Random Cosplay List

hm....since already at the end of January.....looks like all the fun aka cosplay events are starting to happen d !!! so here goes....the cosplay plan....i might do...n oso pending....n oso thinking.....n oso watever-ing 1 XDDDD
Goin to do:
Inuzuka Kiba (default n gakuen ver.)
Kagamine Len (Return to Zero ver.)
Kobasen (without Coat ver.)
Shirou Emiya(default 2P ver.)
Mizumachi Kengo(gakuen ver.)
Riku aka Male ver. Ritsu (gakuen ver.)
Grimmjow (non-release ver.)
Shimon(Final Battle Form)
Soul(default n formal n casual ver.)

Continue-ing to do:
Minami Ikki (gakuen n kogarasumaru ver.)
Shingo Yabuki (default ver.)
Mizumachi Kengo(team japan ver.)
Cloud Strife(improve ver.)<--XP
Kagene Rei(default ver.)

Saix (un-berserk ver.)
Gan Ning (Dynasty Warrior 6 ver.)
Luffy(default ver.)
Gray Fullbuster (strip ver.)
Shirou Emiya(heaven's feel ver.)
Kagene Rei(self-made magnet ver.)
Kagamine Len(magnet, Juneville n other ver.)
Shirouko Emiya(default gender-bender ver.)
Gunther(default ver.)
Kyoya Ootori(default gakuen ver.)
WarGreymon(full armour ver.)
Kurogane(oi !! not the Law of Ueki punya la bodo !! Tsubasa 1 la !! the badass looking guy xDD)

maybe should thinking of doing some badass bad guy.....cz all my plan are kinda....the good side ><|||

EMiNA 4th photoshoot !!!

Essay Time~~
wow !!! finally it reach the 4th 1 d...i join the 1st 1...but miss out the 2nd n 3rd 1....nw is the 4th 1 XDDD
once again !! i try out "Minami Ikki" From Air Gear !! the 1st EMiNA photoshoot i oso go as Minami Ikki or i rather say a "phail Minami Ikki"......well....explain a bit den i let the photos explain the others la XDDD
our photoshoot spot is the abandoned building far away from cyberjaya.....due to some reason quite some numbers of cosplayer pulled out...but nvm there is still next time rite ?? here is the list of ppl who attend the photoshoot ^^
Photographers :
- blur
- e-jump
- kilobyte
- aizat
- mamoru

Cosplayers :
- WeN ~ Minami Ikki (Air Gear)
- Chikoness ~ Kagamine Len -love is war- (Vocaloid2)
- sky_pegasus - Chibi Neliel Tu (Bleach)
- Celestia - Soi Fong (Bleach)
- SweepingButler92 - Hayate (Hayate the Combat Butler)
- LaMarionette33 ~ Kagamine Rin -love is war- (Vocaloid2)
- DeidaraGS ~ Pyro (TF2)
- Yukito - Storm Shadow (G. I. Joe)
- xsaye - Alice (Pandora Hearts)

- DA - (KIVA)
- Shawnkazu - (Kamen Rider Den-o)

Helper who attend:
- Hadi aka rhoasis111
- Kamil aka Hikage

alrite....Photo Time XPPP
Minami Ikki Air Time~~~ photo credit: blur
Pyro scares Ikki~~~photo credit: kilobyte
Storm King VS Storm Shadow~~~photo credit: kilobyte
Group photo for the cosplayers~~photo credit: kilobyte
Ending group photos~~~photo credit: kilobyte

Compare Time~~~
1st photoshoot~~punya minami ikki~~~
N my recent aka 4th photoshoot minami ikki~~

alot of differ rite??? xDDD

Road to Cosplay 2010

2009 is my starting point of everything xPP...ya is the starting of all the fun i have until today ^^
2009 !!! my cosplay plan tat has been done n also haven't done XPP
my veri veri 1st cosplay plan: Minami Ikki From Air Gear
Mizumachi Kengo From Eyeshield 21
Fail/Phail Cloud Strife = =|||
Shingo Yabuki(the blue shirt wif spec punya dude) From KoF98.....the center 1 is the AWSM cosplayer from japan ^^
Kagene Rei From Vocaloid Fan-made (wif my girlfriend, Vivian who cosplay as Kagene Rui)
Inuzuka Kiba From Naruto Shippuden (not yet debut in a real ACG event)
Kagamine Len (Return to Zero Version) From Vocaloid 2 Fan made
Soul From Soul eater
Shirou From Fate Stay Night (not include the boobs)
Inuzuka Kiba (Gakuen Version) From Naruto Gakuen Fan-made
Grimmjow From Bleach
Rikku (Ritsu male version) From K-ON [not sure wana do it ano]
Kagamine Len [mayb gona do all version of him...as for Kagamine Rin..i will do my best to let my girlfriend join as my Rin ^^]
Tempted to do this version of Kagamine Len !!! [but money problem xPP]

2010 cosplay plan is on process XPPP.....so wait ya XPPP money problem stop all process.....

"Happy" New year ??

after some syok sendiri photoshoot....some staying together....some hang out...some blablablabla event....it finally reaches 1 year....too bad my tis year punya new year is kinda weird new year~~
to be honest....i lazy to tell the full story...so those who noes the story....keep it to yourself la...XPPP but still we promise each other to 4gt bout tis d....so ya...i wont talk about it ANYMORE !!!
my new year....i start it wif ES 21 photoshoot....n den i send my girlfriend, vivi deardear bak to her hometown, teluk intan.....den at home....at nite....i was laughing like yagami iori while crying like simon lost kamina<---imagine yourself.....yupzz...i did tat for the whole nite....thx to taka, jin, ikki, mieko etc etc etc.......but still.....everything turns out ok~~~
cuz...the 2nd day....the problem is solve....finally we all put a full stop to it !!! phew....so ya...i regain myself....n continue as myself again ^^
let's be happy forever ya ^^ vivi-deardear ^^
a song from me to u, my dear vivi XPPP

muack muack.....happy new year~~~