Love is War......

as the title say.... well tis is not the song we heard tat is sing by hatsune a random poet or note i write....using tat name xDDDD

here go my notes:
The world blurs even so, I will still love you
I know this but what should I do to make you happy ?
How can I, what should I...
What an idiot... I am....I AM TOTAL USELESS !!!!

But who cares !! Let's go, this is war
Just able to see you makes me feel happy !
But no matter what happens
I'll still show you my true feelings !

I'm fighting my life off, getting the heart i aim for
I choose this way with my own desire
so I'm prepare for a counterattack
cause I know I'm fighting a losing battle

When you fall,I will reach my hand for you
But when I fall,will anyone reach their hands for me ?
Since I'm the one who starts this battle
Since I can't hold my feelings back
I will continue the fight until I am death