WeN's must Buy List !!!!

well......is alrdy september 2009 !!! so hav a few more monthzzz...my age will b beginning wif "2" no more "1" d.....YES !!! next year i m 20 d !!!! TwT....old d XPPPPP
so tis my 20 years old muz DO LIST(or rather say it as BUY LIST):
1. Soul Evans's Costume(Both Version) n Wig !!!
Problem: NO money~~~~TwT

2. Simon chouginga-gurren-dan version (FINAL BATTLE FORM !!!)
Problem: Star-shaped sunglass....muscle(8pack)....the cape......core drill 3. Saix
Problem: No Money~~~ the claymore

4. Lancer
Problem: the spear....n again....muscle (8pack) 5. Zell
Problem: The Tattoo...n his fighting skill....

6. Kira Yamato
Problem: Helmat !!! n armour !!!!

well....this is my dream present for my 20 years old birthday la !!! n oso my dream list of MUST BUY !!!! for myself onli la.....for my baby 1....hehe...is juz in my brain ^^

GACC DAY 2~~~ Vocaloid Conquer and the end of the event

Day 1....Storm hav fail to blow the event n in the end we all kena Geass away xDDD~~~so dai_spammerz taicho n fukutaicho change into Vocaloid XDDD Taka as Len n i as his shadow, Rei

today is better la.....we all wake up at kinda the same time....cuz we janji the members to hav morning training at 9am.....so we thought we taichos ar late....but we end up arriving there 1st !!!! n there is no cosplayers there.....we chitchat....joke....until the others come n go to the unisex room again....but tis time we kena scold by reno TwT (gome....)

in the hall....we spot mekaito n kaito alrdy start posing for the photographers d....so we all the other vocaloid oso got in la....xDDDD since mieko(rin) gona perform in the event....so we all the vocaloid try to help out too ^^ but end up making a funny scene xDDD....den is the grandfreeze.....we all vocaloid gather at 1 spot....chitchat awhile b4 the alarm come....den the alarm come....we all go "no battery" ^^

after tat.....we keep on staying at the changing room for the big performence we dai_spammerz gona do.....so we rarely appear at the hall after the grand-freeze....we actually watch the finalist of the solo cosplay competition n it is freaking funny !!! xDDD

after the competition.....is time....DAI_SPAMMERZ PERFORMENCE TIME !!! ya....any1 having fun doin tis.....so me n taka consider as a Success ^^ of cuz after the performence, taka,me,vivi n kimiko nid to leave the event.....we canot stay until the end....cuz taka tell his dad to pick us up at 7pm i think.....so we end up go bak early.....n yes !!! i appear in the newspaper again....but unable to c my face XDDD

since the event ended....so the next day....me n vivi nid to wake up early....n taka's dad send us both to melaka sentral.....me n vivi go to McD there....wait for mamoru they all to come lor....once they come we go bak KL....den i send vivi bak to ipoh.....the trip of GACC ends......

Vocaloid family xDDD

side view i think....XDD

far front view XDDD

real body n shadow XDDDD

girl vocaloid ?? xPPPP

Deidara as Mekaito !!! kakkoiiii !!!!

Ray as Nigaito !!! i wan the green tea la !!!

Cutiepie-imoto-chan as Ainone Kana

Taka-Taicho as Kagamine Len

Mieko the Evil Witch as Kagamine Rin...too bad we will not b seeing her in Rin again TwT

Me aka WeN as Kagene Rei

Vivi-dear as Kagene Rui

Len n Rin

Rui n Rei

Kana n Rei

OMG ?!?!? is tat MeKaiLen ???? xDDDD

Kana: omg~~~

Len: kekeke~~~

Rei: *learning Kyon* haizzz~~~

1,2,3 let's exercise...sumomo-sensei call 1 XDDD

Rin: i canot sing well...wat happen ?? others: .........

Nigaito: Len mayb u bring out your shadows...everything will b ok ^^

Len: ALRITE !!! REI RUI !!! COME OUT !!!!

Len: steal Kaito Away !!!!

Rei: eh ?!?!

Nigaito n Kana: NO !!!

