my 7th Months In Relationship Anniversary together with Rain

During 21 August 2011, I recover and got into an relationship with my chibi now, Prince Xiao Rain~and from that time, I changed my nickname from "WeN Izayoi" into "Prince Siao Wen"

We most of the time "dating" via online, once in a while only, meet up and dating for real but most of the time, are mostly event time. And liek this, we have been through for 7 months already ^^ We laugh together, have fun together, troll together, tease each other and sometimes I being an annoying bastard to you, you tsun towards me and many more things happens within this 7 months, all i am happily loving it =D

I hope that I can hangout and visit your house every week at least once, at least get to go dating with you more time ^^

Dear Prince Xiao Rain,
Thank you being my girlfriend, eventhough I am an useless, annoying baka, but you still choose me as your boyfriend. Thank you for making my life being so nice again ^^ I Love You, Rain ^^
our 1st time cosplay webcaming .////.
our 1st camwhore photo~~
1st couple/duo cosplay plan >////<
our 2nd photo together~~and is on newspaper ^^

I Love You, My dear Chibi Rainrain Princess.

P/S: sorry that I lie about your meido costume because I want to surprise you today, cuz today is our 7th month anniversary....but i think i kind of fail since you just cheh on it TwT i will try harder next time, n surprise u more ^^

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Wonderful Word said...

Very nice story! Good luck in future :)