Me and You, Together

I may look calm, but there is time when I will went berserk and emo, and that where you come into my life. 

I never felt that I will be able to get to this level with my own strength, I am able to reach here is because of you. 

You, my chibi who I love the most is the reason why I am able to improve this much. 
You, the one who always push me to go on when I want to back out. 

When I am down and emo, you be there for me, care about me and even encourage me in any way you can think of.

When I went berserk, you are the one who calm me down, make me regain my thinking. Bring me back to the right path, be there for me, support me until I totally calm down and unberserk.

Yes, You are my backbone, the one that support me and put me to my limit.
You are my dear chibi, Prince Xiao Rain. ^^

I Love You.

When I berserk, you will always be there to stop me. This is why you and me mean to be together.

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Kevin Collins said...

Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
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Please email me back.