Rei: itatatata~~~

Len: PULL !!!! Resting....or rather say waiting to b "no battery"
i duno y i pose like tis....but i noe we ar chitchating xDDD
GrandFreeze start !!!
Sleeping.....together XPPPP
dai_spammerz training !!!!
peace~~~Kagene the Shadows !!!
Baka baka~~~Cirno !!!
Taka-taicho....eh !?!? y u look sooo "taki" XDDD
WeN-fukutaicho aka me....i look dam hyper XDDD
Len: rdy ??

Rei: YA !!!

Nigaito: Start the music !!!! lalalala~~~clap~~~
happy vocaloid family ^^
caramaldansen day 2 version xDDD
u can spot me....i say u "hor liao" XDDD
b4 goin bak to KL ^^
n YES !!! how can i 4get about tis.....XDDDDD

Photo credit all not mine k ??? cuz tat time i oso din bring my slr camera go....no wait...i got bring...but din use XDDDD

GACC day 1~~Storm has come !!!

gome gome~~~b4 gacc punya photo....i din get it...plus i was sleep all the time so no pic XPPP so gome ya ^^
ok !!! let's go on to GACC day 1 ^^
morning~~~i 4get wat time d...around 8am i think....i was still sleeping in the futon taka boro me....n the other's i think wake up d....cuz taka wake me up 1st by shaking me up....den we hav some chatting awhile...cuz waiting to use the bathroom~~~n i fall asleep again....den force taka to whack me wif pillow.....n wake up again to ply "truth or dare"....n it turn out is boring XDDDD so i sleep bak again.....tis...i rather dun wan to say la.....ok....let's skip to the event shall we ??
we arrive there kinda late....but it turn out to b early XDDD....so we sit out the hall entrance n some other cosplayer friends come so we all chitchat awhile until wani show us to the changing room....but u noe when taka n me ar in the male changing room.....tat room sure will become an unisex changing room which some of the female cosplayer oso come in XDDDD
well~~~after changing....we all (dai_spammerz) hav our training inside the room....the others tat duno dai_spammerz exist....look at us weirdly xDDD ok~~~time to go the hall since the event starts !! beat call all of us to go in together !! n once we go in...i go register ourself into the group cosplay competition....n it kinda eat up the time....n cause me to miss lord edo's opening !!! TwT
well~~~nvm la....but the spotlight of the day ar the code geass team which sky create !!! they ar all dam cool !!! well~~~we wondering, crazying, posing n walking around the hall....n when it wana reach 3pm....every1 is kinda stand by to go for the grand freeze ^^....den after tat is the competition la.....we, The Air Gear Team Crusher get 3rd prize....to me is like "omg~~i actually can get 3rd ?? is good enuff d"<---ya tis thinking is reli true....cuz code geass team ar reli good n devil may cry team although "dante"(not u a...dave)white hair become black twice....but the skit ar good n serious XDDDD
n of cuz....dai_spammerz hav the chance to go crazy for awhile n the senpai team(dei,reno,sean etc etc) oso went crazy n make the crowd shout like a concert by dancing "What is love" XDDD here is the scene tat every1 waiting for the event to start !!!
code geass !!! they juz "geass" the event XDDD
suzaku is a dai-gurren-dan member ???
code geass ppl all eat pizza like C.C xDDD
suzaku ?? eh !?!?? wat ar they doin ???
the STORM has come !! *eh !?!? y i pose like Kyon ??*
Kogarasumaru Victory POSE !!!!
Kogarasumaru train ???
ikki n kazu crazying....akito no eye look xDDD
onigiri hav become allen walker ???
helping potter promoting xDDD
kazu ikki the best buddy....taka wen the best brother XDDD
carameldansen !!!! KYA =3
me as minami ikki XDDD
beat tumbuk me TwT
final pose for the skit XDDD *i look like gangster*
grand freeze start !!!
another view...MIDDLE FINGER !!!!
cirno ??? training version ???
the best dance !!! all hail the senpais !!!
lord buccha the octupus xDDD
Lord edo !!! ALL HAIL THE KING !!! *middle finger* xDDDD
i should call them to do the victory pose since 5 person xDDD
we ar in the newspaper XDDDD spotlight summore XDDD