The small small big big that have happen in 2010

looks like 2010 is going to end soon...improvement of the year ? i have become more useful as a human right now. *garu head* how to say ah...kinda not soo follower anymore la...xDDD
anyway, time for telling the big big small small for 2010 d. xDDD

basicly, this month is always a laid-back month...xDD nothing much happen actually. So, let's skip to February. Shall we ? xDD

well, thanks to rayray...i have my very 1st photoshoot for vocaloid in the CNY style XDD
March and April

Nothing much happen during this 2 months. xDD i ish a boring guy anyway xD

Happy 1st Anniversary to me and my beloved one, Vivi <3

Happy birthday BAKA WeN !!!

nothing much happen XPPPP

went to visit my beloved one <3

nothing much happen

Haunted HELP Mansion
Making Props at Dei's house for the 1st time.
Happy Birthday, Deardear ^^

Kids Fair

Comic Fiesta ^^

The changes of WeN from 1991 to 2011

TEEHEE~~BYE 2010 and OHAI 2011 xDDD

Props cleaning room day around 2 more weeks until Comic Fiesta...time to rush props...and at the same time, my deardear, Vivian is coming to cyber on Thursday 2 December 2010 i ish soo happy ^^
so, as a man...messy room need to have the clean up right ?? so ya, i clean up my whole room and at the same time, i finish up 2 of my Comic Fiesta Props...^^ now left 3 more =) ntg much to say actually XDDD so....
Photo Time !!!
messy stuff is messy
after clear all my stuff out side the room looks clean rite ?? actually is dirty
after cleaning everything, all stuff is put in back to the room
the floor and wall is clean...but i have too many stuff d so is still looks....haizz
our current living room which use to hang out at XDDD
the completed gungnir ^^
Sakuya's twins long blade


A better day in Kid's Fair Part 2

So the 2nd day, Chiko suggest me to be KAITO while she become Kagamine i say can why not ? will make things easier since KAITO i can be much more friendly compare to Cloud, The In-famous EMO boy. xDDD is wayyy better then the 1st day ^^ cz i can bring the true WeN out...the hyperactive WeN XDD so the event go on....many people and kids take photo with me, my "brother", Len and my lovely Rinrin who stick with me all the time xDD
Although the event is not as fun as the original ACG event, but having kids come to you and wave hand then run back shyly to their parents is kinda fun to look at ^^
And today end quite easy and early...maybe is because the costume easy to take off kot...xDD went back home after eating, but i reach home earlier today, i reach home and get online at 8.30pm ^^ which is a good thing ^^
anyway, photo time xDD
Chiko,Me and My lovely Rinrin on my hand ^^
Group photo
Camwhore with my Rinrin ^^
kih3 :3
my agreement and Rinrin is beside ^^
Last camwhore with my Rinrin b4.....
i change back to my old self XD

Kid's Fair which i kena mistaken as other character Part 1

When a man have finance problem, he gets a job and earn the money. AND YES, i found a job which is 2 days job...1 day rm 60 punya job...can say no much money but still can help me survive until i go back penang ^^ 1 i plan to cosplay heiwajima shizuo one but Chiko say that shizuo is quite normal for people (butler ma) so i cos Cloud Strife lu xDD day 1 is not a nice day for me la...cause i don't know don't feel like working only...people keep on mistaken me as Uzumaki Naruto or Kurosaki Ichigo....i was like WTF ?!? then until like 5pm or 6pm like this, we can go get money already ^^ so we went to sign one paper saying we come for work and get the RM 60 ^^ then we change and cabut d lo....then Randy wants to go Kinokuniya for awhile so we went there.
Amazingly, we found a bunch of nice artwork books at the japanese corner....but is too expensive. OTL 1 gurren lagann artwork book= RM 145 and there is like 6 different books and all is RM 100++ OTL what make it worst is i found 2 touhou books, one is Kourin's Dairy and another 1 is the story of the 3 fairy (sunny,luna,star) both cost RM 87++ OTL after a while, we all feel tired so we went home straight. Once reach home, i online and accompany my beloved waifu, Vivian. Although i say i am tired, but when i accompany my beloved, i wont feel any tired one. =)
That's day 1 and WeN for u XDD
and is photo time XDD P/S: 1 photo of cloud only cz he emo all day long XDD
Gurren Lagann Artbook collection
Kourin's diary i suppose [front view]
back view
the price D:
Sakuya X Remilia at the cover
the inside of the book, the intro page of Remilia and Sakuya
2nd artwork for Sakuya and Remilia
the artwork for the story about Remilia wants to go to the moon
the story of the 3 fairies [front view]
back view

see cloud is emo all day long xDD

the cup tat i have been waiting

ohhh~~finally it arrived xDD all my taobao order have arrived xDDD
1st arrive is my deardear's lucy celestial spirit keys ^^
and one of my remilia X flandre cup ^^
then ya....this is the cup which kena delay OTL

this is when my cup in hot water ^^ *continue from facebook*

the center view ^^

remilia's side view ^^

flandre's side view ^^

when it cools down

it becomes black again

btw, this is my list of series of figurine i will buy ^^


To the girl i love the most

Guys will always feel deeply hurt when the girl he loves the most ignores him. But, guys will never give up on the girl he loves the most, even if he needs to live through a lifetime of torture without her. Well there is no exception for me too. I may not be a fun person to be with, but I am here to support you, even at my own expense.
I will wait till you calm down. Although it will hurt me a lot, i will grin my teeth and cling on the memories i have and continue living, stay alive and improve myself until one day i can become the person you always want me to become.
I am trying hard not to cry which i promise you before.
So, all I can do now is to wait and hope hard, for your tears to stops, your anger to gone, because I'm far away from you which sometimes make me feel that i am very useless. So, I did what i can do, I will keep messaging you, calling you, so that, when you feel like talk to someone, I'm there for you to talk with. I may not be good when it comes to sweet talking and make you feel happy and smile instantly everyday. But, I will do my best for you. I am willing to skip classes for you just to make you happy by going to your hometown to accompany you.
When i reach at your side, I will hug you and kiss you and clear all your depressing emotions, remove all the bad memories we have and insert as many nice memories as I can with whatever I can do such as many hugs and kisses. My feeling is just like how you are in love with dolls, cause I am very in love with you.
That is why, I will always do my best, all just for you.
No matter how many times I say this before, I still want to say it.
All I want is for you to be happy. I love you.All I want is you to be happy and i willing to follow everything you say ^^

I actually made a picture of you and our newest daughter, Elora but I am afraid to post up on FaceBook..not because of it's ugly...i am afraid that you will be angry on me cause i bugging you which i promised not to.
I love you, dear and I want to let you know that I love not just you...I love your attitude...I love your everything. Elmer,Elwyn,Elisa,Elora and soon to come, Elliot...I love them all...I love everything you love.
Most importantly, I still love you no matter how bad you treat me, dear =)