Happy 1st Anniversary

wheee~~~my 1st relationship ^^ alrdy reach 1 year....i still remember how did i confess to you >///<....it was on 12 May 2009 18:19....i was still a high-ranked spammer in cf forum...wif a high number of spamming posts(somehow is banned for 1 week).....n is in the most popular spam thread by the name of "New Forum Game...Count to a MILLION" i gather enough courage to voice out a sentence to you, my kawaii deardear ^^ the sentence is "if i ask u the giv a chance to let me b your lover, will u giv the chance to me ??" n u giv me the chance at msn on tis day 1 year ago.....so hope the bond between both of us can grow even stronger n can develop more deeper feelings n be together forever~ i love you, my vivi dear dear >///<
my drawing just for today (13 May 2010) >///<
A picca that i wish it will comes true to our relationship ^^ Len and Rin Wedding ^^
sometimes i am making funny or act stupid, but you will look at me with a very cute look <3
and when i went too over stupid, you will still tag along with me <3<3
Our relationship is just like this two fingers which connected to each other ^^ is like a promise to each other that we will be together forever.....Lastly,no matter how annoying it is !!! i still gona repeat saying it !!! I LOVE YOU DEARDEAR !!! I WANT YOU DEAR !!! I WANT TO BE WITH DEARDEAR FOREVER !!! <3<3