Message From WeN to Everyone =D

Oh hi there =D
Oh..i forget to tell there is a slight error with some of my CNY picture/ i have no choice but to skip it for now, will rewrite next time when i am free, so sorry ya..orz

Well, as everyone knows, today is a Valentine Day which mostly believe that women give chocolates to men on February 14, and men will return the favor on White Day which is on March 14, a month after Valentine's Day (aka showing their love towards the person they like and also not gf/bf also can give...just to show the love =D) .Actually i have nothing much to say about this day due to some reason XP. So, i will just list out some of my top 3 lame chocolate receiver and giver list XDD.
Characters I Want to Give Chocolates to
1. Kagamine Len (Vocaloid 2)
2. All my brothers and sisters (Earth)
3. Everyone who cares about me (Earth)
Characters I Want to Receive Chocolates from
1. Kirisame Marisa (Touhou Project)
2. All my official imoto-chan(s) (Earth)
3. Everyone that is important to me (Earth)

Pretty lame huh XD well, anyway happy valentine day to everyone =D
To those who already couple up, have a nice lovey dovey time with your loved one.

To those who are single, dont be sad...there is always someone around you that can cheer you up =D
To those who are single and have a long underground crush towards someone, you can take this day to show your love. =)
Dont do this during your crush or loved one give you chocolate just for the sake of sharing with her/him XDDD
So, everyone !!! begin your valentine day with full of surprise and doki doki feeling XD is a E-chocolate from me.
And a kiss from me too XPPP
TEEHEE~~~ !!!!
hope everyone is happy today =D