTL what make it worst is i found 2 touhou books, one is Kourin's Dairy and another 1 is the story of the 3 fairy (sunny,luna,star) both cost RM 87++ OTL after a while, we all feel tired so we went home straight. Once reach home, i online and accompany my beloved waifu, Vivian. Although i say i am tired, but when i accompany my beloved, i wont feel any tired one. =)
That's day 1 and WeN for u XDD
and is photo time XDD P/S: 1 photo of cloud only cz he emo all day long XDD
Gurren Lagann Artbook collection
Kourin's diary i suppose [front view]
back view
the price D:
Sakuya X Remilia at the cover
the inside of the book, the intro page of Remilia and Sakuya
2nd artwork for Sakuya and Remilia
the artwork for the story about Remilia wants to go to the moon
the story of the 3 fairies [front view]
back view

see cloud is emo all day long xDD

the cup tat i have been waiting

ohhh~~finally it arrived xDD all my taobao order have arrived xDDD
1st arrive is my deardear's lucy celestial spirit keys ^^
and one of my remilia X flandre cup ^^
then ya....this is the cup which kena delay OTL

this is when my cup in hot water ^^ *continue from facebook*

the center view ^^

remilia's side view ^^

flandre's side view ^^

when it cools down

it becomes black again

btw, this is my list of series of figurine i will buy ^^


To the girl i love the most

Guys will always feel deeply hurt when the girl he loves the most ignores him. But, guys will never give up on the girl he loves the most, even if he needs to live through a lifetime of torture without her. Well there is no exception for me too. I may not be a fun person to be with, but I am here to support you, even at my own expense.
I will wait till you calm down. Although it will hurt me a lot, i will grin my teeth and cling on the memories i have and continue living, stay alive and improve myself until one day i can become the person you always want me to become.
I am trying hard not to cry which i promise you before.
So, all I can do now is to wait and hope hard, for your tears to stops, your anger to gone, because I'm far away from you which sometimes make me feel that i am very useless. So, I did what i can do, I will keep messaging you, calling you, so that, when you feel like talk to someone, I'm there for you to talk with. I may not be good when it comes to sweet talking and make you feel happy and smile instantly everyday. But, I will do my best for you. I am willing to skip classes for you just to make you happy by going to your hometown to accompany you.
When i reach at your side, I will hug you and kiss you and clear all your depressing emotions, remove all the bad memories we have and insert as many nice memories as I can with whatever I can do such as many hugs and kisses. My feeling is just like how you are in love with dolls, cause I am very in love with you.
That is why, I will always do my best, all just for you.
No matter how many times I say this before, I still want to say it.
All I want is for you to be happy. I love you.All I want is you to be happy and i willing to follow everything you say ^^

I actually made a picture of you and our newest daughter, Elora but I am afraid to post up on FaceBook..not because of it's ugly...i am afraid that you will be angry on me cause i bugging you which i promised not to.
I love you, dear and I want to let you know that I love not just you...I love your attitude...I love your everything. Elmer,Elwyn,Elisa,Elora and soon to come, Elliot...I love them all...I love everything you love.
Most importantly, I still love you no matter how bad you treat me, dear =)

the journey of WeN

When 1990 june 4th, a boy was born...and he is named WeN...he start his journey as a very active and hyper boy...well until now, he still is a hyperactive boy XDD
After a hard journey of kindergarten, primary and secondary school path, he manage to be abit less hyperactive. And now he is in his path to adulthood, he is still on the journey of university, and he got himself a girlfriend. He starts to be abit mature then he use to me after that.
But his hyperness still remain the same. One thing he is good for his hyperness is he brings happiness to everyone ^^ but sometimes annoying-ness XDDD
He is trying hard to be as mature as he can. Learning from mistake, gain experience, learn new stuff and many more. One day, we will see how is WeN doing in his future xDDD
a small life path of picture of WeN xDD

The days continues with animangaki xD

ntg to much to say...cz i din reli cosplay or go to have fun or anything....since all the program tak related to dai spammerz XDDD
all i did was shouting and wandering around xDDD then i helped dave in his skit and also papa&mama (yuan n sky)...both of them tat i help won the 2nd place...*crying in tears*
easy to say the event is fun n epic....improved alot but the element i use to hav fun at event is not there...so ya XD
this is how i look like at the event xPP
me with domokun XD
ignore the misai...i plan to do old man cosplay 1...but wig rosak last minute...so dah jadi random dressing up only XD


today is my beloved vivi's birthday ^^
i wanted to say happy birthday dear ^^ i love you very much ^^ hope next year's deardear's birthday i am able to be at your side celebrate together with deardear ^^
Happy Birthday deardear ^^
Remi-Nyann, Len-chan, Rinrin says Happy Birthday Mama

Friday,29 october-Haunted HELP Mansion

continue from the chapter A LOST DAY....rmb i say we went to HELP Uni to help out Xajin with his haunted mansion....so the day the main event arrived =)
me,chiko,aaron was rushing from MMU cyberjaya to HELP Uni xDDD we wanted to sit bus but end up sit taxi...epic trip...full of laughter and the "best" taxi trip from cyber to bangsar xDDD at bangsar LRT station we buy some refreshment then sit taxi to HELP Uni again !!! amazingly this time i am not lost at all xDDD we find xajin and get ourselves changed n jadi la zombie or demon or ghost xDDD
thx to felicia,rayray,vix,abby and crossbone to help me on my dressing,makeup,put blood and "nice drawing" at my back...after that, the time has come...everyone is at their station....visitors enter....n is our time to scare them to their limit....
my station already is an important station ^^ i am like the mini boss in the mansion....i am a demon who is trapped inside the cursed circle and there is a token of bravery in front of me...the visitor need to grab it b4 i grab it....if i grab, one of their team-mate is consider "death"....but no matter wat happen, once the token of bravery is removed from my bowl of demon, i gain the power to walk out the circle....n tatz where i scare the visitor the most. Aaron was the hunter from L4D who hide in the dark...while Chiko is box ghost ? xDDD
well...everything went well until almost the end....bad stuff starts to happen....1st is Asyraf fainted due to someone pull his hair n cause him to knock his head on the wall then 2nd, Xajin hear the news of Asyraf fainted, wanted to rush toward Asyraf but end up twisted his own leg >.<>but the worst thing is...we search the whole area of haunted mansion.....found ntg....so we end up call it a day...due to too late d....aaron,chiko and me went to ray's house to overnight....at ray's house, we watch some anicom clips...then play dynasty warrior abit and end up sleeping...when we play...chiko was playing with misaki's two dogs xDDD well...too bad we cant sleep in a good mood....bad day ends badly =A=
photos ah i kinda lazy to upload le...so visit here to see more photo la xDDD http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=74746&id=1588695749
abit of preview la xDD
nice drawing rite ??
nice make up rite ?? thx to felicia for that make up ^^