25nov~~GDC card&board gathering~~~

well~~~actually i canot go to tis event de~~due to some reason~~lalala~~~but in the end~~i manage to attend la~~~oso due to some reason la~~~we start our gathering b4 8pm~~if not mistaken~~~den everyone juz ply~~n got 1 board game which Su 1st time ply~~they use up around 4 hourz to finish the game !!! wooo~~~we end up goin home around midnite 12 lor~~hahaha when i arrive~~they alrdy start jo~~~
the longest game of the day~~power grid~~su is reading the "how to ply" paper~~xD
c~~so "many" people join~~~hahahaha
i duno wat name is tis game~~but it is more harder den uno stack~~ahhaha
jeff telling every1 how to ply~~~ carefull~~carefull~~~it's gona FALL !!!
the game i ply~~dam syok~~c the blue 1~~marathon-ing
in the end~~~the end of power grid is like tis~~~
okie~~let count who hav the most money~~~
the 1st winner of power grid !!!! congratzz
i din appear in all the photo cuz i m the photographer la~~sob sob~~~

22nov~~SNS sem.2 ver.1

after the SS-SNS(Syok Sendiri-Saturday Nite Skate)~~~one week after is the titiwangsa SNS~~which is reli host by skateline~~hahahhaa~~~~
time to burn the skate !!!
eye on malaysia gone~~but twin tower not yet gone~~~XD~~
another group photo~~~lalala
MMU skate club's CAR???~~~hahahaha~~~

16 nov~~~cosiiiplay啊???

我的skate~~装好轮子~~~在FIT skate了~~到putrajaya的马路边skate了~~~终于到拿来cosplay的时候了~~~哇咔咔咔咔~~~开始小步,冰雨,拉面和我都很期待这个cosplay~~~xD~~但得到的是可能是失望叻~~~xD~~~好!!!让图画来说话吧~~xD 小步:为什么没有人的??
零蚊(我):哪里知道 !!!! 小步:看“Death Note” !!!!
零蚊:*傻笑中* 当拉面要拍时。。。。。。
拉面:我们被骗了吗???? 小步:是时候杀人了 !!!
小步:“Death Note”为什么在水里的??? 小步:看看还能用吗??
因为那“Death Note”还能用小步就。。。。。。
小步:冰雨 !!! 来亲亲~~~



一边是skate。。。一边是sportshoe!?!?!?何方神圣??? 原来是笨蛋的零蚊罢了~~~

零蚊:哇叉!!!???(小声地说:地上好多水,果然很难skate) 大家的鞋不同到乱~~xD 手也不同到乱~~~xD~~~ emo起来了~~~小步,拉面和我~~
小步:有了“Death Note”。。。可是很闷了~~ 拉面:算了,我打电话给朋友来载我们回去!!!

零蚊:到底我几时才能用skate像air gear一样飞上天呢??? 太阳下山咯~~~ 摄影师都累了~~~ 还好啦~~~有free的KFC做晚餐(可是是吃不饱的咯~~我人生中第一次吃KFC吃不饱)

15 november~~SS-SNS !!!

well well well~~~it is juz a normal saturday where can rest until syok~~speaking of syok~~the MMU skate club almost all ppl gone syok sendiri~~~so we go for SNS called SS-SNS.....meanzz Syok Sendiri Saturday Night Skate~~~xD~~

a total of 10 syok sendiri skaters from MMU go for tis event~~lolxz~~well is kinda fun~~~as for me~~try out my new skate~~but due to the wheel is loose~~i get myself bang on the wall of sand ?!?! lolxz~~ya i seriously bang due to my skate is unable to control~~:P

ya~~we skate around, make fun, ply train, try new stuff n of cuz posing for photograph~~`XD~~~
the straaaaaaight road of putrajaya~~~
a frog?? katak??
Seaw Wei~~~lalalala~~~the onli gal who come~~xD
double S~~SU n SAM~~~lolxz
can said tis group photo is the most crazy skaters~~wong kok, eng soon, ben, me n V
eng soon n seaw wei high liao~~~
eng soon come n let me n su high oso~~~
ben n wong kok high oso~~~
since every1 is high~~we ply train~~nice colour tooo~~~
old n new~~XD
ben start emo~~duno y~~

hao ming piss off~~~"wat u wan,assh**e !!!"~~~XD
me, ben n wong kok starts emo oso~~~haizz......
but~~~tatz......ALL FAKE 1!!!! YEAH !!!!

after we skate~~~the putrajaya turn like tis~~~(walao~~jkjk onli)