Dei's Housewarming ^^

5 February, DeidaraGS invite us to his new house for a mini-housewarming, but sadly it meet up with Randy's Exam time and Chiko don't feel like following because Randy is not going. So, left me and Shin who went to the housewarming.

On the morning that day, Shin didn't sleep at all while me is actually half-asleep. We plan to go out on 8.30am but we kind of leave the house at 9.30am. Lucky for us, we manage to reach Ampang Station and also lucky for us, Gems is pick us up to Dei's new house because we don't how to go with public transport.

Before Gems pick us, she went to pick up my chibi biibii, Rain ^^ after that, we went to pick up Gyps too and reach Dei's house quite early. We sit and chitchat for a while, play some card awhile, then we went to play in the swimming pool.

We play quite long time in the swimming pool and went up to eat pizza but it not enough for me and Shin didnt get to eat at all since he went to sleep. Thanks to Gems again, who brought me n Shin to buy McD to eat.

Lastly, of cz I want to say thank you to my chibi biibii la~~*hug u* thanks for the day ya, I have so much fun together with you. I hope we can go out dating soon again ^^ Muacks, I love you, Rain ^^
currently, we both are having fever, I hope my chibi biiibii, Rain recover ASAP .///. muacks

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